Slow Down To Do More: “Let go of any pressure as to how something or someone has to be” with Jacqueline Pirtle and Chaya Weiner

Let go of any pressure as to how something or someone has to BE. Sure, wish and desire freely, send your dreams on their way to be manifested — feel them fully and vividly. Immediately after, say “the how is none of my business” and let go of all that how-pressure. This slows things down because pressure […]

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Let go of any pressure as to how something or someone has to BE. Sure, wish and desire freely, send your dreams on their way to be manifested — feel them fully and vividly. Immediately after, say “the how is none of my business” and let go of all that how-pressure. This slows things down because pressure just adds to feeling rushed.

As a part of my series about “How to Slow Down To Do More” I had the pleasure to interview Jacqueline Pirtle. She serves her clients as a holistic practitioner, a healing arts teacher/mentor, and author, with a unique passion as an ambassador for mindful happiness. Her best-selling book is 365 Days of Happiness — as seen on ABC 7 Chicago. She has helped thousands of clients shift into a “high for life” frequency, a unique experience that calls clients into their highest potential in their NOW! Jacqueline has been featured on NBC News Better, Women Inspired TV, The Sunday School Radio Show, International Health & Wellness summits and podcasts, Authority Magazine, Thrive Global, Bustle, and Buzzfeed, and her article “Are You Happy?” is in print in The Edge Magazine.

Thank you so much for joining us! Can you tell us the “backstory” about what brought you to this specific career path?

Hi, thanks so much for having me!

Like so many higher vibe beings that choose to BE here NOW with a healing purpose, I too have had a path that can be felt as physically or emotionally painful — for example, moments in my childhood, my relationships — many of those ups and downs.

That is where my knack for “feeling good” and my refusal to be limited by any idea that looks like a physical fixed space supports me — because I chose early on to not be glued into yesterday’s story, and to understand that these happenings were only put in front of me as a reminder of my purpose and how I can do the most service.

In 2006 I decided to use all these tools to create a higher frequency of teachings for others, by utilizing the connected energetic field to tap into the quantum, then sharing space — where there is no separation — and time with my clients, supporting them into the awakening of the infinite potential that is already in them.

My truth is that I am called to tap into my spiritual and quantum connection every single day and from there, walk the walk, and not just talk about it.

This is truly a beautiful gift, and I feel really honored to always know that whatever bigger-than-me energy is moving through me is what is necessary, and that it is moving and supporting people right where they are.

According to a 2006 Pew Research Report report, 26% of women and 21% of men feel that they are “always rushed”. Has it always been this way? Can you give a few reasons regarding what you think causes this prevalent feeling of being rushed?

It is hard to say if it always has been this way, because everyone is unique and comes from a different background.

What I can say though, is that I grew up in Europe, and in my time as a child things moved much slower; all happenings were ones right in front of me. We did not have the internet, cell phones, or social media to always inform us of what the whole world was doing right now. That put the focus only on the NOW, the basics — simplifying everything and slowing things down.

Constantly being connected to everyone at all times can give you the feeling of “I need to do more” or “I have to always be available” because you see what the collective — as a whole — is doing at all times. This non-stop is leaving you even less time because, for one, you are on a device and time usually runs fast when occupied that way; two, you are creating stress and that pressure eats away at your down time; and three, you are most likely going to do even more to match that busy-ness of the world.

Being rushed can also be an exhilarating feeling for some that can be hard to stop, because stopping means you slow down, you become quiet and relaxed, and in that “nothing space” there is nothing to take your focus away from who you really are — lots of deep “finding yourself” wisdom, questions, and feelings can come up, and that is not everyone’s cup of tea.


There is this old belief that a lot of us are living by, that being “rushed and busy” means you are successful and that doing “less or nothing” means that you are lazy. Nothing is further from the truth though — just think how much connecting, healing, clearing, and heart nurturing you establish when you sit with nothing to do.

Also, for a different perspective:

Being rushed can originate from believing that time is a set thing, given to you as a “set in stone” plan that you are not in control of, and that there is such a thing as “not enough time.” This is not true! When you study quantum physics you will find that we are in a time-less universe with always enough time available because it is time-less, and with that time can be stretched and molded to your liking — just think how many times you were running really late, yet you still made it while asking yourself, “How in the world did I pull this off?’

Based on your experience or research can you explain why being rushed can harm our productivity, health, and happiness?

While the once-in-a-while rushing can be fun and create an uplift in your energy, when it is your normal way of being and living it lowers your quality of life on every level — your physical body, your mind, your soul, and your consciousness — because it takes time to take excellent care of your physical body, to consciously shift to a positive mindset, to nurture your true being, your soul, and to truly focus on what is going right for you right now. Being rushed means you are always in a fight or flight mode that allows no time to do all that.

Being and feeling rushed also creates a lot of stress, frustration, resentment, and anger towards anyone and anything that is keeping you from rushing and living your fast past life — just think about the slow driver in front of you keeping you from speeding to your destination, or your sick child who is keeping you from getting all of your work done.

Plus, persistently hurrying means that you nourish your body simply with what it there to eat, versus taking your time to actually eat well and fittingly for you — or you take fast acting painkillers instead of taking the time to rest. Not to mention that no time means no time to exercise… Not a healthy or enjoyable way of being and living.

When rushed you don’t have the time or patience to tune in to who you really are right now — you change constantly and are not the same now as you where just a little bit ago — so you live life on an autopilot originating from your old beliefs and recordings — meaning you are not connected to, and are not living from, the pure essence that is accurate for you right now. Lots of unfitting habits and decisions continue that way and opportunities for new learning are missed, keeping you stuck. You miss out on all the little and big magic and opportunities that are there in your surroundings for you to notice and experience. Life is not as vivid as it really IS. Your happiness takes a hit.

Simply put, being rushed does not leave you enough flexibility to do the right thing for YOU in your life — you just get everything done, leaving you exhausted, unfilled, and unhappy.

On the flip side, can you give examples of how we can do more, and how our lives would improve if we could slow down?

When you slow down, you connect to the infinite wisdom that IS you, that IS in you, and that IS around you. From that clear space, you have the intelligence, the power, and strength to do more of what is right for you in a much faster way and with much more joy. Leaving errors made through stress out of the equation creates a phenomenal environment for your whole being — body, mind, soul, consciousness — to BE and live in.

There is no other way than to BE happy, healthy, thriving, successful, and productive when you slow down and take your deserved time to just BE.

We all live in a world with many deadlines and incessant demands for our time and attention. That inevitably makes us feel rushed. Can you share with our readers 6 strategies that you use to “slow down to do more”? Can you please give a story or example for each?

• BE truthful to who you really are and say NO when your heart says NO. Even if your mind says yes! Your heart always knows because that is who you really are.

• Use the end of the day to set a beautiful tone for your sleep. At night, let go of all that was not your favorite, acknowledge it with gratitude for the experience it brought for you, then send it off into your book of the past. Your favorite parts of the day, re-feel them and fill your whole being with that joy. Feel gratitude for everything and everyone that was for you in that day — no exceptions.

• Use the beginning of the day to set the tone for a perfect day for you. In the morning, feel gratitude for all that IS and all that will BE for you. Imagine what kind of feeling-day you are desiring, feel that vividly, fill your whole being with that excitement, and expect nothing less for you. This shifts you into your “high for life” frequency to BE and live in.

• Consciously create joy breaks throughout your day by deeply and vividly enjoying little moments, delicious treats, happy smiles, beautiful music, or noticing your healing breath. Live these moments to the fullest because that slows you down and connects you with yourself.

• Let go of any resistance in your life, because resistance does not only keep you busy and rushed, it also closes you to all that could BE for you. To stay resistance-free, acknowledge all that IS without judging, then accept, respect, appreciate, thank, and love it all — no exceptions. This shifts you into a peaceful and slower space where everything IS possible.

• Let go of any pressure as to how something or someone has to BE. Sure, wish and desire freely, send your dreams on their way to be manifested — feel them fully and vividly. Immediately after, say “the how is none of my business” and let go of all that how-pressure. This slows things down because pressure just adds to feeling rushed.

How do you define “mindfulness”? Can you give an example or story?

There are actually two states that go hand in hand to create an enjoyable life; one is being present, the other is being mindful.

To explain, I want to share a page from my book 365 Days of Happiness in which it it clearly shows what each of them means and how to combine them:

365 Days of Happiness DAY 34

Being present means you are aware of — and focused on — your now. “I am here. Doing this. Right now!”

Being mindful means “I see, hear, taste, smell, think, and hear what is right now!”

Think about it… Right now I am here in my new morning. I am sitting in my living room hanging out with my cats. I am aware and present in this moment.

Versus… Right now, I am here in my new morning. I see my beautiful living room — it is a loving sight. I hear the vivid noises of nature. They are sounds of life. I smell fresh coffee. It is the smell of deliciousness. I taste this fresh coffee. It is a taste of magic. I scan my whole body, and feel every feeling there is for me — it feels peaceful. I consciously think thoughts of acceptance, respect, appreciation, gratitude, and love towards all that is for me, all that feels happy. This, right now, is a very sentient moment, in which I am mindful of everything.

Now combine mindful and present together, and you have magic on your hands!

Speaking of your hands, if you focus on your hands you are focusing on your now, because they are always doing whatever they are doing in the now. They pull you mindfully present into your now.

Make your new day a mindfully present one!

That IS happiness!

Can you give examples of how people can integrate mindfulness into their everyday lives?

Sure! A few of them are:

After you take a shower, dry your whole body in a state of mindfulness, talk to your body and thank your body for all it does for you. Become aware of how your body feels.

When you are hungry nourish yourself by being mindful, ask yourself what food you need. When you prepare that food, feel that food. When you eat said food, thank it for bringing the perfect energy into your being.

When walking or driving to work, consciously focus on what is there for you. Hear the singing bird, feel every step you take or feel the car you are in, say “hi” to the sun or rain. Play with what is there for you.

Talk to yourself mindfully, ask “how am I right now?” Take those answers and act on them.

Focus on your hands, they are always doing whatever they are doing in your NOW.

Focus on your breath, it always slows you down, shifting you into a space of deep connection to yourself.

Mostly, become aware of what makes you feel good, of when you feel good, and how can you feel better right in this moment — learn who you are and get to know your connection to the world around you.

Do you have any mindfulness tools that you find most helpful at work?

All my mindfulness tools change with every moment there is, and are always right here — in me, on me, and around me.

In me: all my feelings represent my mindfulness — I feel all my feelings while focusing on my breath.

On me: my smile is a beautiful way to be mindful. I choose to smile a lot and am aware of its energy.

Around me: everything and everyone that is here for me right now represents mindfulness — I make it a priority to be aware of all.

What are your favorite books, podcasts, or resources that inspire you to use mindfulness tools or practices?

I love to be open and “allowing” for everything and everyone that IS in my NOW to BE my favorite inspiration for mindfulness. That can be a smell, a sound, a book, a person, a bird — anything. I learn from all that is here for me right now.

The resources I love to get back to and read once in a while are created by Bruce Lipton, Gregg Braden, and Esther Hicks.

Can you please give us your favorite “Life Lesson Quote”? Can you share how that was relevant to you in your life?

There is nothing ever serious enough to be serious about, but there is always everything amusing enough to be amused by.”~Jacqueline Pirtle

I love how this quote pulls me into lightness and shifts my viewpoint, my feelings, my thoughts, and my life into joy.

You are a person of great influence. If you could inspire a movement that would bring the most amount of good to the most amount of people, what would that be? You never know what your idea can trigger. 🙂

I would love to see that mindfulness, connectedness, and living from your heart is taught in schools. Kids already know early on and can keep learning how to create a happy life for them, how to really know who they are, and how to re-connect with themselves in stressful times by practicing mindfulness, connectedness and living from the heart. It would teach them that they ARE power and it would empower them with a great reason to BE and live while maturing into their journeys. Plus, they deserve to know the truth — their power IS their truth.

Thank you so much for these insights! This was so inspiring!

— –

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Chaya Weiner is the Director of branding and photography at Authority Magazine’s Thought Leader Incubator. TLI is a thought leadership program that helps leaders establish a brand as a trusted authority in their field. Please click HERE to learn more about Thought Leader Incubator.

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