Smiling All the Way to the Bank with Facebook Ads

Facebook ads can prove to be beneficial for your marketing efforts. They are however not easy until you get a tool like connect explore that helps you scale to crazy heights.

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Nailing with Facebook Ads just Got Easier with Connect Explore Tool

Over time, I have been doing SEO, ranking and banking and being content about it. However, to the end of last year, August 2018 to be specific, something happened that really threw me off balance. Google decided to introduce what was popularly called ‘Google medic update’ in SEO circles and that one crazy update made all my ranking keywords tank in a matter of seconds. Google got brutal and that way, I could no longer see the success of my affiliate marketing efforts. Imagine this; you have been doing really well in your marketing efforts and earning at least $100 per day in passive income and then the next minute, you are thrown to $0 and there is nothing that you can do. As you might guess, this got me depressed and I knew that I had to do things differently, henceforth.

Enter Facebook Ads

So, I decided to think of other marketing methods. I settled on facebook ads and I have never looked back. Infact, of late, I am constantly wondering what I was doing before not leveraging on the crazy way that you can scale your business with Facebook ads.

Come on, everyone is on Facebook

Look at it this way, everyone who is online, has a laptop, smartphone or any other gadget is most probably on Facebook, right? So, if they want anything online, the first place that they are likely to check is on Facebook. But why not on search engines? Well, because on Facebook, they are looking forward to seeing real reviews from other people on the platform who have used the service or product and they want to peruse through what they think of the same.

But hey, it was not that easy

So when I decided to start it out with facebook ads, I was sure that I would be nailing it in a few months. Yes, I was sure to gain traction but things were not that easy. For one, I did not understand very well how facebook ads are supposed to be structured. There is for example some keywords that you should have sprinkled throughout your posts. Unlike Google, Facebook has a different way how they rank their posts when someone searches for something. They are also big on user engagement; meaning that they might consider the number of likes, shares and comments that your posts have gathered before they reward you with ranking.

My ads were not well targeted. Say for example that I wanted to sell something to people aged 18-25, I was supposed to target the post so that it only reached those people and not everyone who might not give even a hoot to the post. There is also the timmmings when people are active on Facebook and that is when you should post. Facebook also likes visual content since it is highly conspicuous and gets the highest viewership.

Enter Connect Explore Tool and my Facebook Ads are never the same again

As I was struggling with the Facebook ads and trying to know what time to schedule the posts, what demographics to target, an internet marketer friend of mine whom I look up to came to my rescue and told me that there is a tool called Connect Explore that will get you creating Facebook ads like no other.

Now Connect Explore is a software tool that helps you to choose the right people whom you want to reach and then go ahead to craft the best Facebook ads that will please them and get them taking action. Different from all other tools in the market, Connect Explore has access to Facebook Ads API and therefore when you are using it, you are assured that you are in line with the Facebook terms and conditions. You can learn more on the tool on Connect Explore Review.

Features of Connect Explore that made me love it

The tool helps you to discover low competition keywords that your competitors are not targeting at. It then helps you filter out the chaff from the wheat so that you only target keywords that are profitable and you are assured of nailing easily. As you set the project going, it will also help you monitor what you are doing and even stop ads that are ineffective.

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