Stress Is The New Black

Managing Stress is Part of Life – Mindset Matters

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We all know what it is to feel stress; to grapple with stress – both anticipated and unforeseen. The Universe knows full well how all-too familiar I am with my allotted portion of it throughout my own forty-five year journey. Rather than resisting it or opting to feel overwhelmed with all of which it brings, entails, and can represent – rather than allowing stress to become magnified in my own mind therefore magnified in my own life…I have learned to welcome it as my friend for it will never go away, so why not then learn how to make friends with it? The more receptive I have chosen to become – the more realistic and pragmatic I have opened myself to being within my understanding of its inevitability, hence, the less contracted I have given myself permission to be. I have learned to reconfigure my thinking; have honed my mindset, and now choose to look upon stress as incentive – as motivational and inspirational.

The harder my life becomes; the more challenged I feel, which for me, is nothing more than a mere reminder; a reinforcement, a re-affirmation that I am meant to grow. I am meant to learn. I am meant to expand. I am meant to overcome. I am meant to rise. I am meant to evolve. And in my so choosing to adopt the hardships and the adversities life has, and will only continue to interject itself into my daily life – this has instead become the rocket fuel in which to transform my thinking, my perceptions, and my outcomes in moving forward. I have remained committed to only learning the lesson as opposed to choosing to become defeated, resentful or pessimistic. The more I perceive myself to be bombarded with one stressor after another – the more automatic my thinking-process converges and aligns with my inherent belief that the universe believes in me – is testing my tenacity, my fortitude, my resiliency, my gumption, and my character. This is the Universe’s way of forcing me to dig deeper, to go inward – to encourage me to once again have the necessary conversation with myself of how to make the circumstances work for me rather than against me. Example – how can stress motivate me to be more pro-active? How can stress propel me to become more strategic and stream-lined in how I approach all aspects of my life? How can the lesson I was meant to learn then be incorporated into the solving of other peoples problems? How can I use my own hardships to be of further service to others, and in what ways will I then choose to creatively pay it forward?

When you decide within yourself that it is non-negotiable to quit, to derail, or to sit in a space of idleness, and knowing you have not only survived but instead, have championed every other previous hurdle in your life, and knowing the benefits and gifts derived out of each of those individual circumstances only stood to make you intrinsically stronger a person, and knowing that the proof is in the results – how can I/we then choose to dis-believe, dis-count, or disregard this as truth for anything else I/we have yet to face or to overcome? Be proud to be a WARRIOR! Be proud of the wounds you sustained while doing battle! Be grateful that the Universe believes in you and your capabilities and so much so that you have earned the honour and the privilege to now be deemed a LEADER! To be a beacon of light and hope for others! To be an effective solver of problems! To be a soul-stirrer! You are awesome – keep going – the world needs you! The world will benefit from your life lessons, and individually unique insights, which you would not otherwise be in a position to share had you not experienced stress in your life! BRING IT!

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