The Importance of Having a Support System as an Educator

My co-teacher helps me stay centered, relieve stress, and avoid burnout.

Peathegee Inc/ Getty Images
Peathegee Inc/ Getty Images

I am lucky to have a co-teacher to share the brunt of everything with me. When we feel overwhelmed, we talk about it and make a list of importance. We realize that some things just can’t get done as quickly as we’d like to and they will eventually get done.

We find that lists work best and really put things into perspective. We figure out who is in charge of completing which tasks. As of now, I am in charge of ELA and writing IEPs. She is in charge of math and assessing readers. We help each other out when we can, but having designated jobs works best.

I’ve also realized that bringing things home makes me way too burned out. I do as much as I can at work, and I will randomly bring things home to do while my daughter sleeps. Honestly, when I’m feeling burned out, I like to go home and play with my daughter. She puts it all into perspective and makes me realize that work is work and my family comes first. Sometimes I need to have a glass of wine when I’m really stressed out.

New teachers need to realize that they shouldn’t bring everything home. Just do what you can at work. The rest can wait. It’ll eventually get done. I also wish someone would’ve told me that I can’t save everyone. Some kids will respond better to you than others. Some kids will take longer to understand what you’re teaching them and that’s ok. Don’t beat yourself up if your kids don’t get it the first time. 

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