The Effect of Positivity

'Light the darkness with your bright mind'

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The effect of positivity is so strong that it can literally change your own life, but only you can do it. Change your mind-set and the rest will follow. Be prepared for the challenge, but the outcome will be something worth waiting for. I have created some points in which helped me to live a better and healthier life, it could help you too.

Remove all toxic energy from your life.

One of the biggest hold backs with people moving on to a more positive life is that they are still living around or with some type of negativity. Sometimes people may not even realise that it is negative, it is not until you are out of a situation that you realise it was holding you back. First of all, identify the people in your life. The ‘right’ people in your life are those that should encourage, support and make you grow into a better person; they should not be preventing any type of self-growth. See if they are trying to persuade a certain opinion or interest onto you or trying to change you in any kind of way. This will always prevent you from being positive as you have a conflicting opinion between someone who you want to believe and your own mind; it puts a stop to knowing who you are and becoming your full potential. You shouldn’t look for the most obvious ‘bullies’, sometimes a bully can be a literal stereotypical version but the most powerful bullies are those that can make you feel guilty for not doing things in accordance to them, conceal what they are doing and do the majority of harming behind your back. They can pretend to other people that they are doing ‘right’ and ‘only want the best for you’, making others encourage you to stay with them. This is because they can act the ‘feel sorry for me’ approach making you feel like the negative person. The same goes for an environment, I know the majority of people may not have a choice where they live, but you are in the power to make the environment as peaceful as possible. Start by making sure the people in your home environment are encouraging the peace in the house not by adding negativity. When the right people are in your life and you are sure these people are going to make you grow; change your mind-set to positive thinking. Go by the ‘negative thinking-negative life’. The mind is the most powerful thing in the body and it is because it is the only thing we have control over. What you create in your mind becomes a reality, literally. You tell yourself you’re going to have a bad day, or not good enough for a job or a person, it will happen that way. It is so simple, but you can literally tell your brain to feel any emotion and your body will start behaving in accordance to that. The major blockage most people have with this is that they don’t believe it can happen and then it won’t, but again it proves the power in thinking.

Take control of your mind and life – your more in control than you think.

The only positive with losing control of your life is that it is in your power to get it back. As soon as you can identify the things that need to change and you have confidence to do that then you will notice your life starting to change for the better. When you are literally with the bare minimum, look for any exit you can to drive you forward but you have to bare in mind, that it won’t happen overnight and it could take some time for everything to fall back into place. Notice the positive directions and they are all stepping stones, life does change it has to. You have to look for the changes carefully because they may perhaps be so minor that you may not notice. Look with the positive approach that the minor step and lots of other minor steps is going to equate to a major thing in the long run. Have faith that is the right direction and it will get you to where you need and want to be. Remember that everything is temporary, there isn’t anything classed as permanent and that goes for any troubles that may occur. You are on a journey of self-discovery and healing and you have to be prepared for the changes but more importantly you have to want them too. Having that knowledge primary that it will end will always make you look at any situation better. Time is a creation and not something we have to live by, so don’t judge your life on the minutes, hours or days and feel pessimistic about the length of time because the changes will happen when it is right. After a while you will look back and realise that the small steps which didn’t seem to be having much impact have actually driven you to a new place without you realising: mentally, physically and sometimes environmentally too.

Accept, deal, move on – the process of leaving troubles behind.

Accept: however negative a situation after the initial shock or grief, acceptance of the situation will instantly make you feel better. You need to accept that it has happened, the past can’t be changed but what can change is how you approach and deal with it. How you can overcome what has happened and that is what you always have control over.

Deal: This is going to be the longest process. Stressful events can take years to get over, of course, and sometimes if the stress is continuously ongoing then how you cope with it will be what gets you through. Being bitter and angry at it won’t help however much you may want to feel that way. You got to remember that is a section of your life and not your whole life.

Move on: When you feel that the section of your life is closed and dealt with it as best as you can, it is time to move on. You can’t go backwards in life only forwards so there’s no point on dwelling on the past. Process, finalise and close the door.

Always look at ways to help the situation, don’t leave it hanging because it won’t be removed from your life until you close the door and enter into it with the most positive mind you can. Something will change eventually and click back into place, it has to; the world would stop turning otherwise.

Finally, simple but look after yourself and your mind. Whatever you put into your body, that’s what your body becomes. You are already putting yourself in a negative situation, before it has already begun. Be open, honest and loyal, you won’t have any guilt if you behave in the morally correct way. Always be kind: you never know what someone else’s story is. 

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