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Mark Metry on Adversity and Mindset

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Although technically deemed a post millennial by only one year, Mark Metry, the brilliantly-minded Living Fearlessly with Lisa McDonald global radio/podcast guest of last week, is hands down, beyond light years ahead of his time! What continues to most resonate with my loyal listeners and podcast subscribers, and makes my guests truly relatable to my demographic of listeners, is not so much the success story itself..rather…the human backstory. The backstory of my guests, is what makes the success story that much sweeter and celebratory!

As I have previously and publicly indicated on numerous occasions – the majority of the success stories of those I continue to have the honour and the privilege of interviewing and showcasing on my platforms, are indeed success stories; predicated or birthed out of some form of individual hardship or adversity, which my guests had consciously made an intentional decision to have work for them as opposed to allow to work against them. So then begins, for most…if not all of my guests, the inception of their newfound journey aka their life purpose! Those who transform their pain into purpose are indeed #LivingFearlessly in my humble opinion, which is why they are a synergistic fit with me both personally and professionally. No coincidence!

Mark Metry is no exception to my expressed sentiments…in fact…Mark exemplifies the full embodiment of someone who has deliberately chosen to live his life fearlessly, which was not an easy feat for Mark. Once upon a time, Mark was immobilized by fear and riddled with severe anxiety. In listening to our interview together, you will come to learn the extent to which it grew paralyzing for him, and how thoughts of ending his life actually overtook rational thought or any semblance of sound clarity for Mark on his dark night of the soul. 

Without giving all of the story away, (podcast link enclosed) thankfully, a monumental shift to the paradigm of Mark’s thinking is what made it possible for me to interview him all these years later, and to further share him here with all of you on Thrive Global! I appreciate and applaud Mark, and many of the other guests on Living Fearlessly with Lisa McDonald, who exercise the courage and the bravery to show up real, raw, candid, and vulnerable in their sharing of who they really are and what cathartic moment truthfully can be attributed to their success story of today. I also appreciate this even more so, knowing that as a result of my guests choosing to publicly reveal such personally painful and uncomfortable details and memories, IS what saves lives…offers hope…provides inspiration…alters mindsets…precipitates change…empowers human spirit…and enriches the future of others! This and so much more is what makes Mark Metry a servant leader!

Instantaneously, Mark and I vibed and gelled with one another. Vulnerability exposed is not only a sign of strength, it is also an attractor factor, particularly for those of us who are immersed in the realm of personal growth and personal development. When the veil is lifted, and the mask is removed it is within this space that true wholehearted soul connection is established. It is in this energetic space that vibe attracts its tribe. This is where people come together – feel akin to one another – feel seen – feel heard – feel validated – feel worthy. Mark being true to Mark, created an atmosphere of safety, belonging, and a sense of oneness for all the listeners while on the airwaves with me. I intuitively felt that at the soul level as well as within my role of show host.

Thank you, Mark, for being so authentically down to earth while on the airwaves with me. Thank you for creating a climate of safety for others (the listeners/podcast subscribers) to feel equally empowered to do and be the same with respect to openness and transparency. Thank you for being part of the solution as opposed to perpetuating the problems associated with silence/silencing and masquerading. Falsifying the truth of who we inherently are at the core of our inner being, only proves a disservice to humanity as a whole. Thank you, Mark, for all that you do, and for all that you are. You are quite remarkable our friend, and certainly a beacon of light to us all!
Keep Shining! ~

Uplifting You To Fear Less And To Live More! 

Be your own Hero. Be your own Shero. 
Be your own Leader. Be your own Best Friend! 
Love & Gratitude ~ Lisa
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Mark Metry was born in Boston, Massachusetts on July 22, 1997, as a first generation immigrant from Egypt. His parents came to the United States in 1996 with a couple hundred dollars in their pocket. 
At the age of seven, Mark would go to newspapers and cut out baseball players in the sports section; gluing them together with several pieces of paper to emulate real trading cards. In turn, Mark used the monies to buy real baseball cards, Pokemon cards, and cookies to give to his friends. 

Despite his craftiness and entrepreneurial tendencies, Mark was labelled a shy kid…a shy child who often chose fear over living his real potential throughout most of his life. Mark experienced debilitating social anxiety, which often placed boundaries, limitations, restrictions on Mark, and prevented Mark from living the life he actually wanted to live.

Mark got his first job sweeping floors, cleaning tables, and taking orders from customers at his Dad’s pizza store. Mark hustled his way through summers and saved enough monies to buy himself a laptop and an iPhone. From that point forward, Mark started learning online. He learned how to code, develop, and build websites, and mobile applications in 2009.

Mark then created his own YouTube Channel; centering on video games at the age of thirteen in 2010. Mark had quickly amassed a total of 35K Subscribers, and featured games such as, ‘Call Of Duty,’ and ‘Minecraft.’ Little did Mark know that his content creation marketing skills were being built at a very young age.

Mark founded a Minecraft server at age fifteen, which went on to become one of the biggest servers on the planet! WOW!!
Mark stayed on as the creative operations director of PPMC, (started in 2013 until 2018) which led to his valiant efforts and contributions paying off in spades…thus resulting in the #1 Pixelmon Minecraft Server in the world. As the Creative Director, Mark grew the companies website to reach in excess of ten million users, and ten thousand registered premium members. Mark managed the remote staff team of over forty talented individuals, while directing company growth programs. 

On behalf of both Mark and myself, we wish to extend our wholehearted gratitude to each of you…for not only taking time out of your own hectic schedules so as to kindly read this Feature Article, in addition to also listening to the enclosed podcast link of our amazing interview together, but also for any forthcoming correspondence you may wish to initiate with either or both of us! We are always receptive and appreciative of connection, collaboration, partnership, and feedback!
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