Sulli’s Performing Of Love’s Memory and Its Painted Reflections!

How The Late South Korean Singer and Actress-SULLI-Conveyed The Artistry Of Love's Meditation, and Earthly Vibe, In Her Song, "Peach!"

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Nature has a way of conveying that magical elixir, when it comes to the very embodiment of love. In fact, fruits are known for that. Just reflect upon that, for a second. How would fruits become synonymous with the reality of love, and its magical hue? Perhaps, they are akin to the very nature of nourishment. Fruits and vegetables have the very power and magic of reconnecting us to the Earth’s foundation. On another level, humanity is granted with a chance to taste the sensory in our connection to the Earth. It is aesthetically pleasing, and healing, at that. And then, there is the realm of nourishing one’s lover through the delicacy of fruits. Wanting to ensure that a person is able to be nourished, and healed within Earth’s spacing. You want your lover to feel good. You want them to share in that comfort; feeling nourished and comforted with one’s true love. What a better way to share in that ecstasy, than to create a sacred trust of bonding with one’s partner, through the artistry of, food! And natural food, at that! Eating and tasting from the rawness of Earth’s vegetation, while understanding (and exploring through) the very meaning of, what it means to give life, and restoration to another human being; sharing in that togetherness, and rebirth.

When it comes to the eating of fruit, there are certain passions, which are associated with its very artistry. It is more than engulfing its sweetness, bitterness, or whatever flavor it happens to arouse for that particular day. In fact, there is a particular trajectory. Certain fruits have their own, particular themes. We can’t always pinpoint how they are able to guide us into a journey with Mother Nature. There are particular fruits, which are also associated with the very vibe of love. Some of the first ones, which comes to mind pertain to cherries, strawberries, and so forth. Of course, it is the color, red, which most titillates our interest. Red has often been associated with the passion for such an intense emotion. Yet, what if there are other colors? What if there are colors, which house secrets of their own in the housing of love’s desire? We have to ask ourselves about the very nature of peaches. What is it about peaches, which creates a new look, and understanding, for the very nature of love? What is it about this particular fruit, which appears so audacious, and salacious? What is it about its coloring, which continues to navigate and move towards different facets and levels of artistry? How does it enchant a woman into immersing herself into this arena of love?

For one particular, South Korean beauty, there is a clear fascination, when it comes to the shape, sweetness, and very growth of a peace. What is it that moves and titillates the Soul and Spirit? How does it continue to move through different realms, as it pertains to one’s ability to satisfy and enrich one’s zest for love? There was one maiden, of South Korean shores, who clearly had the power of sustaining such. Her name is none other than. . .

Sulli; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark

Of course, not every singer, or performer, is brave enough to address the context of fruit. Even naming a song after a particular fruit, has to be met with a certain level of caution. After all, a singer’s reputation is on the line . A person doesn’t want to come across as being “cheesy,” or having one’s message be depicted as a platform of “bubble gum” music. If a singer, and especially a singer, utilizes fruit, there has to be a great level of depth. There has to humor, and there has to be a great degree of humanity. What is it about a piece of fruit, which connects with human living, and our yearning for more?

My eyes keep going to that white face Why don’t I ever get sick of you? When you slightly smile at me, I really go crazy How can you be so pretty baby? How can I explain this feeling? When I see you my heart becomes numb and sore? Oh, with what word can I explain you? All of the words of the world is probably not enough

I’m not saying this out of a young heart But I really want to marry you Oh, what word can I explain to you? All of the words of the world is probably not enough With those legs that are so pretty just by standing still You walk toward me and you hug me Telling you multiple times is not enough With this tickling voice, that only knows you I will sing for you; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark

Perhaps, we can’t quite put our finger on it. How is such a song related to a peach? How does one connect through nature in telling a man your feelings and desires for him? Out and to the point. Honest. Raw. Natural. Perhaps, that’s just it. Perhaps, a person has to move towards one’s ability to see the very depth of a peach. Of course, it is grown and birthed from the Earth. Juice. Shapely. Abundant. Nutritious. Healing. Aesthetically pleasing and attractive. That peach color has its own interpretation of love’s richness. Perhaps, that the secret to the symbol, behind this one woman’s proclamation of love to a man, we can only envision. Maybe, there is a method of tenderness, as it concerns how we are supposed to relate to the very nature of love. As the way of a peach, and the decor of a song, love should be flowing. In fact, hearing this recording by the South Korean maiden, gives one the power of navigating through the frivolous reasons for why people see love as a challenge. Just imagine the harvest of peaches, being blown through the wind! Maybe, this is the secret rationale behind the song. Not only is love Earthly, but it is soft. It should be nourishing, gentle, and with the nutrition of Earth’s vegetation. That’s it!

So, as we reflect upon the lyrics of this song, let us remember the artistry of womanhood, and her connection with Earth’s produce. Let us remember just how tasty love should be. It must be from an authentic quality, not the imitation kind. No! Love is grown from Earth’s domain. And, once that is done, an abundant harvest of true coupledom comes to life. A woman allows a man to find nourishment in her existence; in her love! So, just as the way of fruits, allow it to grow in abundance; providing the taste of delectable, natural, and abundant peaches, along the way!; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark

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