Spiritual and Yogic Dreams

Those of us who dream regularly and remember our dreams assume that the rest of the world also remembers theirs.

Those of us who dream regularly and remember our dreams assume that the rest of the world also remembers theirs. However, only a percentage of the public recalls them and many claim not to dream at all.

Spiritual beings typically remember their dreams and can distinguish them by type, since not all dreams have the same intensity or hold equal value.

I categorize dreams into 4 distinct types:

1. Normal Dreams:
 Most dreams, as researchers suggest, are normal brain activity and rehashing of the day’s memories, events, anxiety and persistent thoughts. Almost all such dreams are rather ordinary and are easily forgotten.

2. Dreamland:
 Some of the more interesting dreams happen in a zone I call the Dreamland, which is similar to a vast and crowded holographic arena that causes interaction between multitudes of human beings who are dreaming at the same time. In this crowded zone there are also various entities, mostly malevolent, who pry on the psyche of the dreamers. Same as any large train station, the Dreamland has no filter into who can enter; hence it is accessible to all. But unlike a modern day station it has no security force. Therefore in Dreamland it’s your essence against theirs. Wit against wit. Willpower against willpower.

Dreamland in many ways is like an immersive virtual reality game. Nothing in dreamland is as it appears. Since there are many shape-shifting malevolent entities active in Dreamland, the more aware and more evolved you are mentally and spiritually the better you’ll do there. Because your emotions and desires are totally transparent there, entities can easily project themselves as someone that you love, respect or lust after. To enhance their illusion, they can also create temporary facades, maze, clothing, food or vehicles.

A simple rule of deciphering good vs. bad entities or benevolent vs. malevolent spirits is that a malevolent will always try to get close to you or force him/herself on you, touch you or trap you in a small space. A benevolent entity, on the other hand, will never come closer than 10 to 12 feet, will never crowd, startle or scare you. There are times that a benevolent spirit may want to get close to you, as to embrace you, but this happens out of mutual trust and understanding, and it’s never sudden nor forced.

Dreamland can teach you to protect and defend yourself. This is also a good place to learn to sore and fly. There are various ways that you can turn around a negative situation in Dreamland. First rule is to become good at sensing that you are actually dreaming. Once you become aware that you are in Dreamland then you’ll have the upper hand.

Here are a few instant giveaways that you are in Dreamland. Although you maybe surrounded by electronic devices, switches or be operating vehicles, none works as it should. If you are driving a car or riding a motorcycle, you’ll find yourself have little control over the vehicle or that the steering and the brakes don’t work or if you crash you sustain no injury. While using a computer or your phone, the screen would show gibberish or static content. Your clothing or lack thereof may change from one moment to the next without cause. Or, you’ll find yourself running around in an endless maze of corridors where there is no escape.

You may not realize while you are dreaming that you have control over the situation. As soon as you have any inkling that you are in Dreamland the gig is up and the advantage is now yours. At this time you can choose to fight back and break apart the maze or wake yourself up. If you choose to fight back you can summon a weapon. And you don’t have to have full mastery of that weapon in real life to put it to good use. Like a video game, the Dreamland grants you temporary know-how into using that weapon. Remember nothing is real in Dreamland it’s all projections; so don’t feel bad about vaporizing a few of the bad guys. When it comes down to it, Dreamland is only a sophisticated mental hologram meant to train and strengthen you, make you learn to function outside your body and help you on your path to higher levels of soul evolution.

3. Mystic Dreams:
 Intense spiritual and transformational dreams are the playground of the benevolent spirits and ascended masters. Mystic Dreams are the rare transmission dreams. They normally happen early in the morning (around 4) and are vivid, in full color and very memorable. They may involve intense lights, colors, sights, sounds, aromas and music. Depending on the intensity of the transmission, you maybe half awake with your eyes and mouth open or full sleep but in either case your body will feel paralyzed as to expedite the process of the transference.

These dreams normally include a transmission or a teaching by a benevolent spirit or spirits and in most cases involve visual cues, icons, animal spirits, sounds, smells or direct verbal teachings and transference of information. You will not only remember such dreams, there is a good chance that you’ll never forget them.

4. Dreams of Animal Spirits:
 There is a less intense version of Mystic Dreams, which involves animal spirits. In such dreams information, mostly about your near future, are transmitted by seeing specific animals in action (horses, bears, large cats, snakes, dogs, birds and so on).

It’s important to try to remember not only the species but what the animal is doing in your dream. For example if it’s a large cat, is it a lion, tiger or a panther. Is it docile and friendly or trying to attack you. If you dream of a horse, pay attention whether it’s white, black or brown. But most importantly try to register and remember what you were thinking the moment that you saw that animal. That’s your real clue for the meaning of that particular animal spirit dream.

There are many online websites that cater to dream interpretation, however these sites offer wildly diverse information. You may want to read a few such websites and then create your own version of the interpretation based on what makes sense the most to you. Don’t forget it all begins and ends with you.

Happy Dreaming!

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