The CovidEqualizer-When The World Became A Level Playing Field-Almost!

Self Reflection, Positive Attitudes And Rethinking What Is Important In Life, Always.

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The year 2020 happened not as many expected it would. Yes, it was expected to have drama and break a few rules like any other year but it was taking this a bit too far. Too far for anyone’s liking. Our world was disrupted right in front of our very own eyes.

Suddenly the hustle and bustle had stopped; our streets were empty and our roads quiet. An unseen enemy had shut the world down, locked us in our houses, shut the doors of our businesses and schools and closed our borders, all while we look on helpless. We had all succumbed and looked on as statistics of fatality kept soaring.

At this point, all we had was our own selves. We had to live with ourselves or rather learn to do that and not brush us away with work, busyness or travel. We had to live one minute at a time being present in the moment.

We had to be what we were always meant to be, humans! People that take care of each other, lift each other up, laugh freely, go out of their ways to assist others, say thank you often, cherish the people in their space, be kind again, not take anyone for granted and realise that true life comes from being around others.

The world understood the pain of lonely, isolated, abandoned and mostly forgotten communities because now it was the new normal for everyone, everywhere.

Human touch became priceless and laughter worth gold. We rallied behind those who were at the forefront of the battle and provided support. No one was ‘emotional’ anymore.

We understood kindness, no one had to ask us for it and it didn’t matter who we gave it to. Thank you was so common it didn’t make us feel we belittled ourselves by acknowledging we were appreciative of the help we got.

All of a sudden, we all agreed, we all understood! No explanations needed.

We were even determined to ‘fight authorities’ who were supposed to protect us and fell short….

People had come together despite social distancing — right now people are vulnerable and thus more human.

Long may it live: the realisation that we are all humans and need each other, everyday.

Maybe, just maybe, it was not all doom and gloom after all; the Change Agent was here and sadly its name was called Covid-19.

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