Shirley Horn’s Jazzy Vibes For The Realm Of Patient’s Timing! #BlackAmericanHer/History360

Jazz Legend, SHIRLEY HORN, Her Performance Of "All My Tomorrows," and The Artistry Of Dancing, Patiently! #BlackAmericanHer/History360

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Tomorrow is never promised. Yet, when it does come, they are a precious sight; many blessings to see. For as the saying goes, tomorrow is not promised! That’s why each and every day, we are granted a treasure from the Universe. There are particular instances of moving through the power of love and appreciation. Tomorrow is one of time’s sense of humor. Celebrate the many treasures and instances of abundance and wellness. What must also be highlighted, relates to the number of surprises, which only tomorrow brings. Love is one of those treasures. It’s one of those passions that we anticipate. Love permits us with the power, and passion, to hang on just for another day. Even when love is in waiting. After all, such nurture is this passionate elixir, which continues to propel us forward into an unbinding vitamin. It holistic and nutritious, simultaneously.

Love is akin to the wellness factor, which glosses our Spirit into that mysterious haven, called. . .healing. Just imagine oneself having not experienced the ecstasy of love’s comfort for so long! And then, that special someone comes along. Not only are they synonymous with Heaven’s blessing to you, but they are also immersed into a wonderful dance with the likes of comfort and wellness. Then again, its all about the timing. One day a person can be alone. The next day, love enters into the realm. Its ecstatic! The tomorrows are exuberant, and filled with a number of prizes and treats!

Jazz is one of those Earthly elements, which understands how to perform that kind of silken patience of love’s blossoming. In fact, one has to feel the music, carefully, and with the greatest level of sensitivity, in order to feel love’s footprints. The performance of this Black American musical form, known as Jazz, is unplanned. It goes with the flow, and demands that we adjust our musical rhythm to it. That’s just how it moves. Those, who plan on having a stiff, and rigid connection are either forced to become more fluid, or they remove themselves from the Jazz world. However, staying in one’s hardened existence, without any prospect of change, is not permitted. And so, we are back to one voice, and one sound; a woman, whose tone permits us to move through different layers, in the very artistry of patience-throughout the very nurture, of love. Her sound has that charisma. It’s that eloquent charm, which is necessary in conveying love’s intrinsic persona. Furthermore, it comes to navigate and and caress the hearts and Spirits for those, desiring to hear. That voice is again, none other than the beloved. . .

Shirley Horn; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark

So, we are hearing another classic. The steps are steadfast, and the mood is akin of a Moon’s silent drinking of champagne. One can even imagine that ecstasy, and velvet texture glittering vivaciously. You imagine the sparkles, and those hidden secrets, and pleasures, of Moonlight’s comfort and stability. In fact, the very vibrations of the Moonlight brings for that titillation into one’s Being. Repetitiously, the glitters paint their essence in our memory; conducting such patterns so eagerly, that it appears they may even be addicted to that sacred mirror and contract, with the night.

In her song, “All My Tomorrows,” listeners come face-to-face with that intrinsic knowledge, that tomorrows will become, todays. Therefore, what we dream yesterday is the opportunity to plant the seeds for the current days. One is not separated from the other. Yesterday. Today. Tomorrow. They are all intertwined with each other. As the way of the Creator’s timing, they are all reflections of each other. They circle through each other; revealing the patterns of the other. It is almost as if they are holding each other’s Universal mirrors. Highlighting reflections of the other’s timing; only to be revealed that there are traces, and pieces, of each other, within, the other. That’s that champagne-colored essence, and texture, within the song, “All My Tomorrows.” Things just feel fantastical. The methods as to how Shirley Horn performs the song, leaves us with anticipation. We are forced to be led by the music. Every sense within our Being is titillated. Furthermore, we are forced to, explore!

No one knows better than I That luck keeps passing me by That fate, but with you there, by my side I’ll soon be turning the tide Just wait

What remains so intrinsic concerning the piano, when following the very terms of “just wait,” is how it personifies the very anticipation of, waiting. In all honesty, it feels as if every part of your auditory, would like to hold onto those particular notes. Desiring to lean into the very specific details of the instrumentation, which follows, “just wait.” And waiting, you are kept. Always remember, that there is an art to the very practice of, patience. Patience is an art form. Furthermore, its movements are so smooth. Not smooth in the traditional way that we are used to experiencing the term. Yet, it is a level of smooth, which moves one into an elixir of feeling that one has been dipped into a hue of chocolate; restoring one’s body to an ecstasy of Heaven’s delectable dressing.

Water is clearly within the context of the lyrics. Interesting that water continues to drape the ecstasy of love’s Divine.; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark

Today, I may not have a thing, at all Except for just a dream, or two But, I’ve got lots of plans for tomorrow And, all my tomorrows, belong to you

Right now, it may not seem like Spring We’re drifting, and the laughs are few But, I’ve got rainbows planned for tomorrow And all my tomorrows belong to you

Its miraculous in how this set of verses plays out; as evident that the blossoming of nature is interconnected with the very artistry of patience. A rainbow’s painting in the sky, truly illuminates the awakening of nature’s role, within the very plan of love’s timing. The planning must after all occur in the present. For the present and the past are intertwined, as one. Setting the layers for the patterning of futures. in Shirley Horn’s vocal delay between her lyrics and the background instrumentation, it is clear that she too, is dancing with patient’s delay, and the subtle blowing, of patient’s timing.; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark

One’s heart comes to skip a beat, when delving into this delectable song, from a Jazz legend. One’s breath moves through a certain patterning, as one is forced to examine its very naturalness. With patience, comes our realignment to what is natural-towards what is, true! There are so many lessons to this song, and its very performance. Planting these seeds for today, in order to experience a lover’s hue! Its a perfect lesson on time, and why time is never fragmented. The past is always mirrored with the present, and rebirths the future, continuously. Its a lesson on why we should never underestimate time, and the timing of love. Every moment, in how we give to the Universe is precious. Each particular, for a millisecond, is Divine; an opportunity to create, and channel love and gentility into the atmosphere. Permitting it to return to us in today’s tomorrows. Appreciate them. Relish in them. Lavish yourself with their rainbows of gentility. For tomorrow, will come soon, and reflect the the patterns of yesterday. Know that there are many tomorrows, and they are silken with the longings of today!; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark

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