The 5 R x Spreading Kindness while at home = Save a life during COID-19 Pandemic.

#4 Take advantage as much as you can while you are at home.

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#4 Take advantage as much as you can while you are at home.

We are all going through a difficult time. The world is going through a massive pandemic that is threatening our health and our way of everyday living. We are all in this together. I hope you are doing things to keep you happy and motivated. I know, it’s not easy. But, if you’ve been trying a little bit each day, feel proud of yourself.

Strength does not come from winning. Your struggles develop your strengths. When you go through hardships and decide not to surrender, that is strength.

-Mohandas Gandhi

It’s harder on days that we must do what we have to do, but are fearful of doing it or going anywhere during quarantine time. I think we are 6 weeks in… right? Some days, I don’t even remember what day it is…I know most of you are feeling the same way. But I’m here to remind you not to give up! Keep fighting; we and the world need you. Stay strong while at home and keep safe.

I believe kindness has many forms of revealing itself to us. During times of adversity, fear, and the world’s worst pandemic death toll… more than ever, we are forced to re-evaluate and recognize how mindful we are with ourselves and others.

This unity is a form of being kind, and doing something for others can also be our healing mechanism and help build mental resilience together. Choosing to stay in our homes is an act of love and the “not sharing” is caring!

I am thankful for moments of bliss thanks to restaurants and food delivery services, our health practitioners and nurses in hospitals. The elderly are surviving and beating this virus, there are people going out of their way, dancing, in order to raise money to feed children’s’ organizations and shelters . People are connecting more through social media and online, getting married even! There is good and bad in every situation. In this case, it’s freaking BAD, but we must keep finding the light and the love through it all. We must keep reminding ourselves, that we are good enough.

My own daily affirmation journal.

I am taking notes for the day, while trying to write an article and create content on social and keep the engagement flowing all at the same time. Trying to finish contracts, editing videos and editing my first book, while balancing trying to keep the kids from not watching too much TV, home schooling, feeding them, keeping clean, changing diapers for the youngest one, showering and bedtime story time. Also, making sure every 20–30 minutes that they wash their hands or use hand sanitizer!

There are 5 R’s that I’ve come to learn and associate with being a single parent, while trying to finish or accomplish to-do lists during this social distancing time and lockdown. I hope this read today, helps keep you motivated and encourages you to stay positive while also doing the best you can.

You need to stay strong, drink water, wash your hands and keep your distance. Stay home. You are helping a lot by doing the right thing.

Yessss!!! TRUST ME! I’m also going cuckoo puffs being locked up all day. I know, I am an introvert that likes to work from home, but even we need moments outdoors! I only go to supermarkets and pharmacies, with gloves and masks. Then, home. Seriously, if you don’t need to be outside, stay home.

Honestly, writing, journaling, painting and listening to music, does help. Not all day, every day, but on harder days when you can’t stand it, or even your own self, seek for these.

Quick tip:

Challenge yourself to try and learn something new every day. There are tons of books, free resources online, and courses on Youtube. I’m learning about SEO [Search Engine Optimization], cause dahhh I like words! Basically, I’m trying to improve my creative writing skills and take them to the next level on all our platforms and help enhance others too. What new things are you learning during #quarantinechronicles2020?

In other words, if you are bored, find something to do that you love and work on how you can make an income doing that while you are locked up at home. If you are already satisfied with your current financial and personal situation, then what aspects of what you are currently doing, can you improve upon during this time? There is always room for improvement.

Those who are risking their lives right now are doing it because they have to, not because they want to. Thank you. I appreciate you. You matter. Your contribution, what you do, is valued and it’s enough. You are all enough and important. Please make sure that after a long day of work — whether it’s in health, food, delivery, janitorial, caregiving, truck driving, those who are still doing essential jobs in order to keep us safe and fed at home — please make sure that you take care of yourself first!

Thank you Coronavirus helpers.

Take care of your body, give it water more often, check in with your mental health, reach out to loved ones on the phone when you have the time. Take breaks. Have ‘me time’, with no external distractions. Believe it or not, you’re a superhero. You don’t need any job title to remind you of that. Your work, whether it’s paid or volunteer, for the sake of saving people’s lives or keeping people positive and happy during times of extreme catastrophe, is priceless.

Let’s start with:


Yeah, I surprised you with this one, didn’t I? There is a mutual understanding and it is sometimes unspoken. Loyalty and respect create a synergy, that usually when individuals are taught this at a very young age and excel at this trait, a lot of open doors and opportunities are always at their fingertips. Respect for others and one’s self, can only be enhanced by practising it everyday.

Yep, not just respect that you expect from others, but more self-respect. Do you respect your body, mind, and spirit, the same way you would someone you know or love? Remember, the understanding of our journeys and purpose here on earth are somewhat limited. However, prioritizing your time, setting boundaries, mutual respect in contracts with clients and loved ones (especially self-love, kindness, and a graceful attitude) is how we can overcome a lot of darkness and pain. I believe in helping others, respecting others, letting go of old mentalities, and setting realistic goals for this life. Who knows, maybe the next new innovation will be born during a worldwide pandemic..


Why should we help more during this times? Question from a new Facebook Group House of Misfits that I’ve recently joined. My ans:

Because helping others is how we help ourselves too. It’s like a spiralling love. The more good you pass around while also making sure you ‘re good inside (which is harder to do especially during this time, which is why my team and I are focusing on mental strength for our peeps ❤️ it’s helping), helps you recharge by connecting and helping someone else. Because when they do something or feel better because of you, it’s an internal fulfilling joy that makes everything worthwhile. Just like helping someone you love. This feeling cannot be found through external sources like money or material things. Those things just make our life less chaotic and easier. This amazing feeling to give and be kind can only be found and felt when you help others. Also, those who are serving/helping save lives every day, are bravely risking their lives because it is important. They don’t have to. They can choose not to. Of course some people don’t have that luxury, so they still do it. Because it matters. Every life on this planet matters. And that’s why I think it should be important for all of us to help and be of service. This is a health war and we have to fight for our health and the safety of others by following the guidelines. I think we should help one another as much as we can. ❤️💯

Recreate yourself, your vision for your future. Pivot, try different things and see what happens. That’s why is good to learn new skills online while you are at home. What do you got to lose?


We all need to master this skill. Those who already do and never F(&^ up!, congrats! You’ve officially become the perfect human being. Can you reveal your secret? Can you help people through social media while you are at home? Help those who don’t know where to begin or how to manage the stress, anxiety, depression, extreme addiction problems, claustrophobia, and mental illness. And caregivers who suffer as much as their patients during times like these. Yes, I’m trying to relax most days, others not so much. I’ve lost my coconuts on some days, and on others, peaceful joy within, is amazingly found if we relax our bodies and minds! RELAX… even the word makes you go aaaahhhhh…

How to Relax: Tips for Chilling Out


#4 is the one that has been helping me stay focused on my writing, growing, and learning goals. It keeps the motivation and inspiration going. Some days it works, some days it doesn’t. That’s okay. That’s what makes us human. I’m trying just like everyone else. And I’ve come to terms with the fact that we are all just doing our best. Be clear with your peers, colleagues, clients, and family about your feelings and intentions. If shit hits the fan, then don’t beat yourself up. We are human beings who are living through a health war and a worldwide pandemic. Give yourself and those around you (or far way), some credit. Use R #3, it does wonders for your mental health.


Reconnecting is connecting all the dots, all that you’ve learned during this time of isolation. Create a list of things that you’ve always wanted to do or that you’ve always wanted to learn. See how you can reconnect with what you love to do and work it, tweak it, remodel it, change rhythm, try a new skill… What have you discovered about yourself during this time? What is resonating within your soul and what is not? Are you detoxing not only your house and social media consumption, but also, are you filtering people out that you thought were good, but now you are seeing a different side of them that you’ve never seen before? Is it as though the real face behind the mask has revealed itself or maybe they have been straightforward with you this whole time, but you were so “busy” that you dismissed those red flags from the start?

Reconnecting with Earth, with our spirit within, has its own rewards. To focus on healing and personal development, is to heal past traumas and past mistakes, overthinking, and negative patterns that don’t serve us in our next phase on Earth. The re-generation is here and it is time to heal parts of ourselves that we’ve neglected or have not been able to find time for — now is the time. Earth Day has just passed, I wrote an article during this day. I’ll be releasing on my YouTube channel AngieBlog the process before that article was release. I hope it inspires you to try a little bit or a lot, to be better everyday.

What would you do today that can reconnect you more to Mama Earth while you are at home? Seek within your imagination and find how can we, creatures, habitants of this precious planet, be of service and be kind to Her?

By Angie Abreu Olivo -Founder, Creative Entrepreneur and Environmentalist Single Mom. Edited by Vanessa Hasid.

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