Spiritual Sundays: Barbara Jones πŸ‡―πŸ‡²

Reflecting On The Late BARBARA JONES,' "Until The Storm!" πŸ‡―πŸ‡²

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We move through our storms. Life is a mixture of storms. Some are heavier than others. Some are a little lighter. Then, of course, certain storms happen to catch us on our good days. Others catch us on our bad ones. That’s part of life. The most important detail is to stay prepared for the storms. For, in their very nature, they provide us with ample opportunity to grow. The truth of it all is that we don’t know how strong we are (or what we are capable of), until we go through a storm. We truly don’t.

Storms are a test. They symbolize the process of growing. We move through storms and work to overcome them. It’s not easy. And, there are those storms, which can be nearly impossible to overcome. Nevertheless, we hold on. It may take a little longer to overcome (and navigate) through the turbulence of storms. However, we need that Divine intervention to move through the challenges. It’s called, faith. It’s called prayer. They are the two, spiritual weapons, which are needed when tackling any storm.

Here we are, once again. We are moving back into the world of Jamaican, island beat, with the theme of Divine intervention. Truly, the Most High moves through different nations and their sounds. What does it mean? How does it feel to navigate through the word, with a more island sound and tune? Feels pretty delightful, we can say.

The song is entitled, β€œTil The Storm.” When you have gone through your personal storms, you will never forget it. Once you have successfully overcome them, and made it through the agony and pain of emotional (and mental) storms, there is nothing, which will stop you from succeeding. Just remember that it also requires faith. Faith, prayer, and belief grants is the power to overcome.

When you have songs, which teach us about the power of storms, just know how much of a blessing they truly are. Right now, there are people, who are experiencing the pain of many storms. The storm is so dreadful, they don’t think they may find their way. In fact, they may not even think they will get through (or over) the storms. Such thinking can also be quite dangerous. Thank the Most High for the gift of music. It is always a soothing art. It is a healing art and one of the highest forms of praise.

Till the storm. Till The Storm. Till the precious, loving storms. May Divine light continue to move us; carrying us through, in each and every way.

Barbara Jones


To still have one’s parents is a treasure-filled blessing. Afterall, not everyone is still blessed enough to have both Mom and Dad. Some people don’t receive the opportunity to thank their parents. It’s why it’s so important to thank them, while they are alive. If you were to thank them, how would you do it? What would you say to Mom and Dad? For Mom, there is an easiness, surrounding it. Afterall, she carried us for 9 months, within her womb. Some mothers even sacrificed their lives, for the well-being of their children; that their child would have a chance on this Earth. 🌎 Thank you Mama. Thank you. A simple thank you can’t do enough when it comes to understanding the majesty for such a love. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Special request to mi mother and mi father

A request, eh? How charming, indeed! What does one make for such a request? What is the nature for such a request? Is it to give honor to Mama and Papa? Throughout the song, one has the lyrics of β€œI’m a single, single man.” So, does singledom permit a person to appreciate their parents when not having a family of one’s own? Thank you Papa for the good things you showed me.

When I was six I was singing my song 🎡🎢🎡

Through and through, one hears different elements and connections between his manhood and his childhood phase. The transition of memory between the two. It were his parents who made him. It were his parents, who shaped him.

For now, we can stay in thank you mode. There are different elements when connecting to this atmosphere. Thank you Mama. Thank you Papa. Heaven knows that words are not enough to convey one’s feelings of gratitude. They are definitely not enough.

Let thank yous continue to marinate. We will return back for another timing for a rejoicing, song.

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