Tamara “TLotus” Hill: “Every moment is an opportunity to start over”

I learned that there are many people who are suffering in silence while living through the pandemic. The silence may stem from embarrassment or fear of judgment. The silence could come from not wanting to “bother” people with what’s bothering them. Like I said above, L.O.V.E is how we can end the silence. Listen to […]

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I learned that there are many people who are suffering in silence while living through the pandemic. The silence may stem from embarrassment or fear of judgment. The silence could come from not wanting to “bother” people with what’s bothering them. Like I said above, L.O.V.E is how we can end the silence. Listen to each other. Observe humanity within each other. Validate each other with understanding. Embrace each other with our words and actions. We need to give more L.O.V.E.

With the success of the vaccines, we are beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel of this difficult period in our history. But before we jump back into the routine of the normal life that we lived in 2019, it would be a shame not to pause to reflect on what we have learned during this time. The social isolation caused by the pandemic really was an opportunity for a collective pause, and a global self-assessment about who we really are, and what we really want in life.

As a part of this series called “5 Things I Learned From The Social Isolation of the COVID19 Pandemic”, I had the pleasure to interview Tamara “TLotus” Hill.

Tamara “TLotus” Hill is a Spiritual Wellness Expert, spiritual life coach, Master Lenormand Reader, and mother of 5 amazing sons. As a Minister of Spiritual Metaphysics, TLotus has given thousands of spiritual readings and healing services to clients from all over the world including CEOs and the entertainment industry. Her services and teachings have helped her clients create a life of happiness and abundance even when the task might have seemed insurmountable. Since 2005, her company, The Sacred Path, has been helping clients become the happiest version of themselves by teaching them how to connect with their inner strength, shatter limiting beliefs, and overcome fears. She is the co-moderator of the Trauma Team 6 weekly “Trauma, You Are A Gift!!” room on Clubhouse.

Thank you so much for joining us in this interview series! Our readers like to get an idea of who you are and where you came from. Can you tell us a bit about your background? Where do you come from? What are the life experiences that most shaped your current self?

Thank you for having me! I’m TLotus, a Spiritual Life Coach and healer with The Sacred Path. I help people heal mind, body, and soul so they can create their most incredible life. I’m a California native (born and raised in Los Angeles), Minister Of Spiritual Metaphysics, energy healer, Master Lenormand reader, and mother of 5 sons. I’ve been spiritually gifted since the age of 9 as an intuitive empath and clairaudient. I share my spiritual gifts in my work with The Sacred Path and serve my clients through spiritual wellness coaching, readings, and energy healings. I’ve always been an advocate and helper. Before my spiritual work, I co-founded an award-winning non-profit organization for children with communication disorders and served a 4-year term as a school board member of the Lennox School District as the first African American to ever serve on that board. My advocacy work led to an amazing 15-year career as a sign language interpreter.

I’ve accomplished a lot throughout my life but I used to carry a lot of insecurity and self-doubt, unknowing of my own power to consciously manifest the life that I wanted and deserved. In 2006, I suffered a major asthma attack that left me in a 5-day coma. That experience led to my spiritual awakening. During the time of my recovery, I learned about Universal Consciousness, manifesting, and how to work with the Law Of Attraction (LOA). What I learned worked for me and was instrumental in my healing. That experience was the beginning of my spiritual journey and transformation into the woman I am today.

My spiritual journey and use of the LOA have helped me to navigate and overcome many traumatic experiences and difficult situations that I’ve encountered in my life. My spiritual journey has helped me to survive and recover from two near-death experiences in 2006 and 2011, shed 100 pounds back in 2015, and overcome emotional abuse, PTSD, and anxiety. I naturally started sharing my experience with people in my life. It didn’t take long for me to realize that my Divine mission is to help people heal. Sharing what I have learned with others to help them tap into their inner power is my passion.

Are you currently working from home? If so, what has been the biggest adjustment from your previous workplace? Can you please share a story or example?

Before the pandemic hit, I was interpreting at a high school and running The Sacred Path part-time with the intention to transition to my spiritual business full-time by 2021. I always tell my clients that when we set an intention, the Universe WILL deliver it; we just never know HOW it will materialize in our lives. That’s exactly what happened on March 18, 2020, when schools closed due to the COVID-19 shutdown. Suddenly, my intention to slowly transition to full-time spiritual work turned into the necessity to quickly pivot towards it. The schools closing down meant my (then) 2nd grader, and high school senior would be at home and learn virtually full-time time as well. This wasn’t the transition I planned for or expected but because of the shutdown, it was the transition that I manifested.

Prior to the shutdown, 50% of my clients were served virtually or over the phone, and the other 50% in person. The shutdown compelled me to offer my services online entirely. Suddenly, the grind of a 3-hour round trip commute, classrooms and students were replaced with school and business Zoom calls and clients.

Working from home while parenting a third-grader and a high school senior who’s virtually learning was a huge challenge and one of the things I had to adjust to quickly (I want to stop here and give recognition, love, and appreciation for the amazing work that our teachers across the country are doing!). Adjusting to a “new pandemic normal” was challenging. At the beginning of the shutdown, there was a battle between the energy that I wanted to give to my business and the energy I needed to give to my boys. I created a new daily routine to balance work and family. Even with a new daily routine, things sometimes became chaotic with unexpected hiccups like occasional technology issues. It’s been an eye-opening experience that’s caused me to adjust how I run my business so that I can stay present with my boys as they need me.

What do you miss most about your pre-COVID lifestyle?

In-person physical connections are what I miss most about my pre-COVID lifestyle. I miss the social interaction with friends, colleagues, my students, and clients. I love communicating with people with a smile on my face and having that smile reflected back to me in their faces. I miss greeting people with handshakes and hugs, and social gatherings with friends. I miss the freedom of going on fun outings with my boys to the movies, amusement parks, or restaurants.

The pandemic was really a time for collective self-reflection. What social changes would you like to see as a result of the COVID pandemic?

The COVID shutdown was a true wake-up call that forced us to acknowledge our collective shadow, the parts of humanity we choose to ignore but cannot detach from. It exposed the truth of racial and social injustice and the disparity between those who thrive and those who are suffering. It stripped away the protective layer of indifference. The things about our world we didn’t want to acknowledge are the things we were forced to face and once seen, we could not unsee it.

Humanity’s collective shadow includes mental illness and suicide, two things that make people uncomfortable to talk about. The hardship of living through the pandemic has brought this issue to the forefront. I want to see the stigma of mental illness and suicide completely removed because when we are afraid to talk about this part of our collective shadow, it results in more mental illness that goes ignored. There are people who are suffering in silence, either out of fear of “bothering someone” or fear of being judged because the subject of mental illness is still considered taboo. We’ve lost so many lives and not just because of the virus. Losing my oldest son to suicide this year brought illumination to this fact in a deeply personal way.

I’d like to see everyone truly see each other’s humanity, celebrate the beautiful things we have in common while honoring our differences. We must stay in tune with one another and not be afraid to reach out for help. A way to combat the stigma of mental illness with our children, friends, and loved ones is to GET IN THEIR BUSINESS with L.O.V.E.; Listen, Observe, Validate and Embrace. L.O.V.E. is the social change I would like to see more of.

What if anything, do you think are the unexpected positives of the COVID response? We’d love to hear some stories or examples.

The pandemic has led more and more people to awaken to the essence of who they are as spiritual beings living a human existence. It’s a beautiful thing to witness the opening of minds and hearts to the wonder and power that is within them to persevere through these unprecedented hardships and challenges.

A response to COVID that I am really touched to see is an increased amount of random acts of kindness. I’ve been on the receiving end of some of the most thoughtful gestures from anonymous people. The closing of in-dining restaurants made drive-thru lines exhausting at times. I remember one day, going thru the drive-thru at Starbucks When I reached out to pay with my card, the barista told me that the car ahead of me paid for my order. This thoughtful, kind gesture happened on a day when I was feeling tired and a bit overwhelmed and it totally lifted my spirit. Now, when I’m in the drive-thru, I will “put a few dollars on the car behind me” so someone else can be uplifted like I was. Kindness is the glimmer of light within the darkness of this pandemic.

How did you deal with the tedium of being locked up indefinitely during the pandemic? Can you share with us a few things you have done to keep your mood up?

I focused a lot on self-care even more during the shutdown than ever before. I’ve learned from experience, with all that is happening in the world around us, self-care is essential for inner peace. No one will value you more than you. I took the time to replenish and recharge with meditation, energy healing self sessions, and listening to music that moves my soul. Self-care = self-love.

My spirituality and having a positive mindset are what helped me to maintain my happiness and navigate the stress of the pandemic. With so many unknowns, it would be easy to focus attention on the chaos that is happening in the outside world. My experience is, whatever I choose to focus on will be reflected back to me and amplified by the Universe so, I became laser-focused on happiness with my boys, business, and connections with close friends.

Celebrations helped to lift my spirits as well. During the pandemic, our family became creative with celebrating holidays, a high school graduation, and birthdays with fun and laughter. Taking time out to celebrate was a definite mood booster for all of us.

Aside from what we said above, what has been the source of your greatest pain, discomfort or suffering during this time? How did you cope with it?

The greatest source of my pain comes from the tremendous loss of my son, Kerry, on his 29th birthday, January 1st, 2021. At the end of 2020, I was so grateful that my family had endured a stressful year of living through the pandemic. Most of all, we endured the pandemic with love. Losing a child to suicide caused the deepest pain I have ever felt. Not having the answers to explain the “why” of it all compounded my pain. I resisted everything about what was happening and everything in my life came to a screeching halt. I found myself the healer in need of emotional and spiritual healing.

What helped me to cope was surrendering to “what is” and knowing that when we resist instead of acknowledging and accepting, we set our energetic frequency to attract more things to resist. I know that there is a Divine purpose for everything I experience, including losing my son.

There can be no light without the darkness and there can be no darkness without the light. In the depths of my grief, I looked for the light. I stopped directing my energy towards the things that I could not control. The only thing that I could control was the choice to reach out and trust that the Universe had my back. The light in the heaviness of my grief was the relief, comfort, support, and love from my closest friends, family, and even strangers. These amazing people comforted me, fundraised for my son’s funeral expenses, cooked for my family, and have been my biggest cheerleaders as I transmute my pain into purpose. I am a living example that there is light within the darkness and I am truly grateful for this journey.

Ok wonderful. Here is the main question of our interview. What are your “5 Things I Learned From The Social Isolation of the COVID19 Pandemic? (Please share a story or example for each.)

  1. This pandemic has given us so many things to stress over. I’ve learned that staying in the energy of gratitude is an instant energy uplifter. Every morning, I write a gratitude list on a sticky note and place it where I can glance at it throughout the day. Whenever my day would become hectic, I take time out to read that list and think about what I am grateful for. Doing this helped keep me focused when I was mentally exhausted during the day.
  2. Every moment is an opportunity to start over. A friend once told me that I can start my day over at any time. During the most challenging days when everything seemed to fall apart, I would stop, breathe, and do a mental and energetic reset and focus on an activity that brings me joy.
  3. I learned that there are many people who are suffering in silence while living through the pandemic. The silence may stem from embarrassment or fear of judgment. The silence could come from not wanting to “bother” people with what’s bothering them. Like I said above, L.O.V.E is how we can end the silence. Listen to each other. Observe humanity within each other. Validate each other with understanding. Embrace each other with our words and actions. We need to give more L.O.V.E.
  4. From transitioning careers because of the shutdown to losing my beloved son, I’ve learned that I am stronger than I ever knew. I am grateful that amazing people in my life held me up physically, emotionally and spiritually and reminded me that I can overcome any obstacle.
  5. Even through the chaos of the past year, I am still in love with life. I often ask myself, “Am I living life or is life living me?”. Before the pandemic, life was living me. Living through the pandemic has taught me is that life is indeed beautiful and time is precious. I choose to live life!

Can you please give us your favorite “Life Lesson Quote”? Can you share how that was relevant to you during the pandemic?

“No mud, no lotus.” ~Thich Nhat Hanh

My spiritual mentor named me TLotus after my near-death experience. When I asked him why “lotus”, with a smile, he said to me, “You are like the lotus flower. No mud, no lotus. Go and learn about yourself.”

The Lotus is a beautiful flower that grows from muddy waters. The Lotus is strong, resilient, and determined as it grows towards the light of the sun. It unfolds its petals once it has grown enough to emerge from those waters. The obstacles and challenges that we encounter are what I call, “the muddy waters of our lives”. We must grow through the muddy waters before we can emerge and blossom into the beautiful Lotuses that we all are.

Whenever I face a difficult situation in my life (low vibration), I go within and immediately focus on finding the “light” or the solution (high vibration). The solution could come from anywhere; through meditation or me reaching out to friends, through my Spirit Guides, or through a casual conversation. When I am focused on the light, the answers always come. Knowing that there is light within the darkness is what has carried through the difficulties of living through the pandemic.

Focusing on the light is what is getting me through my grief journey after losing my oldest son this year. The light is in my love for my departed son and his love for me. The light was in the overwhelming outpouring of love from friends, family, and strangers. It’s in me, turning my pain into purpose and helping people on their healing journey. The light is in my 4 boys who are my heartbeats. If you could look into the hole of grief in my heart, you would see the most beautiful bright light full of love. I intend to radiate that light in everything that I do for the rest of my life. My personal quote: “I am like the lotus flower whose beauty emerges from the mud.”

We are very blessed that some of the biggest names in Business, VC funding, Sports, and Entertainment read this column. Is there a person in the world, or in the US with whom you would love to have a private breakfast or lunch, and why? He or she might just see this if we tag them.

If I had the opportunity, I would love to sit down for breakfast or lunch with either one of the co-directors of the movie Soul, Pete Docter or Mike Jones. The number 22 has a beautiful and special significance that is tied to my beloved son, Kerry. He was also an amazing musician including piano. It took me a while before I finally watched it but when I did and saw the character, Number Twenty-Two, and a jazz musician as the main character, I felt like the movie was a big loving hug from my baby. What a gift! There are no coincidences in the Universe. The movie means the world to me. I would share my deepest gratitude for making the movie because it has been a huge part of my healing journey.

How can our readers further follow your work online?

Please connect with me on Instagram: @thesacredpath11 and @livelovelotus11. To book a spiritual reading, energy healing or to learn more about my services, visit thesacredpath11.com. You can also follow me on Clubhouse: @TLotus.

Thank you for these fantastic insights. We greatly appreciate the time you spent on this. We wish you continued success and good health.

Thank you so much for having me! Peace, Love and Light.

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