The Divine Grace

It is always the best for the individual

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The intensity of faith and Prayer

In the journey of life as we tread the path, sometimes it is strewn with flowers, and sometimes the path is uphill, with thorns here and there. But life is a journey and so we have to move on come what may. To tread the path with unshakable confidence we have to rely on something or someone. Being human with our egoistic self we face moments of weakness and despair at times. But what is that which calms our disturbed mind and give solace to our aching heart? What is that which gives us courage to tread the path alone? It is only the faith and trust on the Divine Grace and Divine Help.

“The Divine Grace alone has the power to intervene and change the course of Universal Justice”.If we have purity and strong faith on the working of divine grace and divine help it comes in unexpected ways. The only condition is how much we have the receiving power. The divine grace is equal for all sentient beings but are we the perfect and capable crucible to hold the nectar of divine grace? Unshakable faith and trust on the working of divine grace is the only qualification required.

In this regard The Mother of Pondicherry said “ The great work of the Avatar is to manifest the Divine Grace upon earth. To be a disciple of the Avatar is to become an instrument of the Divine Grace. Everything depends on the intensity of our faith and the firmness of right attitude.”That is why God Men or Avatars appear on earth time to time to save human beings and guide them to follow the path of Self Realization.The purpose of their birth is to become the channel of Divine Grace on earth.As we find in The Mahabharata the unshakable faith of Draupadi on Sri Krishna. Her earnest calling was answered by the Lord. That is the aspiration for the Divine grace , the earnest call of the Bhakta for The Bhagawan , which cannot be denied. His love is all encompassing, but we have to be ready to receive it. Our heart should be open to receive The Grace and Love in all its entirety.

“At the very moment when everything seems to go from bad to worse, it is then that we must make a supreme act of faith and know that the Grace will never fail us.”

–The Mother

If we have complete faith and trust on The divine grace and help , will our Life boat sail smoothly through the rough waters? Many times this question arises in our mind. But , history says otherwise. The persons who were the most pious devotees like the Pandavas or Swami Vivekananda, were also great sufferers. Of one thing we must be convinced–all that happens is exactly what must happen in order to lead us and the world as quickly as possible to the goal–the union with the Divine and ultimately the manifestation of the Divinity within us. We have only to submit and completely surrender our will to the Divines will, and everything will be taken care of. Miracles will happen only if we follow the sunlit path with an open heart and quiet certitude. We must have the trust that whatever happens, happens for the Best.

So I would like to quote The Mothers words :

“The Grace is something that pushes you towards the goal to be attained. Do not try to judge it by your mind, you will not get anywhere, because it is something formidable which is not explained through human words or feelings. When the Grace acts, the result may or may not be pleasant — it takes no account of any human value, it may even be a catastrophe from the ordinary and superficial point of view. But it is always the best for the individual. It is a blow that the Divine sends so that progress may be made by leaps and bounds. The Grace is that which makes you march swiftly towards the realization.”

An absolute faith and trust in the Grace is, in the last analysis, the Supreme Wisdom.

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