The Forward Momentum Approach to Achieving Anything You Want

Life is too short to lack purposeful forward momentum.

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Life is too short to lack purposeful forward momentum.

When all motion stops, your life should represent all that was possible.

“It is never the size of your problem that is the problem. It’s a lack of momentum.” — John Maxwell

Forward momentum is a consistent step, it is movement; it is the act of moving forward, making progress and crushing goals.

In Physics, momentum is the resistance of a moving object to come to a stop and is expressed as speed times mass (Velocity x Mass).

The greater the momentum, the harder it is to stop the object’s movement.

In life, forward momentum is the purposeful movement toward a goal, a vision, or a desired destination.

You can think of momentum as a force unwilling to come to a halt.

In sports, we often talk of a team in a momentum to refer to a team on a winning streak that is seemingly unstoppable.

When you have momentum in life, everything seems to roll forward, and stuff gets done.

When you are rolling with good momentum, you are consistently better than you were yesterday and you accomplish a lot.

Momentum creates motivation.

Motivation carries you take action and action creates results.

Norman Vincent Pearl, in his Book, Enthusiasm Makes the Differencesaid,

“Some people get motivated for an hour. Some get motivated for a day, while others get motivated for years. Only those that get motivated for years truly become successful.”

Momentum enhances performance and makes change easier.

Momentum is motivation, hope, courage, energy, and focus combined.

Momentum delivers results.

You can create momentum in every area of your life.

In High Performance Habits: How Extraordinary People Become That Way, Brendon Burchard says, “With the right habits, anyone can dramatically increase results and become a high performer in almost any field of endeavor,”

Initiation is the hardest

Every journey, no matter how small requires initiation. After that, forward motion kicks in and leads toward momentum.

It’s like choosing to build a new habit. The first action usually takes more energy, emotionally and mentally, than the ones that follow.

The discipline of the first step is insanely important.

What follows is even more crucial.

For example, if you made it your goal to get into shape, you take the first step of forward motion by doing your first workout or starting your diet.

That first hurdle is the hardest.

However, to successfully create forward motion over a period of time to make it a habit, you have to consistently stay in forward motion daily.

Done daily with enough repetition this can quickly become a habit that will be done with greater ease.

Align with your life with a higher purpose and forward motion will be an easier process for you.

To move in the direction of your priorities, take consistent action, no matter how small, move forward even you are taking a single step at a time, take new action, even if you if it’s for a few minutes.

Reach big wins through a series of small wins.

Every win is one step toward momentum.

Don’t get stalled, stagnant, or stuck

“The first step towards getting somewhere is to decide you’re not going to stay where you are.”  — John Pierpont “J.P.” Morgan

Always keep moving!

When you reach a state of “stability” and thus a state of inertia, it can be hard to create forward momentum.

This happens when you “THINK” you have arrived.

That false confidence can derail progress.

When given a choice between forward motion and staying comfortable in your safe zone — choose forward motion.

With each step you take, you are creating the potential for a wave of momentum.

Step by step, day by day, you will make even more progress.

Every epic life happens by choice.

Holding yourself to your highest standards keeps you in check.

Maintain perspective

Check in with yourself regularly.

Shake up your routine and methods to make sure they are delivering expected results.

When the actions that used to bring you success are now just creating a “maintenance” environment, not new opportunities, it’s time to recalibrate.

Evaluate results, adjust, and iterate every now and then.

Recalibrate, refocus and maintain momentum.

Set a time to evaluate the results of your actions, goals or commitments, so you can learn from the process.

If it was successful, how might you apply that to other areas of your life?

Throughout any worthwhile initiative, it’s vital that you take a step back every now and then — so that you can see the broad sweep of what’s happening.

It often helps to talk about your journey with a close friend, spouse, mentor, or other confidant.

Accountability partners can make a huge difference when you are in motion.

Be open and approachable to new ideas, perspectives, models and thinking patterns that can help you maintain the motion.

Dig deeper

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