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Maybe, one day, human currency takes precedence over our bottom line.

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Would I ever one day choose to quit social media? Hmmm….great question and how many times have I toiled and churned this question over and over in my mind…plenty. When I eventually accomplish what I ultimately wish to accomplish in my life, and the platform of social media is no longer required for me to personally and professionally take my message of Living Fearlessly to the masses; to the collective – when I believe I have made the ultimate impact I wish to make – when I am personally convinced within myself that the message of Living Fearlessly via my voice has in fact resonated at the global level of consciousness and has caused the degree of shift I am on a mission to create, then my work of imparting this sole, and core purpose of mine via the vehicle of social media specifically, will be deemed by me as mission accomplished. When this day arrives for me in a way it no longer remains a question for me as to whether or not I succeeded in what I set out to do, I will no longer exist on social media. I will however, remain dedicated to my ongoing pursuit of continuously imparting my crucial message in different methods, and within different circles.

When my children are old enough and are travelling along on their own individual paths of purpose and passions, and become self-sufficient and immersed in their own day to day lives – I will be travelling to countries abroad…the countries where the majority of its people do not have access to such ‘privileges’ as social media and if ever they in fact did, their profile pictures would likely show you emaciation, whose posts would likely consist of updates reading something to the effect of, ‘Another day without nutritious food and uncontaminated water,’ or ‘Literally dodged a bullet, today,’ or how about, ‘Looking for my mother and father – not sure if they are dead or alive.’ These are the children and adults I wish to constructively, and positively spend my time and energies with. These are the human beings and deserving spirits, I wish to empower to empower themselves. These are the souls who I wish to foster and nurture solid, tangible relationships with. This is ultimately the personal development world I wish to belong to. I eventually would like to collaboratively work with others for the purpose of building a Living Fearlessly structure – call it a school, a resource centre, a community gathering area for locals…at this point, the non-specific details do not matter; only the vision I behold in manifesting with every fibre of my being. Perhaps the inner joy this may bring to the faces of many who have little to smile about on a regular basis, may become newsworthy to someone in the world…maybe it becomes a tourist attraction and those photos get uploaded to social media and possibly as a result of this landmark catching some buzz in a viral space…it may generate some pause for thought before the western world takes their trivial complaining and negativity to a status update. Perhaps a humanitarian ‘download’ becomes more pivotal a decision than an energy-sucking ‘upload.’

Maybe the shift becomes so profound that when we hear the word, ‘bytes,’ an automatic image conjures up in peoples minds of children taking a ‘bite’ out of something that offers sustenance and alleviates genuine hunger for an hour or two. Maybe when the new and improved Apple product is hot out on the market – our mind does not immediately go to literal technology, rather, it strays to the abstract of a piece of fruit in the hands of someone who is malnourished and starving. Maybe when we hear the word ‘Likes’ and ‘Shares’ we think of scaling and leveraging humanity as opposed to enhancing our visibility and popularity in cyber-space. Maybe, rather than being so pre-occupied with placating our peers and colleagues and followers with hashtags…we as so-called Leaders, turn our attentions and energies to those who have zero platforms, whose voices truly cannot be heard, let alone compete with the ding ding of notifications drowning out real and meaningful dialogue. Maybe, one day, stats regarding how many eyes and ears were globally plugged into the Grammy Awards or The Superbowl becomes annually replaced with stats for how many additional children have been fed, housed, schooled, and rescued from a heinous and deplorable fate. Maybe, rather than rating who is the best dressed in Hollywood we instead become more consumed with who has no clothing at all or who is ill-equipped with attire for harsh weather conditions. Maybe paying it forward and being of service in social media, public-figure jargon does not simply mean a discounted product or a free giveaway book..maybe it means…you buy one of my books, and those whose community has burnt down receives additional books, free of charge, shipping and handling included and it goes to a repaired, now up and running library un-beknownst to the children who walk away with something for free as a reminder to them that yes…YOU MATTER!

Maybe, rather than posting pictures to social media of how fortunate we are for getting the best seat in the house, or our five star accommodations, or first class-seating…maybe, we alternatively choose to channel our influence toward the less fortunate and shift the focus of our followers in a way that catches on where it needs to – the HAVE NOT’S! Maybe, one day, our Christmas wish lists have nothing to do with what we wish to receive, rather, our list is filled from top to bottom with how we intend to give or help others. Maybe, one day, how many times we chose to volunteer in any given year or gave things away for free without agenda, supersedes how many times a year we chronicled our personal vacations, or the materialistic objects we acquired. Maybe, one day, human currency takes precedence over our bottom line. Maybe, one day, when we speak of growth and momentum it has more to do with others than it ever does with ourselves.

I truly look forward to the day when either social media shifts its collective purpose for how and what it gets used for, and if that day never occurs in the way I would personally love to see and believe we would all stand to benefit from, I then look very forward to the day, I no longer feel the need to participate in it. I look forward to the day I can shift change while simultaneously removing myself from being on the grid. For the good social media has afforded me in my plight to elevate others to Live Fearlessly – I am immensely grateful. From the centre of my heart and with every fibre of my being…Thank you!

Uplifting you to fear less and to live more!
Love and Gratitude ~ Lisa
#Grateful #LivingFearlessly

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