A Triple Diversity Of Christmas Perfumes!

Introducing The Triple Feminine of the Office Of Diversity and Advocacy At the American University in Cairo and the Ending of the Fall 2017 Semester Winter Holiday Season

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(The Women of the Office of Diversity and Advocacy: From Left to Right-Salma El-Shayeb, Shaimaa Awad, and Marwa Allam; Photograph and Edits By Lauren K. Clark)

(Photograph and Edits By Lauren K. Clark)

There are always those final, precious moments, during the closure of any academic school year.  Every ending has its special moment.  That magical spark when perfect photo ops come in handy.

For the Office of Diversity and Advocacy, the holiday perfume of cheer, calm, and Spirit was a caramel-colored blanket.  An invisible covering, greeting weary visitors with a warm smile.  The coloring, spacing, and scent of the space reflected celebrations of feminine vibrancy and mystique.  Her ability to enrich the space, while moving and creating imagery, reflecting the times.  These fabulous women display the mystery, femininity, and guardianship of educational diversity.

The women of AUC’s Office of Diversity and Advocacy are colorful and magical; while possessing a spiritual richness.  Highlighting AUC’s goal of international awareness, understanding, peace, and their vital contribution in establishing AUC as a world-class entity. 

Walking into the space on that auspicious day (during the week of December 17-21, 2017), one could feel the restoration of life and renewal. 

(Photograph and Edits By Lauren K. Clark)

When it comes to the trinity of womanhood, inside the Office of Diversity and Advocacy, all three of the women had their particular role. For the power of womanhood is always represented in 3’s.  As always, it was custom to run into the Maiden of the space.  We often saw each other in the openness of the campus. Friendly, vibrant, colorful, with a beautiful smile, she carries her duty as the Maiden of this temple, with pride and pleasure.  Keeping spatial balance in tact, and in harmony, with those entering to seek comfort and wisdom.

(Photograph and Edits By Lauren K. Clark)

There are two other feminine Beings. They, of course, occupy the roles of Mother and Spiritual Warrior. Explanation of this sacred trinity, will come at a later time.  

Future revelations in the weaving of this narrative. . .

Right now, it is about writing in the moment; while re-experiencing Spiritful aesthetics of this office on that special day.

(Photograph and Edits By Lauren K. Clark)

Entering into the space was met with the pleasantness of a simple welcome.  Followed with the greetings, updates on life’s new journey:  the presentation of savoring treats, coffee, tea, and hot chocolate to enjoy.  A small plot in a larger garden was slowly growing.  Planted seeds would bring a healthy harvest to fruition.  An extended enchantment continued, as the talent of  knowledge production took flight. Having been presented with two novels, and a collection of notepads, it was clear that reading and writing were treasured gifts.  

In this space, knowledge was free.  For one could not control or “purchase” knowledge.  It could only be explored and grappled with.  Evermore, was how knowledge and truth were presented in this office space.  A power of comfort, peace, and liberation.  Not without pressure, but still void of the stress, strain, and tension often painted of the academic life in higher institutions of learning. 

(Photograph and Edits By Lauren K. Clark)

Rather, the setting provided an atmosphere, where visitors, glide through knowledge; soothed by her Being.  A foreshadow, that it would no longer be painful to acquire, produce, and paint knowledge, anew. 

The spacing of the Office of Diversity and Advocacy, felt as if invisible candles had been placed throughout.  Closing your eyes, you imagined the sight of wax melting endlessly to suit the delicacy of your sight.  How they embarked on the serenity of a Soul’s placation of wonder.  It was Beauty that brought calm to the space; as memory, enchanted her.  The wonder of love, and the audacity of truth.

It’s amazing what happens when there is Spiritual balance.  The fantasy of it being connected to University geometry.  Clearly, sculptures in their own right.  Only, this time. . .art becomes, play.  And the art form, called humanity, decorates the sculpture.

Meditation was another form of the energies, taking place in the office.  The joy of feeling one could retreat from life’s imbalances was one of the major treats.  For being in the comfort of fellow holistic, healthy, and soothing women (particularly, those who honor womanhood, the feminine, and the sacred contract of Sisterhood), is a powerful and awakening experience-unmatched, by no other.

(Photograph By Shaimaa Awad; Edits By Lauren K. Clark)

A future re-visit is necessary.  In this season, the ending happened to be the beginning.  Nourished in a spacing, where re-birth was fulfilled for more Christmas enchantments to come!

(Photograph By Shaimaa Awad; Edits By Lauren K. Clark)

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