Soad Hosny’s Girlish Charm, For The Melting, Of Cool Hearts!

Lessons Learned From Egypt's Musical and Cinema "Cinderalla"-SOAD HOSNY-And The Power Of A Maidenal Patience and Bliss In Her Song, "YA WAD YA TEEL!"

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Courtship is enchanting, isn’t? Getting to know someone on a romantic level is an adventure. The aura. Their ways. How they interact with you! Bad habits. Those certain subtleties, that annoy you. The list goes on. Of course, the very realm of courtship has its challenges. Dealing with certain challenging personalities has a unique vibe. It can be annoying, or it can be an act of patience. One thing is for sure. Getting to know an individual takes time. Yet, if you truly like a person-I mean really like them-you find a thrilling way to get through their hard shell. You find a way to navigate through their serious personality, and embrace them for the romantic they could truly become.

A young woman in love has a thrilling way in depicting such a courtship. That’s one of the fascinating things surrounding youth. Even in love, one is encouraged not to take things too seriously. During those earlier years, love is meant to be playful. Romanticism, courtship, and having those young crushes, illuminates this invisible energy of girlish glitters; hidden butterflies of youthful engagement. A person’s flaws are annoying. However, when you love them in such a way, you are willing to work with them. You can wait. Sooner or later, they will have to take down their guard down, sometime.

Those songs of annoyances, in the earlier years of courtship have a certain way in which they are meant to be performed. That playful girly nature is required. Through such a romantic journey, things are bound to come alive. In addition, there are certain desires and yearnings, which are moved into completion. As a young woman, when you meet someone that you like, you think about every part of their Being-their tastes, their desires, their personality, and the list goes on! It takes a certain song to convey such feelings of frustration and girlish euphoria! Of course, it takes a certain voice, persona, and personal, feminine flair, in order to decorate this vivacious thrill! It requires a certain playfulness and frivolous in one’s voice and youthful charm, in order to perform such a song, and perform it, well!

Journeying to Egypt, there was one musical dame (from Egypt’s Golden Age), who understand how to make a frustrating courtship, a playful vibe! She was referred to as the “Cinderella of Egyptian cinema.” Of course, such a title does her justice! Moving into one song for one Egyptian dame’s navigation through the coldness of a blooming love, we enter into the artistry and world of none other than the Beloved. . .

Soad Hosny; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark

She is considered to be one of the most influential actresses in the MENA and Arab worlds. Looking through her repertoire, and listening to her music, one comes to understand how she was able to hold her own. The quintessential portrayal of an Egyptian maiden, she performed such a character throughout her career. Therefore, it would be befitting for her to have brought that same element and vibe into her song, “Ya Wad Ya Teel.” “Ya Wad Ya Teel!” What a tale it must be! Not only is the song an enchanting wander of its own telling, but the video details such a journey of an Egyptian maiden-a maiden, who is trying to navigate the complexities of loving a man, who seems so, cold!

Ya wad ya teel
Oh you cool man.
Ya ya ya wad ya teel
Oh oh oh you cool man.
Ya ya ya mshayebni
Oh oh oh you make me old. (also: me my hair grey)
Yaa dana bali taweel
Oh, I’m very patient
Winta, inta agibni
and you, I like you.
Bas ya ibni, balash teta’bni
But, my baby, stop tiring me
Alashan ‘omrak ma hateghlibni
because you’ll never get the better of me.
Ya ya ya wad ya t’eel
Oh you cool man.

Such words, such playful and delightful words, are the very essence of a young maiden, who navigates the garden of, love! She is frustrated with her new love. Yes! Yet, her frustrations are based on her yearning for him to understand her-to experience her love! At the very basic premise, that is what it is truly all about. Listening to the song and navigating through the words, one comes to ask oneself, why such a man is cold. Observe her face. Immerse within her delicate nature. Just how can anyone be cold? Just how? I’m sure our Darling SOAD HOSNY is asking the same thing. When she is with him, and when she’s away, a smile erupts from her face. And, in her girlish laughter, she simply ask herself the very same.; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark

Prancing across the street, up the stairs of her residential building, and finally into her home, she seemingly dances through the coldness of her young love. The words of “Ya Wad Ya Teel,” continue to peek the imagination and vision of the audience. What Egyptian man could not melt when seeing the smile and vibrant enchantment of such a dame? Yet, remember, she is patient. With time-hopefully with time-his heart will melt.

Albi youl yani yani yani yaani
My heart speaks of tiredness
Wida albu wala y’ani wala y’ani
While his heart doesn’t feel it.
A’ndu brud a’sab esm Allah wala garah Britani
He has calm nerves, oh my goodness, like British surgeon’s
Wiyebos ezay? Keda keda aho
And how does he look? Like this.
Wiyimshi ezay? Keda keda aho
And how does he walk? Like this.
Wildahka ezay? Keda keda aho
And how does he laugh? Like this.
Wiyoaf wiyoul ana aho, ana aho
And he stands and says I’m here, I’m here
Timsal Ramsis el teni
Like a statue of Ramses II

Ah! A tired heart. She is giving. Continues to give. And yet, she is not receiving back the very same desire. Perhaps, she will continue to give. Perhaps, just perhaps, her affections will be felt by him. Maybe, he will no longer be able to resit the warmth of her very charm and jovial persona. She is tired. Her heart is tired. Nevertheless, she continues to, love!

Moving deeper into her garden of love, what if there is something else that needs to be examined? What if this “cool man” truly desires love? Truly desiring to find comfort and bliss through her smile and warming presence. What if his “coolness” is a protective mask, that he wears, as he has known love, once before? And yet, his willingness to be vulnerable to love’s domain caused him to feel the heartbreak of young love. As always, there are two sides of the story. Yet, love is back. It is back for another try. How unfortunate! He is making Soad pay the price! Why should she work so hard for his love? Why must she pay for another’s possible mistakes? Clearly, such may be another thought parading in her mind, as she uses laughter to cool down her frustration. And, yet, she loves!; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark

Akalemu beharara
I talk to him passionately.
Yerod belatara
He replies with few words.
El ragil el ghamed besalamtu
He is a mysterious man
metkhafi be nadara
disguised with spectacles.
Wiyahayi ezay? Keda keda aho
And how does he greet? Like this.
Wiyinadi ezay? Keda keda aho
And how does he becon? Like this.
Wiy’adi ezay? Keda keda aho
And how does he argue? Like this.
Wiyoaf wiyoul ana aho, ana aho
And he stands and says I’m here, I’m here
Atwal wahed fil hara
The talles one in the quarter.
Bas ya ibni balash teta’bni
But my baby, stop tiring me
Alashan ‘omrak ma hateghlibni
Because you’ll never get the better of me.
Ya ya ya wad ya t’eel
Oh you cool man.

The words. Such passionate words. It is evident that our “cool man” is deep in thought. Perhaps, he says so little because he feels so much. What if he is madly in love with Soad’s character? Such a love that is so real, and so overwhelming, at the same time. Nevertheless, there is a great love blossoming, anew! And yet, with time, with the preciousness of time, soon our “cold man,” will be seen with a warmer hue! Until then, love young maiden. He’ll warm up to you, soon enough!; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark

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