There’s a Hidden Language in Nature — a Golden Ratio of Healing

Spring is the perfect time to reconnect with nature, and benefit from its healing powers of rebirth.

Flowers at WVU Health Sciences campus in Morgantown

Spring! The time of rebirth.

Leaves emerging from their winter slumber. Flowers blooming. The sounds of buzzing bees and flapping wings. Days lengthening, sun shining and cool crisp mornings.

During this time of the world opening to the warm days of summer and the beautiful colors of autumn, it gives me pause to appreciate the healing powers of nature.

Given the word healing, health, and holy comes from the root hal, meaning whole or wholeness, I think this is also an apt description of the season.

Trees become whole with leaves. From the barren winter, to the lush spring. Displaying the wholeness of their being.

Flowers emerge front the ground to express their beautiful colors.
The environment greens with life.

It is not a coincidence that the color of the robes of doctors and pharmacists are green for healing – both in the practice of medicine and the creation of medicines that help others. 

From plants and nature to healing people. 

Nature also expresses sacred geometry, which some have suggested, is critical for the healing powers of nature. This sacred geometry is seen as spirals, torus shapes or fractal shapes. Torus and spiral shapes derive from the Golden Ratio and fractal shapes are those that are wholly conserved at every level of resolution, no matter how small a piece of the initial image.

To get to this sacred geometry, one needs introduction to the Golden Ratio, a ratio that is derived from the Fibonacci sequence of numbers. This mathematical formula was discovered by Fibonacci and highlighted in the “Da Vinci Code.”

The Golden Ratio is found when a bisected line (one longer (a) and the other shorter (b)) have the same ratio (b to a) as the larger line does to the combined line (a to a+b). Numerically, the Golden Ratio is 1.618, and is felt to be a perfect proportion.

The Fibonacci sequence can lead to the Golden Ratio. The sequence is given by starting with 0. The next digit is 1. Adding 0+1 = 1. Then 1+1=2. Then 1+2=3, and so forth. The sequence then is 0,1,1,2,3,5,8,13,21,34….

When you divide the larger digit by the immediately smaller digit, one approximates 1.618. 

This ratio is found in nature (leaves, branches, stems of plants, veins in leaves), in us (our vascular system, heart and lung design, DNA) and in the construction of plants, flowers, trees, coast lines, mountains, and the architecture of buildings.

This sacred geometry appears many times and in many different forms to us.

And when it appears, it reminds us of our wholeness and deep connections with our world and universe.

Connected and part of a much larger frame at all levels of visualization.

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