Spiritual Monday Wellness: Meir Ariel

MEIR ARIEL and the Question Of A Healing Song, In "A Song Of Pain!"

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As the world continues to be more open to the serenity of mental wellness, other discussions in that healing journey comes into play. How does one heal? What does healing look like? What are the different processes and movements when it comes to that blessed pattern of healing?

Well, there are different mechanisms in healing. However, before one is able to heal, there must be a release of the pain. Whatever fragmentations, diseases, and toxicities have been plagued within the body, a release must take place. It has to take place! There is no other way. For healing and pain cannot exist, simultaneously. They cannot occupy the body. For one to exist, the other must be absent. Pain has to be removed in order for healing to have prominence over one’s life. So, what does that look like?

Releasing toxicity, brokenness, and pain comes in different forms. For starters, it is moved through a wellness of love and kindness. The release of suffering comes through the visual arts. It comes through long walks, or runs. Other physical activities also assist in the healing process. Then, there is the blessed nature of music! Remember, music is one of the highest forms of healing. Why? Music moves! Music permits one to experience the physical experience of moving pain from one’s interior, while placing it into the exterior. There is a blessing in being able to do so. Music grants one the ability to convey certain rhythms and navigations from pain to healing. There is no greater feeling than that of positive transformation. There is no greater feeling, than experiencing the actual purging of negative toxicity; pouring into the atmosphere, that it may never return, again. Once the internal ugliness has been removed, one observes the physical beauty of one’s exterior. Yes, it feels so good! And, it looks good. That’s the other component of the healing process!

So, we enter into the world for the healing through song! What a healing, indeed! What does that song, entail? What is the painting for that song? How does it sound? How does it feel? There are many layers to this, indeed!

“A Song Of Pain!” What if such a title was simply ironic, as it pertained to the actual lyrics? What if such a title conveyed the use of love and theater in order to describe one’s circumstances of heartbrokenness, and the desire in having one all to oneself? What if? That says a lot, doesn’t? “A young, educated Arab. . .” The repetition of such words simply makes you want to know about the very character and nature of this man. Who is he? And, why does she love him? How has he captured her attention in such a manner, that no other man has? That’s one thought, which comes into mind. Who is he? And, why does she love him?

It’s rather beautiful when a healing song is granted the power to include different themes, simultaneously. Why, may you ask? There are a number of factors, in correlation with the very beauty of her presence. Things are simply that beautiful and pleasing. In this song, theater plays its role. Often, the woman of the song, attends its domain. Another form of wellness to be foretold. What is the healing of theater? How does it reveal certain components of our own character, through our portrayal of others? And, have certain characters been Divinely presented to us, in our craft? Now, that’s something to be treasured and discussed, even further.

Sometimes when we hear a song on the radio, our troubles and agonies seem to melt away. That’s just how powerful it is. Some songs have a way of performing Heaven’s holistic wellness. There is no other way of comprehending such. You simply have to listen and experience the wellness, at hand. Nevertheless, when it happens, it is beautiful! Delightful. Pleasing. Awakening. Holistically, pleasing. No doubt!

So, let the song, play! Let it be soothing within our very minds, hearts, and Spirits! The story may not initially make sense. Nevertheless, it will come to make sense, soon! A woman. Young, educated, Arab. Theater. His thoughts and desires. How do these four categories come into play? Well, things come to make sense in the end. And if they don’t, then it’s not the end! Let the purging of pain, and the healing, begin!

Meir Ariel


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