The Create Life Project: When You Fall

I know it has been a while since I checked in but life has been extremely busy.

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I know it has been a while since I checked in but life has been extremely busy. I have great news and I have some “not so” great news but it is time to share.

ACCESS: Business is great. The second edition of my educational manual was released about a week ago. The second edition is titled, Educate, Encourage, Empower: The Student’s Guide to Excellence (2nd Edition). The revised edition is a comprehensive manual that inspires students to take ownership of their learning through affirmations, self-assessment and academic enrichment. I have a book signing scheduled for May 13th. This is my first official book signing and I am elated. This is my life and I fully embrace it.

Financial: My husband and I are saving aggressively because we are in the process of buying a new home. Saving is painless but we spend too much, unnecessary money every month. Prioritizing our saving has revealed frivolous spending on both our parts. It is embarrassing to see what we have done in a short period of time by simply exercising discipline. Life is a class and lessons are learned.

Family: Our time together is splendid. We cook together on Sundays. The girls typically make a dessert while the two of us prepare dinner. After dinner we usually take a walk or go for a bike ride. It is our new normal. During the week we sit on the porch and talk, mostly random conversations, but the sunshine is fabulous and we welcome the opportunities. Everyday is a good day when the sun shines.

Nutrition: Eek, I am not doing well at all. Last night while in bed my husband hugged me and made a comment about how much he loves my “thickness” which translates to I’ve gained weight. He calls it thickness but I call it a few extra layers due to lack of discipline. My sugar intake is high right now and I need to take back control of my eating. It has been terribly difficult but no better time than the present. Additionally, I am experiencing pain in my joints because of my poor eating habits. Can’t talk about it, have to be about it!

Fitness: My physical activity level has declined and I have not being practicing yoga. When I work out, I enjoy being out doors but I need the flexibility that yoga provides. My body feels achy and decrepit. Yes, I know I am being extreme, but I must be honest. There is no way I can continue on this path. I did yoga this morning and today is a much better day. My daily practice in my preparation.

Spirituality: My husband and I pray together every morning. But I have neglected meditation; big mistake. Mediation centers me and mentally prepares me for my day. I guess I should have anticipated this when I decided to stop practicing yoga, image that, the two go well together, who knew. My presence is required for a peaceful existence.

What I’ve learned:

Maintaining balance is key. You cannot sacrifice self-care to attend to other priorities. Nurturing yourself is your greatest priority: you cannot give if you are depleted. Remember to take personnel time and enjoy the life-creating journey.

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