Solo Travel Helps Mental Health – Here’s Where to Visit

Traveling alone has so many benefits, here are the best places to go!

For those people with a desire to become more self-actualized, it can sometimes help to take a solitary journey to a faraway place. This radical change in scenery can help provide a fresh perspective on the planet and your purpose within it, and going to an unknown land means you are highly unlikely to run into a familiar face, which can ease a lot of stress. Traveling alone forces you to rely on yourself for your own entertainment and problem-solving abilities, which can be very freeing. You can spend your days and nights as you wish, not according to someone else’s agenda, and you can fully relax and be yourself since there’s nobody around to impress. There are many places you can go to achieve self-awareness and lots of online resources to choose from, but there are some destinations that are simply more gratifying and satisfying than others.

Two things that make a destination satisfying are the level of peace and happiness you feel when you visit. The Global Peace Index examined the level of peacefulness of 162 regions around the world and ranked them. The Happy Planet Index looked at 151 countries and ranked them according to populations’ lifespans and happiness levels. Based on these results, some areas of the world seem to attract more soul-seekers than others.


Chile is a mixture of coastline, mountains, and deserts, which gives travelers a lot of places to explore. Chileans, in general, are known for their warm hospitality. It’s not uncommon to befriend a local and get invited into their home for a warm meal. Sometimes the kindness of strangers can be a life-changing experience and it can create friendships and memories that last forever.

New Zealand

It’s no surprise that so many movies are filmed in New Zealand. The landscape of the glaciers and rainforests is breathtaking, and there are tons of busy activities for people who like a challenge, such as hiking, skydiving, and bungee jumping, to name just a few.


Switzerland is a wonderful choice for solo travelers because it’s so easy to navigate and the people are incredibly friendly. The fact that it is separate from the European Union and has four national languages – French, German, Italian and Romansh – makes it even more fascinating to visit.

Costa Rica

Costa Rica is one of the Blue Zone regions and is literally known as the world’s happiest country. Americans have been flocking here for years to take advantage of the surfing conditions and white water rafting.

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