Here’s How to Keep Your Skin Healthy When You’re Always Traveling

Skincare expert Mila Moursi shares her tips.

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Mila Moursi is known as Beverly Hills’ hidden secret and expert in ultimate skin care — from head to toe. She has a unique approach of truly bringing out the very best in skin through her spa treatments, skin care products and lifestyle insight. We sat down with her to ask about prepping your skin for a long flight. 

1. What are your skincare tips before a long haul flight? What kind of products should you prep your skin with and why?

Whether it’s for a vacation or business, just because you’re taking time off from your usual routine doesn’t mean you should take time off from your skin care routine. In fact, you should double up on your skin care, because traveling can really take a toll on your skin. Start planning in advance! Schedule a thorough professional facial a couple of days before your trip in order to oxygenate your skin and cleanse your pores, so your skin is in its best condition before you even step foot into an airport.

On the day of travel, be sure to cleanse with a milky cleanser that gently removes surface debris without stripping skin of its natural moisture. Skin-loving fatty acids and squalane are ideal for leaving skin supple and hydrated (Mila Moursi Cleansing Milk).

Next, a hydrating toner (Mila Moursi Cleansing Toner) provides skin with essential hydration and nutrients to help support skin’s natural moisture barrier and protect it from environmental damage.

Follow with a hydrating serum (Mila Moursi Rejuvenating Serum) with multi-molecular weight hyaluronic acid to plump the skin surface while deeply hydrating skin cells.

Layer with a rich cream (Mila Moursi Cellular Renewal Cream). Peptides, stem cells, and natural botanical oils and butters lock in moisture and promote cell renewal.

Don’t forget the skin on your body! Use a body scrub (Mila MoursiRefining Body Scrub) in the shower or use a dry brush (Mila MoursiRejuvenating Dry Body Brush) before showering. Apply a nourishing, non-greasy dry oil such as Mila Moursi Revitalizing & Beautifying Body Oil, which contains fast-absorbing camellia and blueberry extracts rich in vitamins A, E and F.

Layer with Mila Moursi Firming Body Lotion to seal in hydration. Ground-breaking cyclopeptide-5, amino acids, and multi-molecular weight hyaluronic acid improve elasticity and firmness, leaving skin velvety soft and supple.

On the day of your trip, avoid eating salty foods before and during travel time. Those airplane peanuts, pretzels, and crunchy mixes are not skin-friendly. Bring your own healthy salt-free snacks.

2. What are your skincare tips during a flight? What kind of moisturizers or treatments should you use?

While on the plane, be sure to hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! Add lemon, cucumber, and mint to your bottled water, which activates deeper hydration and helps prevent the dehydration that occurs due to the recycled air in an airplane cabin.

Throughout the flight, be sure to drink plenty of fluids, but avoid caffeine and alcohol, which cause dehydration.

Hydrate not only from the outside-in, but also from the inside-out. Mist your skin with a hydrating spray several times during the flight. You can seal in that hydration with a nourishing oil (Mila Moursi Aromapure Moisturizing Oil) on your face, neck, and décolleté… including the lips!

Skin conditioning oils contain revitalizing, nourishing, and healing essential oils such as geranium, jojoba, and frankincense. These oils contain omega fatty acids and vitamins that deeply moisturize, condition, and protect the skin from dehydration and oxidative stress, while smoothing fine lines and leaving a youthful glow. As long as you’re relaxing in your airplane seat, you might as well apply a leave-on mask (Mila Moursi Hydrating & Soothing Mask), which can help skin renew itself while you get some sleep.

Also, remember that recirculated air in the airplane cabin also dries out the hair, so apply a few pumps of Mila Moursi Revitalizing & Beautifying Body Oil onto the tips of your hair, which will help prevent the ends from drying out and splitting.

3. Would a quick facial massage help? If so, what’re your tips for doing so and what are the benefits?

Yes! Facial massage as well as aromatherapy are the perfect solution, because traveling can be stressful! Massage Mila Moursi Aromapure Moisturizing Oil onto your skin. Start with little circular movements and massage up and outward, moving toward the ears with long, gentle strokes. Jojoba and squalane oils nourish skin, while essential oils such as neroli revitalize skin, Roman chamomile soothe skin, and lavender calm the mind and mood. Facial massage improvesmicro-circulation and leaves you looking more relaxed. You’ll exit the plane with a well-rested look and a natural glow.

4. Is there anything specific you can do for dark circles or puffy eyes?

Eye masks are a great travel essential because they’re easy to slip into a purse or carry-on, and leave you looking well-rested and ready to take on the day. To minimize puffiness and dark circles, use a cooling and hydrating eye mask (Mila Moursi Triple Action Eye Contour Mask). Not only is an eye mask cooling and relaxing during the stress of traveling, but the bioactive ingredients also brighten and refresh the delicate eye areas. Multi-molecular hyaluronic acid keeps eye areas hydrated, reduces puffiness, and prevents moisture loss, while plant-derived stem cells and peptides target fine lines. Eyedeline is a leading-edge marine ingredient that reduces under eye bags, fine lines, and the vascular pigmentation that causes dark circles.

5. What are your tips for looking refreshed as soon as you arrive? Is there anything you can do in the airport bathroom before you head off to your destination?

Use a toning mist as soon as you land. Multi-molecular weight hyaluronic acid and natural plant ingredients such as calendula extract deeply hydrate your skin and help you feel refreshed. Before exiting the airport terminal, take a quick trip to the ladies room, where you can take a few moments to re-hydrate and moisturize. Resist the temptation to re-apply makeup, but if you think you need to do a few re-touches, go easy on your foundation, which can dry out skin and deepen fine lines and wrinkles. Once you’ve reached your destination, don’t stop giving extra care to your skin! Be sure to continue to provide your skin with extra hydration, since skin tends to dry out for a couple of days after a long-haul flight. 

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