Teresa Teng: Wednesday Meditation and Reflection

The Performance Of The Song-"The Moon Represents My Heart" ("Yue Liang Dai Biao Wo De Xin"), By Famed Taiwanese Singer and Songwriter-TERESA TENG-And The Teachings Of Healing, Time, and Love, Underneath The Moonlight!

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Certain songs have a lullaby-like essence to their composition. Not only does one gain the sense of calm and tranquility, but a level of centering. There are different layers when it comes to lullabies, and their ability to present the natural intimacies of human nature. Lullabies bring us closer. They move us deeper, and provide us with the opportunity to listen within our internal. We are moved into discovering this level of euphoria and nourishment. There are certain elements regarding the lullabies. They are soft, docile, and tranquil in nature. Furthermore, they come to fulfill the very purpose of permitting us to regain our center. Lullabies take us into that realm of childhood’s domain. Through their well-being, we are cradled and return back to that sacred element of when we were first born.

It takes a certain singer to sing a lullaby. It takes an even more sacred gift of singing when we connect certain songs to the Heavens. Particular elements, bring that sentimental vibe for a lullaby. One of those relates to the painting of the lyrics. What are those sacred elements in maneuvering through the gentility of the song\? There are particular lessons and jewels left to be, excavated! Therefore, when we hear those nourishing lullabies, which move to navigate us into higher levels, there is something within our Spirit, which desires to take that sacred world, and incorporate it into our daily reality. Life is permitted to establish the sensory of that sacred world. Moons. Stars. Night. Whispers. Silence. All of these natural elements create the subtlety, and softness, of a lullaby. When a singer has that gentility in conveying lullabies, the audience is blessed with Heaven’s awakening. There is an inner healing work-a wall has been broken. People are granted the permission of returning to a place of innocence; to the world of infants.

In the nation of Taiwan, there was one radiant singer, who had the power of doing this. Her voice was not only angelic, but maintained a level of softness, and gentility, when seeing certain spaces and treasures. It was as if her voice was intertwined, and in sync with the Moon; a silken pleasure and texture, in painting the sweetness of the Moon’s presence. She was a wonder and gem 💎💎 for Taiwan. She was one maiden of music, for this nation; blessing the overall gardens, and wonders of the Taiwanese people. Her name is none other than. . .

Teresa Teng

https://www.awn.com/news/digital-domain-produce-3d-holograms-pop-legend-teresa-teng; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark

Teresa Teng was known for uniting various lands of the Chinese language. In addition, to recording in the Mandarin language, Teng also recorded in the Hokkien, Cantonese, Japanese, Indonesian, English, and Italian languages. Clearly, her tongue had the power, and majesty, of moving through different cultures, and memories of time. Immersing those languages in the world of music, in order to highlight just how intertwined they are with the Universal, and spacing within Moon’s delight. Her words seemed to caress the most broken of Souls, as she used her timber and texture, in doing so. Clearly, the music was her palette, and gentility was her method in creating the treasures, at hand. One of the most caring, and nutritious methods of vocal healing to the audience, is highlighting their way of creating joy, and abundance, through their language. Language is a reflection of one’s culture, and identity. When a person is able to navigate through such sentimental textures, they are granted the power to make people feel safe, within their very own existence. Soon, a foreign presence, performing for them is not viewed, as a threat. Moreso, the musical elements creates a particular avenue (and lens) in moving through the gateways of care and gentility. When performing in different languages, one is bound to understand that level of intimacy, when connecting with others of different cultures.

https://asiatrend.org/lifestyle/people/believe-it-or-not-reincarnation-of-teresa-teng-%E9%84%A7%E9%BA%97%E5%90%9B/; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark

One of the treasures produced by Teresa Teng, is the 1977 musical treasure, “The Moon Represents My Heart,” from the album Love In Hong Kong. Here we have it Ladies and Gentlemen! We have an example of performance. We have an example of one delicate voice, who made vocal dances, with the Moon. The texture was so smooth, soft; drawing one closer into the silent depth of one’s Soul. There were particular treasures, to be cultivated and crafted. Furthermore, a person was left to discover, and follow her, into that perfect place, she desired to guide us to. It is a beautiful scenario, when you reflect on the very texture of the song, alone. You journey into this unique place, wishing to find the meaning of love; wishing to understand just what it means to rebirth oneself again, in order to experience what it means to be loved. Its the feeling of discovering rare gems, and collecting them to decorate one’s body. Decorating one’s Soul, and placing it on one’s body, in order to experience the very nectar of healing. After all, that’s what true gems are really about. Precious jewels are meant very nourishment, of healing!

https://www.pinterest.com/jingsh/forever-teresa-teng/; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark

One of the other precious natures, concerning the song, is how the gentility of Teresa Teng’s voice provides the option for her audience, to rest. Mentally. Emotionally. Spiritually. Hearing her voice creates that sacred bond of rest. Rest becomes peaceful! Rest is a moment of meditation. It doesn’t always have to drift you into slumber. Neither does it have to be restless. Rest creates a level of love and tenderness. People feel safe and safeguarded when rest is comforted in nighttime’s bliss. There are waves and wonders of moving through certain dynamics of love; while laying in that mystical place. Suddenly, the Moon doesn’t seem so far. It doesn’t seem so distant. And, it doesn’t seem so dangerous. This time around, we are able to move ourselves into a state of bliss. The moon is more affectionate with humanity. Its a side too many of us have yet to experience, because we are so used to having to navigate through different auras, throughout the land. Furthermore, a person has to assess what it means to pull through diverse avenues of wellness and care, as it relates to the Moon’s timing. Timing is everything should one lays one’s heart, in the creases of the Moon’s face. Initially, it may be scary. Fear has a way of taking over. That’s why we are given voices as, Teresa Teng’s, and others like her. When it is presented in Mandarin Chinese, Cantonese, and these other languages, there is a sense of healing, within the Moon’s presence. When the Moon’s ecstasy is experienced in Hong Kong, an overwhelming abundance of nurture and love begins to decorate the city-her air, her waters, her people! Things become part of the planning, and nourishment of one’s ear. In fact, a foreign face and sound becomes, familiar.

https://fromtheintercom.com/from-the-gramophone-teresa-teng/; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark

The Moon enchants us Dearly. Through that very demeanor, we are meant to experience this enchantment, within the context of music. Music is a healing elixir. Music is power! And, yes! Through her healing wonders, music brings that nightly sweetness, that we crave, while in the comforts of Moon’s timing! Sometimes those musical healers are able to navigate them through, in a myriad of languages. Making them just as sweet, in a common serenity, within, the Moon!

https://www.straitstimes.com/lifestyle/entertainment/teresa-tengs-songs-inspire-fox-series; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark

To listen to more classics on the work of TERESA TENG, you can click on the link, below:


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