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Image by Free-Photos from Have you ever avoided a tough situation, and someone said, “You better thank your lucky stars”? Maybe you’ve been involved in a minor accident that could’ve been much worse and reminded yourself, “I better thank my lucky stars.” “Thank your luck stars” is an idiom to remind you to be […]

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Have you ever avoided a tough situation, and someone said, “You better thank your lucky stars”? Maybe you’ve been involved in a minor accident that could’ve been much worse and reminded yourself, “I better thank my lucky stars.”

“Thank your luck stars” is an idiom to remind you to be grateful for good luck; a reminder to be grateful for your blessings.

Some people feel if it weren’t for bad luck, they wouldn’t have any luck at all. Some are waiting for their stars to bring them good luck before they thank them.

When is the right time to be grateful? When should you count your blessings and thank your lucky stars? From a spiritual perspective, when should you thank God?

Most of us have no problem thanking our lucky stars, thanking God, and counting our blessings when things are going well. We tend to struggle being grateful when things are going poorly.

I believe the right time to be grateful is all the time. Yes, even when things are not going our way! When we’re struggling, when things are going against us, when we’re hoping for a break and one doesn’t appear, we still need to be grateful.

The individuals that always have a rain cloud overhead, where there is just one problem after another, are always looking for the next disaster to happen. We get what we look for. If we look for the problems in every situation, we will find them. If we look for the good in every situation, we will find the good!

If you look back on the horrific events of 9/11, there are employees of the Twin Towers alive today because their car wouldn’t start that morning. Some are alive because their children were running late. Some got stuck in traffic. A few were stopped for speeding. All of these frustrating events, things most people are not grateful for, literally saved their lives.

Individuals that get pulled over for weaving on the road, are hoping, wishing, and praying they don’t get arrested for being under-the-influence. When their wishes and prayers are not answered, they are angry for the arrest, the court-mandated program, the rise in their insurance premiums, their upset spouse. In this situation, they should be grateful. Had they not been pulled over, they may have wrecked the car, become hospitalized, seriously injured, or dead. Even worse, they could’ve killed someone else.

The athlete that has a dream-ending injury before ever turning pro is upset about his dream ending. Had the injury not occurred, he may have left school early without a degree and turned pro. He may have been injured early on or been cut before the first season started. Being grateful, the injury could be a blessing in disguise. He could focus on his schoolwork, earning a degree. He might even meet the love of his life during his senior year.   

Quite often, when stuck behind a slow person in the fast lane, we tend to focus on the driver making us late for an appointment. If we look hard enough (it is hard!), we can see he’s preventing us from a speeding ticket or from being in the accident up ahead.

I have shared many times my belief that “giving starts the receiving process.” I’ve given examples if you want more smiles, start giving more smiles. If you want more correspondence from loved ones, start sending more correspondence. This belief holds true with blessings. If you want more blessings, be grateful for all that you have in life, including struggles. Giving gratitude first allows for receiving more blessings.

If you wait for good luck before thanking your stars, you may wait forever. Start thanking your stars first and then the luck will come. It’s the same thing with a fireplace. You cannot wait for the fireplace to make you warm before you put on a log. You put the log on first and then you receive warmth.

Unfortunately, the aftereffects of the pandemic have left many with depression. While unemployment insurance and federal supplements have helped families to survive financially, the pandemic shutdown has prevented many from contributing at work, in their communities, and other areas of life. We all have an innate need to contribute. We all want to give. Motion creates emotion. Get back into giving today.

While some individuals focus on what was lost during the pandemic, don’t let this be you! Look for the good. See what you can find. You may have found the lost joy of being able to spend more time with your children or rediscovered your lost creativity. You decided to start your own business. The passion in your relationship may have rekindled or you discovered it was time to move out of an unhealthy relationship. The realization of being under-valued at work became known. You may have discovered it is better to take less income for a shorter commute. You came to realize how much you value family time. There are blessings in every situation. Seek until you find. Start thanking your stars today for everything that comes your way.

Remember, there is greatness within you. You must choose greatness. It won’t develop on its own. I believe in you!

“What you look for, you will find.”

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