The decade where I became comfortable with the uncomfortable

Achieving the greatest accomplishment of all: freedom

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Source Shutterstock by Julia Karo (Standard Licence)
Source Shutterstock by Julia Karo (Standard Licence)

I finally get to do what I love the most: being my authentic self and living my highest and purest expression in service of humanity

This year I turned forty years old. Some may feel this is too old to start anything new and live a life of your dreams. The opposite is true.

I look back at the last decade and where I was around this time in 2009, exactly ten years ago. I had just turned thirty years old. I had met a man, a kind and good-looking man. My biological clock was ticking. I wanted the husband and the child because ending up alone was not an option!

I also wanted to make promotions within the organization as I knew I had so much more in me than what people saw. Unfortunately, at that time, I lacked a big dose of self-confidence.

Fast forward ten years later, I don’t think I could list all the transitions I went through, the failures I endured, and the successes I lived all in this week’s prompt.

So, let me give you a snapshot of how I got to enjoy my greatest accomplishment of the last decade: I left a dream job behind at the world’s largest crisis management organization, NATO, with a nearly six-figure salary to start my own dream business with purpose.

Over the past decade, I got married and tried to have a baby during our first year of union as I was impatient (remember my biological clock!). After many months of anxiety, loss, tears, hope, and faith – Adam was born. Our greatest gift in life is now one of the smartest and wisest boys in Belgium. Ask his teachers!

Over the past decade, I wanted to get rid of my label as “secretary” who was getting other people organized to become a “senior executive,” who was making a difference in policy and decision making.

So, I worked my beautiful behind off for years! I finished my Bachelors’s, went on to Cambridge for my masters, and delivered my thesis on Charles de Gaulle ( famous general responsible for creating the French culture as we know it! ) while breastfeeding.

Over the past decade, I applied for fifty positions, I sat on ten different tests and interviews, and I failed ALL nine of them, except for the last one. And when I was chosen to be a senior executive, I was told I was not mature enough and lacked leadership skills. That was a big mistake on their part, as telling me something is not possible, just means I will show you just the opposite. 

Impossible is made of I-AM-POSSIBLE, never take any crap from anyone else who does not know what you are capable of.

Over the past decade, I spent so much time and effort in escaping my reality through work, people-pleasing, and helping others build THEIR dreams. Until I lost my father without notice. Until I decided to divorce and leave a marriage where I no longer could wear the mask. Until I hit burnout after eighteen years of ambitious career development. When adversity hits you all in once, you have no choice but to make some drastic changes. So, that’s precisely what I did!

I resigned from my secure life and jumped into the unknown. I had no safety net, nor did I know if and how I was going to make it. I just knew I had to follow my burning flame inside and share my wisdom, gifts, and talents with the world so I can inspire many people to live life without their mask. So that I can inspire people to feel and navigate their emotions and help them excel in life with peace of mind. 

So that I can help people become comfortable with the uncomfortable. Because that my friends, is where true freedom, peace, and serenity lies.

Was it easy? Hell no! Far from it. But as a famous quote says:

“Life is difficult when you do what’s easy. Life is easy when you do what’s difficult”.

As you enter a new decade full of new opportunities, hopes, and passion – reflect on all that went well. Energy flows where attention goes. Then, imagine how your next decade would look, feel, and be like? 

What are the images in your mind that emerge

What are the sounds in your ears

And what are the feelings in your body

Imagine a better reality for you, for your loved ones, for your environment, and for humanity. Everything around you was created in someone’s mind first. Imagine, and you shall create.

Happy holidays and I wish all of you a time where you rest, replenish, reflect, connect, and imagine!

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