Why there is only one mind and one brain?

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The semitic religions wants you to believe in afterlife of heaven and hell. The good men should end up their journey in heaven and the evil men should end up their journey in hell. But that very statement can be questioned strongly on the basis of neuroscientific experimental evidences. One such is the Split Brain study, in which the corpus callosum a group of neurons that connects the right and left hemisphere is been resected in very drug resistant cases of epilepsy. The left hemisphere is known for rationalisation and the right hemisphere is known for creative and intuitive processing. Since the language comprehension (Wernicke’s area) and output (Broca’s area) is carried out by left hemisphere, the split brain subjects when asked if they believed in God? They said they did not! And when they were asked to point out the columns that had Yes, No or I don’t know for the very same question to access the answer of right brain non verbal activity they pointed at Yes! This neuroscientifically proves that in split brain the subjects have two separate contradictory beliefs with right hemisphere being a believer and left hemisphere being an aethist. So if I asked this question of split brain person if he where to be judged to be in hell or heaven by the God, the obvious answer was the left hemisphere went to hell and the right hemisphere went to heaven if taken in a technical sense. So in an ideal human being the two hemisphere works together in congruency with simultaneous neuronal efforts to do daily complex tasks. The idea of two separate processing of information in brain only comes into existence once the corpus callosum is resected with a scalpel. And the claims of two minds or two consciousness is unscientific as long as corpus callosum is intact and is some what logical if I resected your brain into two. So, if anyone claims you don’t use your left brain, I can say it’s an utter lie as long as you talk and listen the words I wrote in this article as both talking and listening is done by your left hemisphere. So in neuroscience a human brain at the same time believe in God and reject the God even if you believe or reject the God in public or secret. We lived our life right from our cradle with simultaneous and congruent functioning of both hemisphere to do everything we did in our life till the moment you read this article and that is not going to change till you reach your grave. Science will dominate every superstitions of falsehood and cannot be oppressed with reassured beliefs.

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