The Creative You: Tapping In

Channel your creative energy.

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We are — by design — creative energy beings. By nature, we are creators, creating who we are, and how we experience life in each moment of every day, from birth to death. We cannot not be creative.

So, why do we not know that?

And, why do some seem more creative than others?

Why do we feel more creative ability at times?

How do we tap in, so that we can be creative all the time?

Stop Trying.

Stop Actioning. Be still. Rest.

Day dream. Take a nap. Get more sleep. Stay in bed longer.

Take a long bath. Stay in the shower… as long as feels good.

Turn off the phone. Turn off the clock.

Turn on soft non lyrical music. Listen to the rain, the stream, a waterfall, a fountain.

Stop talking. Stop Asking for others’ opinions. Stop comparing.

Stop saying yes to people and invitations. Be by yourself. And allow yourself to feel the fear, anxiety, parent, judge, or critic inside of you who is telling you that you’re being selfish or foolish, or wasting your time. Tell that inner voice that you don’t need its help and to be quiet and leave you.

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Stop looking at your belief that you are not creative. Know that creativity will find you. Or pretend that it already has. Creativity comes when you to open yourself to the flow. It requires that you allow yourself to receive. It demands that you tap into your sense of worthiness and self value.

Realize that creativity comes in many forms… Cooking. Game Strategy. Room design. Hair & Make Up. Business Creation. Journaling. Financial Solutions. Growing plants. Changing your body through exercise. Improving on something. Cultivating relationships. Problem Solving. Inventing. Ideas.

Stare at the sky. Watch the rain. Watch the tree branches, the birds, wild animals. Look outside. Look at the grass, the pond, the mountains, the clouds, the hills.

Color. Doodle. Dance. Play Solitaire. Play Music.

Play anything. Just play.

Write. Anything. Write about yourself. Your favorite things. Things that make you smile and things that light you up. Your desires. Your wishes. Your thoughts. Your dreams. Your imagined visions. Your strengths. Your ideas. Your talents. Your loves. Your skills. Your accomplishments. Your feel good memory moments. As much as you can, write about YOU.

Lay down in the middle of your bedroom, living room, or dining room floor… or outside on the grass, on the ground, in the pool. Stay there and see what comes up inside of you.

Feel the energy in your body. Is it in your chest? Your belly? Your neck? Your head? Out in front of you? Far away from you? Across the room?

Ask yourself, “Where’s my energy?” Find where it is by feeling it. Bring it back to you with a deep breath and exhale. Step back into yourself. Feel it coming back to you. Feel it calm you.

Feel what comes to you. Feel what nudges you. Focus on feeling. Know that in your focusing on how you’re feeling and allowing yourself to stay in that feeling of calm and peaceful, or sad and melancholy, or excited and anticipating — or even pain and anxiety — you are at the gateway to all of your creativity.

Do what feels good. And only that.

Give yourself permission. For anything.

Entertain the possibility of changing your beliefs. About anything.

Give yourself permission to change your mind.

Give yourself permission to be your go-to source for creating yourself.

Feel the fear of disappointing those who’ve helped build your perception of who you are, and allow yourself to feel the love of your own soul more.

Realize that you are always becoming. You never did it wrong. You just needed more contrast to have the clarity about what is right for you. You are always being guided to what serves you best. Trust that guidance. It is in you, not outside of you — or in anyone else.

It is the soul of you. Reintegrate yourself with your soul, that quiet part of you that you haven’t connected much with in a long time — or ever.

Breaking the shackles of mental programming and long held mindsets, ending the disassociating from yourself that you have unknowingly been doing — and discovering the value and freedom in trusting and following the guidance of your own soul — are all necessary for opening your creative floodgates.

Old emotions must be let out. Old beliefs must be let go. Old self images and identifications must be dismissed.

Old paradigms must die, in order for revelations, clarity, epiphanies, and true wisdom to rise.

And in the rising, an Infinite source of Creativity will present itself to you.

To tap in to your Creativity, you must tap into the undiscovered You, the unencumbered You, the inner recesses of you, the new You who is continually creating itself.

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