Stay positive and confident to fight the pandemic blues with these tips from Eric Dalius

The environment that we are living in due to the Covid19 pandemic is causing enormous distress due to disruption in our lifestyle. On the one hand, is the stress developed from trying to adapt to the new lifestyle fraught with several restrictions that teach us how to cope with the pandemic and stop its spread, […]

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The environment that we are living in due to the Covid19 pandemic is causing enormous distress due to disruption in our lifestyle. On the one hand, is the stress developed from trying to adapt to the new lifestyle fraught with several restrictions that teach us how to cope with the pandemic and stop its spread, and on the other hand, is the stress from the uncertain economic future due to the wrecking of the world economy by the pandemic. Many uncertainties about how to survive and how life will evolve if we manage to survive are creating enormous mental stress that is taking a toll on our overall wellness and well-being.

Your stress response depends on your background, financial situation, social support from family and friends, your health and emotional background, the community to which you belong, and many other factors, explains Eric Dalius.  He can be inspirational in your fight against the pandemic by sharing his vast experience through various blogs that portray the challenges he has overcome and how he tasted success.  

Take care of yourself and your community

Self-care is most important during such stressful times, and you must find ways of keeping stress under control to protect your mental health that augurs good health overall. However, staying alone or turning too much individualistic can do more harm than good. Eric J Dalius advises staying closely connected to your family and friends while never losing focus on caring for yourself. The better you can balance between the two, the better it will be for your overall wellbeing. When you support others to help them cope with stress, you not only do your good but also contribute to others’ betterment in the community. Come out from the stress of maintaining physical distance with others by keeping close social networks over the internet with people you love and share a similar mindset. It allows you to share ideas and vent your feelings that reduce stress.

Pay attention to your mental health

Your physical health is a derivative of your mental health. When your mind undergoes too much stress, it affects your overall health as you feel disappointed, dismayed, and worried due to the disruptions and uncertainties.  During the trying times that we are passing through, Eric Dalius thinks it is critical to ensure good mental health, automatically ensuring your overall wellness and well-being.   Our mental health affects our thoughts and actions, which can impact our ability to handle stress, make choices during an emergency, and relate to others.  The stress might be overwhelming at times, but knowing how to mitigate it will help to calm down the mind and make the correct decisions at the right time that helps to get out of the gloom.

Emotions run high after ending home isolation or recovering from Covid19

Staying isolated as a precautionary measure or recovering from Covid19 generates a lot of stress as you remain confined to a room cut off from the rest of the family while maintaining strict safety and hygiene or undergoing some medical treatment.  The emotional turmoil that people experience during the period of confinement manifests in different ways in different people.

  • It can be a bag of mixed emotions, including a feeling of relief, worries about the health of yourself and your loved ones, and stress from constant monitoring by yourself or others to check the progress or recovery.
  • Anger, sadness, and frustration might develop from the concern about infecting others around you despite knowing that you have beaten the virus and started leading a regular life.
  • Being unable to perform your regular duties and taking the responsibilities that people usually expect from you can lead to guilt.
  • Lastly, the fear of re-infection could weigh down heavily upon you.

Take control of your feelings

The devil is in mind, and you must wage an unrelenting battle to beat the devil and emerge a winner. It is natural to experience different and strong emotions during and after any disaster, and you can handle it effectively with some measures in self-care and seeking help from your family and friends who are sailing in the same boat as you. The more you stay in touch with people within the community, the more comfortable you will feel. It will help overcome the depression of staying mentally isolated even though you must maintain physical distancing to stop the pandemic’s spread.

Be confident about complying with the safety and health requirements

Avoid unnecessary fear about the coronavirus and take a rational approach by understanding its behavior and the possibilities of affecting you by going through the various government advisories and health guidelines. Follow the safety and hygiene measures recommended by WHO and the local authorities and practice them religiously, making you confident about having the right ammunition to combat the pandemic and reduce mental stress. Knowing that you are doing your best will allow you to look outwards and help others by sharing your positive experience. That will leave no room for any anxiety or depression because you know that you are doing precisely what can help you stay healthy and happy.

Make your living more purposeful

The biggest stress develops from the uncertainty about what we should to stay healthy amid the pandemic. For sustained living, you need to set your life goals that translate into a daily routine. Routines provide a direction and purpose to your life. To overcome stress, follow a routine that you can create by considering the present context and lifestyle so that from the time you leave bed until the time you go to sleep, you have a schedule to follow. It will ensure your engagement in different activities during the day that helps you find a new purpose in life and leaves no room to feel isolated or lonely, building stress.

Coming forward to help others who might need help will give you a sense of positivity reflecting in your overall health.

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