Stop Ignoring Your Intuition! Your ‘Inner Voice’ Can Guide You to Career Fulfillment

Follow your instincts!

Have you ever been introduced to
someone new, and then suddenly, a wave of dread crawls chillingly
down your spine?

How ’bout the moment when you’re poised to attend a party, but an internal alarm goes off telling you to stay home?

What about the petrifying experience of
walking home at night, and a faint voice in your head tells you to
quicken your pace?

Those foreboding cues, dear reader, are
all part of your intuition. It is our all-knowing “inner voice”
that warns us about the perils that loom ahead, but it also guides
toward safety and security.

Many of us have a bad habit of ignoring
our intuitive powers because it’s not rooted in logic or reason. We
shake off the “jitters” that electrifies our bodies when a shady
character or situation surfaces into our lives because, first and
foremost, pointing to our “gut” as concrete evidence behind
precariousness isn’t exactly convincing to anyone, including

But what if I told you that I can prove
that the absence of facts and figures (in favor of using intuition) during decision-making
is actually effective … by using facts and figures? A study conducted by psychologists at
Tel Aviv University’s School of Psychological Sciences
found that when participants made
decisions solely based on their instincts, their rate of accuracy climbed to 90 percent, according to ZME

If you
were to ask me to zoom in on my own personal experiences with my
intuition, it’s never failed
me, especially when it comes to my career. If there’s an entity
that’s failed me at all, it’s myself
when I’ve ignored my

give you an example, as a writer, it’s my job to come up with stories
that attract scads of readers. After years
of observing the readership’s responses to my clips, I’ve strengthened
my inner intuition in discerning which topics will inspire a shockwave
of virality throughout social media and beyond.

someone were to ask me how I
know the topic I selected will do exceptionally well, my answer would
me, “I just do!” As Arianna Huffington once said in a Facebook
, “Intuition is like a muscle: the more you connect with it and
trust it, the stronger it gets.”

important to note that this inexplicable “sense of knowing” took
time for me to sharpen.

intuitive decision-making process has served me well
thus far – one of my articles became a topic of discussion on the
popular, all-female daytime FOX talk show, The Real. And
as a writer for a popular woman-oriented blog, I consistently attract
millions of readers a month.

It was my inner voice, not left-brained methodology, that led to my successes as a writer.

The problem with solely using logic (such as data analytics) to anticipate what will “connect” with readers is that it keeps you stuck
in a hamster wheel – “XYZ has worked for us in the past, so let’s
do it over and over

There is no innovation
and one simply relies on former trends to keep them anchored to the
same ol’ repetitive topics.

when it comes to originating brand-spankin’ new topics, seasoned
writers and editors have perceptive, intuitive powers that tells them, “Oh
yeah, people are going to love this!” They can’t quite explain why,
but intuition definitely plays a part in helping the editorial staff discern which stories will make the greatest impact.

If my
intuition helped me reach several millions in one day
thanks to a popular talk show shedding a spotlight on my article,
just think about where your intuition can take you, career-wise, if
you just listened

if you stopped pursuing the “logical” path? What if you veered
away from your family’s expectations and standards? What if you
followed your intuition, instead of rationale, to lead yourself to
career fulfillment?

you’re not happy in what you do, there’s a chance that you’re turning
a blind eye to your internal compass. “How,” you must be thinking,
“can I possibly tune into my intuition to truly hear
my ‘inner knowing’ is trying to tell me?”

are the answers to your question:

your body’s messages

you feel a jolt of uneasiness when you attended your job interview?
Your intuition could be telling you that the environment may not
align with your needs as an employee.

your co-workers and higher-ups leaving you feeling spiritless and
lifeless? Your inner voice is telling you that it’s time to seek new
horizons in regard to your career path.

you’re at a fork in the road, does option A churn your stomach, but option B emboldens you? Your internal alarm is suggesting that the
latter should be your final decision.

attention to the “hunches” that crawl throughout your body –
they’re messages that you must heed that will guide you away from
trouble and toward a better career path.


can you hear the messages emanating from your inner voice if you’re
surrounded my external chaos that drowns out your ability to be
introspective? That’s why so many career-oriented and successful
“movers and shakers” recommend
– they’re advising the masses to tap into their
inner awareness while simultaneously keeping stress at bay.

you, like me, don’t like the traditional concept of meditating
because you’re a fidgety, ants-in-your-pants energizer, there are
other ways to “become present” without the stereotypical “oms” and Indian-style sitting. Check out Katherine Schafler’s
for Those Who Don’t Like Meditating”
here at Thrive

Be Aware of the
Signs Around You

If you’re trying to climb up the ranks of your corporate job, but
everyone around you keeps saying, “Wow, I think you’d be an
excellent motivational speaker,” it’s time for you to consider that maybe –
just maybe – this is a message from the universe, God – or
whatever higher power you believe in – that your life purpose lies in a different path than you originally thought.

A highly intuitive person absorbs messages like these, takes them to
heart, and sees them as a guiding light to career contentedness. But
the oblivious would laugh it off and continue to trudge down the
wrong path.

Now, dear reader – I know that as you’ve read this article, there was an undercurrent of “intuitive murmurs” whispering in your ear, giving you hints on the next best
move you should take for your journey to career fulfillment. 

Take a moment of silence and listen carefully – what is “inner voice” saying?

Once you’ve deciphered the message of your “inner knowing,” don’t
overanalyze it. Just follow your gut and take the plunge!

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