The Billion Dollar Book

An incredibly well engineered book deal will yield $500 Million to build the Malagasy National University in Southwestern Madagascar. "The Billion Dollar Book" is in addition a Reality Television Show pitched to Discovery and National Geographic

Capitalism Needs A New Heart, illustration by David Bromley www.davidbromley.com (2009)

Too good to be true is the future that awaits Humanity ahead. Beyond anybody’s and everybody’s imagination as very well explained by Arthur C. Clarke’s third law of prediction. Fiction States, a book in the making, will sell one million copies at one thousand dollars each. That is the offering and until not long ago just a dream in my imagination. How this incredible challenge will be accomplished is directly related to the engineering of the book deal, roughly presented in this piece, raising half a billion dollars to build Africa’s best University 100 years from now. And ladies and gentlemen this is just the beginning of “The Elegant Revolution“. Between now and the most wonderful future there lies one and only obstacle: the great pretenders, the charlatans, the skeptics, the naysayers, who will obstruct to defend their own myopic interest, their own tiny petit little stake in the game. They too can be persuaded to join this lifetime journey, the journey of our lifetime. I call these great pretenders “The Pirates of Heartless Capitalism“, presenting them in 2009.

No literary effort of this size and ambition has even been accomplished. When trying to envision the very best long-term future for each country and territory, one falls in the categoric risk of being misled and misguided. The advantage of my exercise is that I have designed 200 Presidential Teams of each country and territory’s most relevant Experts and policymakers -for a total of 100.000- who will accompany me in this effort. The advantage of my exercise, in spite of its extreme difficulty, is that when trying to propose policymaking for each country and territory, the result is similar to a very big puzzle, the different pieces need to fit and the policymaking as a result needs to adapt. A policymaking for country A is not possible if it’s not acceptable for country B and vice versa.

The key to success is callled entertainment. The problem with politics is that it’s an extremely boring governance paradigm that fewer and fewer follow: its characters -the politicians, Ambassadors, Members of Parliament- are boring and oftentimes unprepared, its script -the political proposals of political plans- are shortsighted, short-term and oftentimes populist and lacking rigor.

In the meantime Professors and Scholars from Universities and Think-Tanks write papers and reports which remain purely theoretical and oftentimes technocratic, thus grey, lacking color, difficult to understand for the mainstream public/audience, boring. Football presents an irrelevant narrative, although extremely entertaining. What if a narrative was not only extremely entertaining, but fundamentally relevant? What is the spectator could influence the outcome of the narrative through participation? To assist me in this incredible effort, to help me transform the policymaking into the World’s most entertainment narrative I have built an entertainment board to which I have invited the following entertainment gurus in alphabetical order: Adi Ignatius, Andrew Wallenstein, Arianna Huffington, Courteney Monroe, Craig Piligian, David Rhodes, David Zaslav, Dean Palmer, Debra Birnbaum, Gary Knell, George Osborne, Henry Goldblatt, Jack Gao, Jason Gewirtz, Jerry Seinfeld, Joshua Grode, Julia Turner, Kenneth Lowe, Larry David, Laura Lorber, Lewis Dvorkin, Matthew Belloni, Michio Kaku, Nasser Al-Khelaifi, Paul Michelman, Philip Segal, Reed Hastings, Richard Pepler, Robert Weinstein, Roy Price, SallyAnn Salsano, Susan Packard, Stephen G. Bloom, Stephen Galloway, Woody Allen. If you are an entertainment guru and would like to join The J.P. Monfort Entertainment Board do contact me via Linkedin.

In order for a book to sell one million copies at this price it has to be a work of art targeted to Investors, since readers would not only be unable to afford paying one grand for a book, but can easily download the pdf version. “Fiction States” is a hardcover, 1.500 page book with incredible artwork, with an overall Foreword proposed to President Barack Obama, which will have a unique number between one and 999999, the Investor’s name printed on both the book cover and page one. Each of the 50 Book Chapters will be in its own right like a mini book introduced by a World’s celebrity, including former Heads of State and Nobel Prize Winners. But most important, each book represents a call option to purchase one Hectare of Land in the World’s future capital territory, for a total of one million call options sold. The Investor will understand the appeal of this contract if analogies are established.

Of the three fathers of call option theory, two have lectured me at Berkeley, and written letters of recommendation to doctoral programs (Mark Rubinstein and Francis Lonstaff, Cartoon by Author)

Manhattan was once upon a time a desert island, so were Hong Kong and Singapore, yet today one hectare of land in Manhattan is typically worth way over one million dollars. If the sound investor could invest in the World’s future capital territory and knew for sure where it would be established, the investor would not hesitate. But when there is opportunity there is risk. How the World Capital Territory will be established in Southwestern Madagascar is uncertain, even speculative, there is however -and that I can assure- a Time Path leading to that particular future and I am all in in it since 2002. “A New Global Party” and “Coup d’Establishment” are pieces that explain what needs to be done in order to accomplish this journey, pieces I wrote three years back. Major progress has been made, the essence, however always remain in this lifetime journey.

Professors Francis Longstaff and Mark Rubinstein taught me how to design an extremely appealing (American) call option so that it is reasonably priced and designed. They too can be consulted to verify the genuine character of this proposal. LSE Professor Andres Rodriguez Pose taught and recommended me in the area of local economic development. Vassar College Professor Geoffrey A. Jehle taught me microeconomics at Columbia. Georgetown Professor Anthony Clark Arend taught me international law at Georgetown. The real question is in essence how to put all this incredible theory to work. Well I may have found a way that works both in the interest of the long-tem (real estate) Investor and the extremely poor in Madagascar, and that I must say is the almost impossible balance on the bycicle towards prosperity, as depicted in the opening illustration of my first book:

North-South cooperation, before, artwork by Richard Cole (2009)

No royalties, only goodwill

50% of the book price goes to cover operating expenses of putting the book together and rewarding the Editor, Publisher, Foreword Writer and finally but most important the Artists. The remainder 50% will be destined to funding the construction of the Malagasy National University in Southwestern Madagascar. I, the Author, will waive all royalties to emphasize the noble cause embraced is prioritary and increase my personal brand and goodwill. Money cannot buy it all, goodwill in the form of credibility and respect can however.

Extremely poor countries need much better education systems, but most important, much better Universities. A majority of Malagasies who study in the former Colonial Empire (France), choose to remain in France and rarely return to Madagascar. A domestic University of extraordinary quality could incentivize even enforce Malagasy students to remain on the Great Island for a period of say 10 years, similar to the policy enforced by Fulbright to its scholars.

Policymaking for each country and territory, design of 200 Presidential Teams, proposal of solutions to end All Conflicts

A majority of nation-states have today the incredible opportunity of radical integration. In fact most countries belong to a supranational organization that has on its agenda the policy of integration: ASEAN, MERCOSUR, or the myriad of organizations in Africa (COMESA, EAC, SADC). The problem with political declarations -as it so happens in the context of the United Nations system- is that they have no binding clauses and therefore no subsequent delivery. You can aspire even promise a steam wagon train will one day reach 200 kilometers an hour, the fact of the matter is that without the appropriate technology it shall never happen. Politics is an inefficient governance paradigm that has had at least one hundred years to show us all its tremendous limitations. I have as a result created “Post-Politics” and “The J.P. Monfort Standard“, the latter I shall introduce in a subsequent piece.

In my narrative I create 200 Presidential Teams on paper, i.e. the best possible dream teams nominating thousands of individuals that will subsequently have to accept my nomination. Accepting a nomination has no cost involved. I am aware most nominations will accept my proposal to join a dream team if I improve and increase my goodwill, personal brand, credibility and prestige. It is like a dominos waiting for someone to exert a gentle push on the first piece. I am building a chain reaction carefully, diligently.

North-South cooperation, after, artwork by Richard Cole (2009), perhaps equilibrium has been found once and for all

Why this book’s Limited Edition sells at $1,000

This book has no copyright and can be freely distributed in pdf format. In its first limited edition there are 10,000 copies to be sold at $1,000 each in hardcopy. It is a one thousand page book, expected publication is April 2020, exactly ten years after publication of my first book “The Monfort Plan”, a commercial failure but my life’s most important manual and method. If “Fiction States” is ever a hit it will be because the first book was a failure and I chose to learn from the mistake and improve all aspects of my narrative.

Each of the one million book copies sold at $1,000 is in reality a call option granted to the buyer, an American call option to purchase between the day of acquisition and over the next 99 years, one hectare of Land in the New International Territory for one million dollars of April-2020, always inflation-adjusted. Those interested in purchasing a Limited Edition copy may approach my current and future Editors Myles C. Thompson at Columbia University Press, Bill Falloon at John Wiley & Sons and Garrett Kiely at The University of Chicago Press. The $10 Million reward will allow one of these three fine gentlemen to go directly into retirement.

Three incredible Editors for what could possibly become the Book Deal of the century (Cartoon by Author)

I thank you Bill Falloon for having been America’s greatest dreamer and for having served as the extraordinary Executive Editor he has always been. In 2009 I wrote and published the piece on The Huffington Post “A meeting at Valois” which describes how I met Bill Falloon. He holds an undergraduate degree in English from the University of Chicago and has been with Wiley since 1999, now as Executive Director of Finance and Investments. In his portfolio of Authors Bill Falloon has Nobel Prize Winner Bill Sharpe, who inspired the efficient frontier in “Forward Time Traveling” introduced in Chapter 6. Bill Falloon recommended endorsed my successful application to The University of Chicago in 2014 as follows:

Yes, Jaime is a dreamer. But his passion and hard work exceed most anyone I’ve ever met, and his cause is noble. He puts in all the effort in to make dreams come true, so I’m a believer in his economic mission.

I understand the difference between publishing freelance and publishing with one of the best publishing firms in the marketplace: the impact of having an extraordinary Editor is second to none and guarantees that the quality of the content, its format and its continent (the book itself) will be unbeatable. It is like playing in the national basketball league of a small developing country like Kosovo or playing in the NBA.

I also understand an Editor’s need to only justify commercially viable titles. This is why out of each $1,000 the Editor will retain $100, being overall a one million dollar deal for the publishing house that finally chooses to move ahead with the Limited Edition.

The Portfolio of Artists

An incredible portfolio of 10 phenomenal Artists will illustrate “Fiction States“, the illustrations essential to foster a better understanding of the policymaking proposals, will be exclusive to the book printed in full color:

  • AMBIGRAM John Langdon www.johnlangdon.net
  • CARICATURE Joe Cummings www.cummingsillustrator.com
  • EXPLANATION GRAPHICS Nigel Holmes www.nigelholmes.com
  • ILLUSTRATION Bill Butcher www.billbutcher.com
  • ILLUSTRATION Claudio Munoz www.claudiomunoz.com
  • ILLUSTRATION David Bromley www.davidbromley.com
  • ILLUSTRATION Mike Luckovich www.ajc.com/news/luckovich-blog/
  • ILLUSTRATION Satoshi Kambayashi www.satoshi-illustration.com
  • POP UP ART Matthew Reinhart www.matthewreinhart.com
  • POP UP ART Robert Sebuda www.robertsabuda.com

6 among the 10 Artists already illustrated my first book “The Monfort Plan“.

Details of the Book Deal, where the Investor’s money goes

Out of each $1.000 the following allocation follows suit:

  • $500 for the Malagasy National University to be established next to Ankasy Lodge www.ankasy.com north of Toliara (Southwestern Madagascar), a location identified by Fidele Rabemananjara and the late Ambassador Jocelyn B. Radifera in 2008 in Washington D.C.
  • $100 for the Obama Foundation, or alternative Foundation depending on who finally writes the Foreword (preferably a Nobel Peace Prize Winner)
  • $90 for the publishing company in full: Wiley, Columbia University Press or Chicago University Press
  • $10 for the Editor: Bill Falloon, Myles C. Thompson or Garrett Kiely
  • $100 for the 10 Artists, or $10 per artist, see Portfolio of Artists above
  • $100 to cover costs of putting the book together (hardcover, premium paper, printing, binding, color illustrations, pop up art)
  • $100 for Production Costs of Reality Television Show which will serve as the most powerful promotion tool
  • Exclusive of Value Added Tax and shipping and handling

The Explorer’s Lifestyle

To make of this dream a reality I have literally given up everything except for my green suitcase. I left the girl of my dreams in 2005, my six figure job in Manhattan in 2008, my studies at Georgetown in 2010, family (including “The World’s great cousin“), friends and my own country in 2015. I left Spain and landed in Albania with one euro in my bank account on 31-August-2015.

I have spent half a million dollars in education throughout my lifetime, out of my own pocket not my parents’, and continue to invest/study with admissions at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine and SOAS. I have given up all inheritance to be free and risk-taking. I exercise on average two and half hours a day, do not smoke, do not drink, so I keep healthy and fit in order to maximize productivity, mental health and lifespan. My tenth Master’s will be in Neuroscience of Mental Health at King’s College (preparing application).

Most of my classmates at College des IngenieursBerkeley and Columbia are today earning a quarter million dollars or more yearly. I know the road behind has been tough, and the road ahead shall be rough, but the incredible treasure and reward for Investors, for the Malagasies, has made this explorer risk it all for the greater good, and my own sense of duty and service. And it’s all a vision which President Bill Clinton encouraged in his 2006 and 2007 letters he personally wrote to me, available upon request.

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