Tap into Your Feminine Strength


I would like to share with you my download from the Universe today on defining FEMININE STRENGTH. Although this is not an exhaustive list, I have assembled my expertise and knowledge for you in order to help you feel, ground and express your feminine strength and use it in your business and life today! Here we go — and feel free to add some that you think are important to you and haven’t been included:

1. STABILITY: Solidity, groundedness

2. BEAUTY: of self, of surroundings, of energy, of nature, of flow, of design, of clothes, of cosmetics, of hair, of body etc.

3. COMRADERY: sharing, delving deep, safety of containment, deep belief in connection, friendship and support, interdependence, celebration, freedom

4. PRACTICAL CREATIVITY: quick life affirming solutions that can be implemented easily and now

5. COURAGE: standing for your beliefs and expression in the world, fighting for what you believe in in your own unique way, compassion for self and the ups and downs you experience, openness to expression, people, life

6. WIDTH OF PERSPECTIVE: All living things and energies influence each other — another aspect of interdependency which is inclusive of spirit and earth energies, inclusive of other dimensions, a different approach to cause and effect which is not linear but spiral, circular

7. LOVE: despite weaknesses, despite superficial flaws, knowledge of the loved one’s potential, unwavering faith and commitment, touch, physical expression of love, boundaries, respect, clarity, mystery, sex.

8. DEATH: rhythm, appreciation of cycles of life, of waves of energy, of laws of nature, of grief, sadness, letting go, of union with God/Source/Universe, of rebirth

9. INTUITION: spirituality, the new school of discovery through self-discovery, reliance on deep self-knowledge through connection with God/Source/Universe/Mother Earth, attunement to universal laws and personal laws, definition of self through change.

Did any of these strengths resonate with you? Did any make you cringe because you feel you are weak in that particular area? Were you confused as to how do I use this now to make my business more successful and profitable, and make yourself more fulfilled and happy? I am here to help you with this. If you feel called to get more clarity on how to use these important feminine strengths in your business or life, I would be so honored to guide you along the way. Please book a discovery call to meet me in person and find out more at http://bit.ly/2ahAdTp.

Originally published at medium.com

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