Shlomo Yoshai – What You Must Know About Auto Repairs

According to Shlomo Yoshai motor technician, several sensors and embedded cameras are found on the bumpers of vehicles recently introduced on the market.

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According to Shlomo Yoshai motor technician, several sensors and embedded cameras are found on the bumpers of vehicles recently introduced on the market. These parts, which were designed to protect the body, are now real technological elements that require special attention in the event of damage caused by an accident. The slightest mistake can have serious consequences for the motorist.

Find out what procedures you need to put in place to repair the bumpers of recent vehicles.

Respect Manufacturers Standards

Bumpers found on newer vehicles are vulnerable to impact. If the repairs are not carried out according to the standards imposed by the manufacturers, there is often a good chance that the embedded sensors (parking aid, braking, etc.) and the cameras will not work effectively. The parking assistance sensors are numerous (between 4 and 6) and are among the most vulnerable elements distributed over the entire shield. Even the smallest coat of sealant applied to the bodywork can make these sensors inoperable.

To avoid any risk of error that could have serious consequences for motorists, manufacturers often suggest replacing the bumper shield, especially when the damage is located near the sensors.

Often, the cost of repairs is higher on recent bumpers since auto estimators and body shops have no choice but to comply with manufacturers’ standards. Shlomi Yoshai said,  Replacement is as expensive as a repair because several verification steps are necessary to ensure that the electronic components are operational.

Repair Procedures

When conditions permit, repairers can overhaul bumpers, taking care to check certain items before and after repairs to ensure that all systems are operating efficiently. As some types of bumpers can only be painted once, as an additional coat of paint may prevent the sensors from working, it is best to repaint only those areas that have worn out with time.

The automobile damage estimators must be updated to be able to know the main procedures of manufacturers. Technicians must respect the recommendations at each stage by using the appropriate tools. Once the body repairs are done, calibration and reprogramming are two important steps that should not be overlooked.

When these practices begin to precipitate engine wear, the first indication that a repair, or at least an intervention, is coming is when oil consumption rises.

It is important to clarify that it is normal for there to be oil consumption (the amount varies from engine to engine and the user manual should indicate it) since the valve seals, located in their guides and that ensure that this oil does not pass in large quantities to the cylinders, they must allow enough oil to flow through to lubricate the valve stem and valve guide.

In this sense, Shlomi says it is not only normal but also necessary that there be a slight consumption of oil, as it means that this process is being carried out properly.

An indication that oil consumption has increased, in addition to what the dipstick indicates (which should be checked regularly), is that when you accelerate, blue smoke is coming out of the exhaust, which means that you are burning oil. Other symptoms that will appear will be an uneven sound, the car will begin to feel “stuck” because it dirties the spark plugs and they stop burning, and finally the compression of the cylinders will be out of its normal parameters.

On the other hand, episodes such as an overheating of the engine or the breakage of the timing belt due to not changing it on time can also lead to a repair due to internal shocks between the parts of the machine.

Know more with Shlomi Yoshai a motor technician that inspects, diagnoses, and repairs many types of engines, most often in automobiles but also in planes and other equipment in Israel.

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