Stop the Glorification of Busy

We live in a world that wears that word as a badge of honor.

We live in a world that wears “busy” as a badge of honor.

Often when we ask friends how they are doing, their response is “Oh, work, work, work.” And that work is usually doing something they hate.

I am not trying to say that doing things is wrong and that we should just be sitting around all day doing nothing. But we have allowed our busy-ness to become a distraction from life. We are missing everything. In times where we are not going from one distraction to another, we are thinking about another distraction, thinking about what we think we should be doing, or being worried that we are forgetting something that we should be doing.

There is no being “here”. There is no presence. There is rarely a time when in this busy-ness we are actually experiencing that which we are doing. We’re thinking about the past or the future.

All of this doing creates so much turbulence in our outer, physical world as well as our mental world. There is no space. No stillness. No time to experience our expansiveness, no time for awe. We’re throwing our lives away into the future for experiences we never experience because we are never here.

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I don’t think that any other creature in nature does this. You don’t see cats, dogs, or deer rushing around blinding, creating distraction after distraction to get to somewhere they don’t want to go. You’ll see them do something when they need to, they get up when they are hungry, scratch when they have an itch, but they’re “here”. They’re present. They’re living life now.

I’ve made a list of six ways in which we can cut down on this societal psychosis:

  1. Meditate: experience silence and stillness and introduce a sense of expansiveness into your inner world. There are hundreds of techniques. Try one that resonates with you.
  2. Journal: journaling can be a very powerful spiritual tool that allows us to become more self aware. Find out what is really important to you in life and live for that.
  3. Say “no”: it’s okay to say “NO” to people, appointments, and things. Honor you. Don’t say yes to everything that comes your way.
  4. Limit time on Facebook: this can be a big distractor. Facebook itself is neither positive or negative. But too often we become engrossed in it.
  5. Opt-out: opt out of all that inbox clutter! If you’re getting emails from organizations and companies that you are not interested in and don’t read, unsubscribe from their email list and keep the ones you find truly beneficial.
  6. Spend time in nature: experience the awe of nature. Allow yourself to just “be” in it. It is grounding and soothing and can put you in touch with what really matters while disconnecting your from pointless distraction and noise.

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