Stop Giving Away Your Valuable Time to Meaningless Activities!

Setting Priorities, Time, and a Sleep Schedule--Implementing these techniques will help increase your productivity

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Time is a valuable thing. We have heard that message from friends and family, songs on the radio, and now through a blog. When are you going to realize that we are talking to you?

Day in and day out we do things that are invaluable, unnecessary, and unimportant.

This might seem like a shock to most of you, but you do not have to watch 7 hours of Netflix. You do not have to spend time washing dishes or doing laundry every day.

As a single mom I thought to myself, this will be great. I can clean the house, take care of the baby, work on school, and work, and everything will run smoothly. I had every day basically scheduled out to make sure that the house was in tip-top shape, that the baby was taken care of, and that my education and work needs were being met.

Seems pretty reasonable doesn’t it?

Well, no. After about 3 months of doing the same things every day I realized that I was doing worse than I was in the beginning. Not only had I wound up dedicating most of my time to cleaning, but my schoolwork was lacking, and my workload seemed uncontrollable.

It was not till I made the following 3 changes that I started living life again.


This is something I thought I was doing all along, by following my schedule. Even though I had my day planned out of things I “had” to do, nothing was in order.

A clean house is great and wonderful, but when you have deadlines at work or deadlines for school those become higher priorities.

We all have different priorities. What is important to me is not necessarily to you. Focus on your priorities will put the rest into perspective.


How many times have you been late to a doctor’s appointment, church, or dinner with family because you have gotten caught up doing something else?

Things take time, we know that, but what we don’t realize is that by spending too much time on the same thing we are losing momentum and our work is becoming cloudy.

Setting time limits for tasks will not only help you work at the right pace, but it will increase focus.


No, I am not talking about work. I am talking about sleep. Sleep is essential to performance.

Staying up until 1, 2, 3 in the morning is not the way to go. Even if deadlines are quickly approaching it has been proven that staying up late leads to poorer results.

When you start feeling drained, it is already too late. You may not be a child, but it is time for you to go to bed.


It took less than a week to see improvement. Making these three changes majorly impacted my daily life. I started getting things done and done well. I started having time to relax. Best of all I started focusing on the big picture: my family.

Being more efficient with my time and prioritizing helped me stay focused.

Three simple changes put my life back on track.

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