Steven Kanumba’s Musical Praise, During The Quietness In Storms! #Tanzania

The Late Tanzanian Singer, Actor, Director, Producer, Musician, and Comedian-STEVEN KANUMBA-His Performance Of The Song, "Nitayainua Macho Yangu," and the Power Of Faith! #Tanzania

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When we speak about the power of prayer, and our belief in a greater power, we are experiencing a release of the human ego. Vulnerability sets in, and we know we cannot do it alone. This notion of man supposedly being “in control,” is revealed for its falsehoods. Sometimes, the lesson is easy. Other times, the lesson is hard. Too often, many people choose to experience, the latter! Yet, even in having to learn those lessons the difficult way, there is still redemption. At the end of the day, a lesson was learned.

Music is the highest form of praise. For one, it’s power is pleasing to Heaven’s gaze, sound, and passion. There is something about the voices of music, 🎶🎶 🎶 where the power of prayer is extended. Would you imagine prayer reigning over Heaven’s domain, through the very gift of magic? Would you imagine having the power to manifest holistic desires, through prayer and worship? Well, that’s exactly what it is doing! Musical praise has that ability. Furthermore, it has that healing power-that cleansing power. Have you ever been in a position, where you have felt awful? Have you ever felt like you were in a place of pain? Let’s go further. Have you ever felt where you were in a place of fear?BINGO! Fear and anxiety are the worse positions to be in. For when a person experiences fear, they cross a fine line between faith and hopelessness. It’s during that moment, where we come to experience the very definition of faith.

What does it mean to stand firm in your faith, during those times of fear?

There are two results from fear. For one, a person is given the opportunity to see just how strong their belief truly is. That’s one. Second, should a person believe in a higher power, one comes out even stronger, in the end. When overcoming those times of fear, hopelessness, and despair, there is a celebration in the Heavens. For holding onto faith, during times of trouble serves as a testament in the very existence of, the Divine!

Yes, Darlings! We are still in the nation of Tanzania! Fear and uncertainty is within the land. A hero has passed on, and the people don’t know what to do. Who shall they turn to? What shall they do? What will become of the Beloved country? And, will existing progress be delayed? Or even worse, reverted? Tears are being shed. Relevant concerns are being conveyed. And, during any times of doubt and uncertainty, the very first thing we do is, pray!

Music is the healer of the people. For one musical legend of Tanzanian lands, faith in that Biblical higher power, was conveyed. His name is none other than the late actor, guitarist, and singer. . .

Steven Kanumba; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark

He was known as a man, wearing different hats. Actor. Singer. Director. Writer. Producer. Comedian. We can go ahead and add, instrumentalist to the list, as well. Not only did he make his name in Tanzania, but also in Nigeria’s Nollywood, as well. Winning different awards, such as the Lifetime Achievement Award (Vinara Movie Awards-2008) and the “Best Actor”/”Best Movie In Sound” at the Zanzibar International Film Festival (2011), were a few of his accolades. During the pivotal moment in his career, he was considered, “Tanzania’s most popular film star.” (Wikipedia) 🎥🎥 He was born in a place, known as Shinyanga, Tanzania. What makes this place so sacred is that it is home to the Mhumbu River; and where there are rivers, there is the calming of mental and physical chaos. The presence of rivers demands that there be, peace. ☮️; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark

Steven Kanumba was known for many greats. However, there are those legendary performances, which sometimes, do not get the accolades they deserve, when a person is in, the living world! Yes, it is important that they receive their flowers and dedication now. And, to hear their performance is a richness, in its own regard. Nevertheless, there are those moments, when you have to make sure that a certain performance is reminded, for those wishing to hear. This piece is one of those moments. The loss of a man, considered to be a legend, not only for Tanzania, but the African Continent, has created a state of hopelessness for many outside of the country, and within. So, what is there to do?

Music 🎶 has that quiet elixir, which, like rivers, can calm any storm. And, so we have the song, “Nitayainu Macho Yangu Nitazame Milima. Swahili Translation: I Will Lift Up My Eyes To Look At The Mountains. Yes! It is one of those magic moments, in the willingness to be vulnerable. It is one of the highlights of prayer. Looking towards Heaven’s domain, in order to call on Divine intervention, and the calming of one’s fears. They are signs for spiritual surrender to the Creator, when one does not know, where to turn, or where to go. When you have given everything you can, you have no choice, but to ask the Creator for assistance. There is the realization, that a person cannot do it, alone! Even people will fail us. That’s why we have faith, in the Divine!; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark

Nitayainua macho yangu. I will lift up my eyes. Nitazame milima. Look at the mountains. Msaada wangu babaa utatoka wapii? My father’s help will come from where? Msaada wangu katika bwana mbingu na nchini. My help in the Lord of Heaven and Earth Zakee asiuwache mguu wako usogezwee atasinzi. Don’t move your foot, and he will fall asleep Atalala yeye mlinzi wanguu atanilinda mabaya yote na He will sleep and my protector will protect me from all evil; Edited By Lauren Kaye Clark

You can’t deny that sigh of release when you feel you are under Divine protection! You simply can’t. It feels exceptional, beautiful, and filled with the abundance of realizing you are in safekeeping. That’s one of the blessed things of faith. Put it in a song, and your have your personal, meditative therapy. A person cannot deny that there is something mind-blowing, and nourishing about that Heavenly, Biblical feeling; knowing that everything is going to be alright! Sometimes, the power is so real, that it’s unexplainable. You wonder why you have been blessed and favored. You question having been delivered through, the impossible.

Throughout the song, the guitar 🎸🎸 delivers it’s smooth-sailing texture! Like the Mhumbu River, it presents a certain vibe of free flowing. The steady beat brings the river to the forefront. While others are weeping and in disarray, the music 🎶🎶🎶 cradles you into a silent pleasure of simply, being still! When we are silent, we are granted the opportunity to calm down, and clear our thoughts. When we are still, we are able to see possibilities. The betterment of humanity does not simply flow through one person. No. It requires the collective energies of, many. Love, care, and the compassion for others does not stop with one person. On the contrary, it is a determining factor to see how true people are to their convictions, when a leader isn’t around. Yes! Leaders set the standard for how a person should be. Yet, how true are the individuals to that legacy? Do you support such virtues? OR Is it simply performed, when it’s, in fashion? How true are you to the faith, when the symbol is not around?

The song is a precious one. It’s a favorable one, which suits the time. Heaven’s gates will protect the faithful-those who pray and hold steadfast to truth, anyway!

Hold onto the virtues of truth and faith, Tanzania! Permit yourself the weeping time, but hold onto the virtues connected to the symbol-even when the Hero is no longer, around! Hold onto faith and the hope, that the Creator will not let you down. And, as you grow stronger in your faith, keep moving forward, until a better future, finally comes, around!

Note: Lyrics taken from the song, were taken from the following link:

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