The Art and Science of Standing Out

The Iconist Jamie Mustard on The Economics of Attention!

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The Iconist Jamie Mustard Standing Out #LivingFearlessly with Lisa McDonald on Thrive Global

It is an immense honour and an incredible privilege to further share the stellar genius of my weekly global radio/podcast guests here with you on Thrive Global. I appreciate each of you for kindly taking time out of your own hectic schedules so as to read, listen, grow and expand with both myself and my Living Fearlessly with Lisa McDonald guest(s) of each week! I know that each of my guests would echo my sentiments, when I say that we mutually appreciate you, and we take none of your generous support lightly or for granted. Thank you!

As a student of life, first and foremost, my receiver mode is consistently on and open. I am willingly, voluntarily, and continuously receptive to upgrading my level of consciousness, and on a moment-by-moment basis. I have come to learn that in order to genuinely be successful, to authentically remain purpose-driven, to consistently operate within the realm of gratitude…one has to become exceptionally skilled at simultaneously surrendering while also embracing. Relinquishing the counter-intuitiveness of what no longer serves us, drives us, completes us or honours us – is intuitively indicative of #LivingFearlessly. Shedding old patterns, distilling destructive beliefs, challenging dogma, eradicating fear, coupled with one’s own conviction of remaining integral with self…IS how we create and how we hold sacred space for the meaningful, the powerful, the sublime, and the universal signs and symbols, which are profoundly intended for each of us. 

Last Friday’s, Living Fearlessly with Lisa McDonald Radio Guest, Jamie Mustard, is one who understands, acknowledges, embodies and executes accordingly with what I stated in the aforementioned, and in such a way that I have never before had the privilege to bear witness to or to wholeheartedly experience firsthand.

It is my personal belief that one’s true purpose is birthed out of pain – not passion. Desperation, I believe, is the tsunami of catalyst and the echelon for personal epiphany. Desperation, I believe, is what underscores and what transforms the trajectory of our lives…IF strategically harnessed and IF masterfully honed. To effectively ascend ourselves out of the abyss; requires a handful of essential ingredients in which to eventually enjoy the fruits of our hard-earned and well-deserved labour. Desperation in and of itself, precipitates a sink or swim choice. Desperation can keep us submerged in gridlocked pain or alternatively – desperation can be the key to unlocking our own shackles. 

My point of laser focus concentration and insatiable interest, ALWAYS gravitates to the backstory. Unless one chooses to peel back the onion on ourselves and on others, the glaring truth remains hidden and unveiled. The tool I use to measure the barometer of another person’s ultimate success, including my own, is the often invisible, and the quietly unspoken line separating the once-upon-a-time from the current storyline. The buzz and the optics associated with what it is we glean from a person’s ‘claim-to-fame’ or ‘overnight success’ story is quite typically…superficial at best. Extracting the outer layers of one’s beauty is only ever how we experience the kaleidoscope of their soul. 

Yes, Jamie’s sensational book, The Iconist, is an undeniable Masterpiece. Yes, Jamie has decades of diversified successes under his belt. The accolades, the endorsements, the write-ups, and the ongoing media opportunities bestowed upon Jamie are boundless. And although I fervently applaud Jamie on all his exceptional bodies of work, tied to that of course – his messaging, his branding, his genius and brilliant mind – what most strikingly makes Jamie beyond extraordinary and exceptional to me is little boy Jamie. Little boy Jamie who persevered his wilful spirit through abject poverty, extreme neglect and unimaginable emotional anguish. Little boy Jamie who never quit himself even when others did. Little boy Jamie who taught himself to ride a bike by using the support of brick building walls to prop him up, catch his fall; steering him in the forward-facing direction of other such #Iconist Milestones!

As I often cite, I do not believe in coincidences. Before ever reading Jamie’s book, or even interviewing him on the Living Fearlessly with Lisa McDonald global radio airwaves…I instinctively knew that this precious gem of a human being and myself…would forever be intertwined, and for a whole myriad of reasons which defies description. In the span of (almost) five years of hosting my own global radio show/podcast – never before now, has another person’s soul completely penetrated or resonated with my own. As you begin listening to the enclosed podcast link, I am quite sure you will quickly come to understand why Jamie Mustard has left an everlasting imprint on my heart, and on my soul, and on my spirit. 

I have interviewed hundreds of successful people in the business world; many of them notable on the international stage with instantaneously recognizable names. Many of these guests have been, and have become, both my tangible and my intangible mentors, and whose messages and bodies of work have also resonated with millions of other people worldwide. Every single guest I have interviewed on Living Fearlessly with Lisa McDonald has brought something uniquely spectacular to the global listening audience, for which I am immensely grateful for. Every story shared on my show has been invaluable and chock-full with wisdom, insight, and inspiration. 

In my years of researching my guests, their businesses, their brands, their messaging, their core values, and their own mentors – what I have come to learn as a primary common denominator for the majority of them – is that their individual backstories have been heavily laden with pain, strife, adversity, hardship, and personal crisis. At the crux of most success stories, and successful people is a theme of underlying desperation and the indomitable will and spirit to conquer, to overcome, and to persevere. These beacons of light…these light-bearers, soul-stirrers, and trailblazers were not only committed to solving their own problems and healing their own pain…they have now become recognized, characterized and referred to as leaders, mavericks, and giants for empowering others to empower themselves by paying those solutions forward to the collective. 

Jamie Mustard is not only a beacon of light, a soul-stirrer, a trailblazer, a leader, a maverick, and a giant…he is an ICONIST! 

Jamie…with every fibre of my being, I want to thank you for breaking my heart code! Thank you for showing up to me as the most prolific Block of All-Time! Thank you for choosing to prevail. Thank you for choosing to not quit. Thank you for ploughing through your own once-upon-a-time invisibility so as to finally become visible to all of us. Thank you for imparting your universally adaptative teachings, which benefits all people from all walks of life – in both the personal and in the business sphere as it specifically relates and pertains to each of us knowing how to STAND OUT, in knowing how to be VISIBLE, and in knowing how to ENDURE in the minds of others!

Jamie Mustard…I see you. I hear you. I feel you. I believe in you!

On behalf of both Jamie and myself, we wish to thank YOU the Thrive Global reader…YOU the Living Fearlessly with Lisa McDonald loyal radio listener and YOU the podcast Subscriber…for graciously taking time out of your own hectic schedules so as to read this FEATURE ARTICLE, and for kindly listening to the enclosed podcast link of mine and Jamie’s transformational interview together, and for purchasing Jamie’s BRILLIANT book, THE ICONIST, and for any additional contact or connection you may wish to initiate or to extend to either of us! 

Uplifting You To Fear Less And To Live More! 

Be your own Hero. Be your own Shero. 
Be your own Leader. Be your own Best Friend! 
Love & Gratitude ~ Lisa
#Grateful #ThriveThursday #ThriveGlobal #LivingFearlessly 


Jamie Mustard is an EXPERT on STANDING OUT and making something ENDURE.

He is a leading authority on brand, art, design, and media perception in the physical world, and the economics of attention. Steeped in the worlds of technology, product engagement, and the creative arts, Jamie consults with leading companies, CEOs, creative artists, public servants, entrepreneurs, and thought leaders, getting their messages, products, brands and ideas to STAND OUT to their desired audiences. 

Jamie is the author of the critically acclaimed and multi-award nominated new book, THE ICONIST. The Art and Science of STANDING OUT, which the publisher of Forbes, praised, declaring that “Jamie Mustard cracked the code.” FLAUNT Magazine recently called his book, “A New Era of Literature.” 

An avid consumer of popular culture and a graduate of the London School of Economics and Economic History, Jamie has almost two decades of experience in technological and industrial public relations both nationally and abroad. He has expertise in strategic messaging, demand generation, product development, creative production, story and branding, and has consulted for Intel, Cisco, Dymnatec, and Adidas, to name but a few. Jamie’s work is an explanation of the “economics of attention,” based on the primal laws of human perception called Blocks.

Jamie is a strategic multimedia consultant and Iconist. His passion is to teach the science and “art of obviousness,” helping professionals, change agents, artists, and businesses confidently and at will make their messages, brands, and ideas stand out to their desired audiences. 

Jamie has spoken, educated, and inspired others with his work prolifically, including TED at the creative giant, Wieden and Kennedy. Jamie’s Iconist work has spanned some of the world’s leading companies, artists, and the globe. Growing up in severe poverty in inner city Los Angeles, Jamie overcame obstacles to eventually codify a system of primal laws that can now help us all.

As a creative artist, Jamie has worked in music, fine art and documentary film production. His work has screened at the Lincoln Centre in New York City, and Kevin Turan of the Los Angeles Times called the film he produced, Showbiz is My Life, “Beguiling.”
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