Spiritually Living Fearlessly

Finding Spirituality in Moments, Places, People, no matter what the Stimuli

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Uplifting you to Fear Less and to Live More

How do I make spirituality a part of my life? It is a very interesting question, and not an overly easy one to answer, especially when it has been a part of my daily life and seemingly second nature to me for what seems forever.

As far back as I can remember, I have always been connected to Source Energy through my love of nature. The instantaneous shift to my psyche, my thought patterns, my overall decrease to elevated stress-levels and internal-chatter, was profoundly noticeable to me and seemingly immediate when either on a mid-way trek through the woods or ascending a mountain top until reaching the Summit in Jasper, AB or going on a marathon hike in Manning Park, British Columbia or just simply playing around in a nearby park.

From a very young age in my post pubescent years, I not only found solace in the writing of my own poetry, I also found spiritual connectedness in the reading of people’s memoirs – those whose life stories, perspectives, and experiences very much resonated with me for what I too, could intimately relate to while devouring the rawness – the nakedness of their beautifully exposed souls.

I experience solitude and introspection while nursing a hot cup of chai tea – listening to Enya in the background or while enjoying a hot bath with or without the pitter patter of little feet on the other side of the door.

I can experience immense joy and feel immediately tapped into gratitude even amidst a room full of hyper children at a birthday party or while in congested traffic with surround-sound horns blaring in every which direction.

Admittedly, I am not always in a perpetual state of spiritual flow and like every other human being, my thought processes and moods can also become challenged, however – the difference in my ability to shift and still feel calm, grounded, and at inner-peace within myself, derives out of the contrast of first-hand knowing and feeling the vast difference between being in a state of personal crisis – being able to recognize how ultra magnified that can be as compared to daily inconveniences and pet-peeve type circumstances. I find spirituality even within abstract thinking – thinking about the concept of perspective is spiritual to me and for me.

I am grateful to myself for having both the ability and the capability of finding spirituality in moments, places, and in other human beings no matter the atmosphere, the stimulus, the scenery, or the exchange.

I am absolutely grateful for innately and intuitively being able to see, feel, sense my connection to anything and everything in life, whether it represents true, authentic alignment of my soul or not. I believe this receptivity is birthed out of ones own recognition for choosing to be a genuine student of life – a receiver of the intangibles, the subtleties, the unspoken beauty,  the perfect-imperfections, while remaining consciously open and receptive to all of life’s lessons, gifts, universal signs and symbols.

I equate spirituality with self-awareness, self-love, love and kindness toward oneself and others. It exists and transcends through language, books, music, nature, scenery, conversation, meditation, cooking, creating, discovering, risking, evolving, feeling, and believing.

I believe spirituality swirls in the recesses of our minds, the cores of our being, the depths of our hearts, the soulfulness of our spirits, and in the playfulness of our imaginations.

I believe spirituality keeps us purposeful, intentional, consciously aware, and universally connected. It keeps us humble, kind and thoughtful. Spirituality uplifts us to fear less and to live more.

I am spiritually and gratefully – Living Fearlessly!

Love & Gratitude ~ Lisa McDonald

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