Stress Relief Stretch Routine. Calm Your Body And Mind With These Exercises

Feeling tight, tense, overworked, or on edge? Try this simple Stress Relief Stretch Routine to calm your body and mind within minutes.

Stress Relief Stretch Routine

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Work has been kicking your butt lately. You feel it in your entire body. Your neck is stiff, upper back tied in knots, hips tight, and lower back a mess. You’ve got a nagging eye twitch that won’t seem to give up and your digestion is out of whack. You keep pushing through the discomfort — just too many projects to complete, emails to finish, and deadlines to meet.

“These are normal aches and pains. My body can wait till after this is done.” you tell yourself as you cross tasks off your to-do list. Until your body decides enough is enough and gets sick, broken, or worse.

Let’s take a time out before your body takes one for you. All you need is a few minutes of consistent self care to prevent stress from getting the best of you. Take time now or take time later — it’s your call. Wouldn’t you rather feel your best when answering all of those work emergency tasks and emails?

Honest truth here: your to-do list will live longer than you and without your health you won’t be able to do any of it at all. Next time you are feeling stress build up in your muscles and mind, try pausing for a few minutes to unwind. There are all natural ways to manage stress that don’t take a lot of time and will improve your health, focus, and work performance. Stretching is a simple method to move stress out of your body. A few deep breaths and easy exercises can calm your nervous system and steady your mind. Using healthy habits like exercise, breathing, and meditation can keep stress from having chronic, long-term health effects. It’s worth using a few minutes on your to-do list for yourself. Ready to melt the stress away? Press play and join me for this 10 minute Stress Relief Stretch routine.

Stress Relief Stretch Routine

This 10 minute Stress Relief Stretch routine is designed to help you ease tight, tense muscles and calm your mind. You will move through basic yoga exercises like: cat cow, twisted child’s pose, hip circles, puppy pose, hip stretch, low lunge, seated twist, seated forward fold, knee to chest, spine twist, and happy baby. The exercises in this video will help you stretch your neck, upper back, lower back, shoulders, chest, hips, and spine. This routine is appropriate for all levels and can be done at home, at the gym, or while traveling. This Stress Relief Stretch video would be perfect for:

  • The end of a long work day
  • After a long plane flight or car trip
  • When you are feeling tired or upset
  • After a stressful situation: presenting a big project at work, a fight with a loved one, traffic, or any life event that makes you feel nervous, frazzled, or on edge
  • When you have a headache
  • When you are just getting back into exercise
  • When your body feels sore

With a few deep breaths and exercises, you can prevent a body breakdown from getting in the way of your important deadlines. Next time you feel stressed, press play on this Stress Relief Stretch routine and see if it helps. Let me know when you try this video by leaving a comment below, I’d love to hear if this routine allows you to unwind your body and mind. What is your go-to healthy habit that helps you prevent stress from hurting your health?

When you feel your best you perform your best. I’m always here to support you in taking care of yourself so you can be a success. Keep moving and be good to yourself my friend.


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