The Architect, The Blueprint and The Mosaic


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I HAD A CONVERSATION YESTERDAY with a guy who started crying and crying. i held the space for him to cry and he cried for over 10 minutes, just feeling safe in the space to let his tears come out.

when his tears stopped, i asked if he wanted to talk about it and when he said he did,i asked him, “what happened?”

he told me for the last 6 months, he has just felt stuck.

it seemed that everything he did, worked for a moment and then came crumbling matter what he tried, he ended up tripped up by life. face down on the floor he’d grown tired, thinking he was doing everything wrong. the whole time i was listening, i kept hearing “talk to him about The Architect.”

i listened to both voices speaking at the same time and the beauty of the inner voice is that it harmonies with the outer voice making it not only pleasant but enjoyable to hear both voices together at the same time. when the moment was right, i spoke to him about The Architect.

he told me to tell the man, there was nothing he was doing wrong except for the thought that he was doing something wrong. he was not. the reason he was falling down was because the blueprint of his house had changed and based those new blueprint, the rooms had now been built different.

there was nothing where once there steps, everything had changed, walls had been moved, and so he was bumping into things and falling down not becasue of things he had done but because of changes that had happened.

once he saw the changes, life worked much more effortlessly. The Mosaic rewrites the blueprints in your life that no longer serve you, rooms became too small, spaces that were now cluttered are suddenly opened up.

are you ready for a new blueprint? one that supports you in the life you have wanted to live. if so, call in The Architectand if you want more inspiration, please purchase a copy of The Mosaic on amazon

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