Shirley Horn’s Intimacy Of Solitude, In The Oasis Of Moon’s Delight! #BlackAmericanHer/History

Loving Secrets In the Song, "Solitary Moon," By Jazz Legend, SHIRLEY HORN, and the Power Of Solitude In Solace's Time! #BlackAmericanHer/HistoryMonth360

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During the moment when the Moon shows its face, love emerges in full display. Of course, its vibes are invisible. Nevertheless, it is the invisibility, which leads to the aura of mystery; interpreting those loving feelings and applying them to one’s personal journey. Love has its very own character and persona. Yet, the Moon has the power to awaken those hidden feelings. Once they come to life, nothing can hide them, or bring them to a halt. People see, and know, when a person is truly in love. Authenticity reflects its power on our faces. Love does not lie, in the moonlight. Either it is real, OR it isn’t. Either the love is true, or it isn’t. A person may pretend that it is there. Nevertheless, one only causes oneself pain should they decide to fake it. The toxicity only builds up within one’s very system. There is no way around describing it.

Moonlight’s are sentimental because we are forced to go into the very depths of our feelings. Thus, we are permitted to go deeper. We are forced to be honest with ourselves about love, and who we desire to love. Should we decide to go even deeper, we can say that the Moonlight is Heaven’s gift for truth. Clearly, the Creator placed the Moon within a particular positioning for a certain reason. That reason has previously been made very clear. Of course, there is a particular poetry, which comes from the very artistry of the Moon. It is as if it is conveying to humanity about this sacred world of love. It’s an invisible pleasure, which titillates our mind and emotions. We yearn to go into this haven of love. Why? Simply put, we are in need of healing. It is the healing process, which moves us to understand why we, as humanity, seek love’s comfort, so badly. In fact, that’s the very purpose of pain. Through this regard, pain can be a blessing.

We are back to that nurturing ecstasy called, Jazz. There is a certain pleasure about Jazz, which performs the secret mysteries of Moonlight’s timing. Something about Jazz music, makes the Moonlight feel even more closer to our presence on Earth. Once a particular song, from this genre is played, the Moon comes to occupy a particular section within our homes. Upon that interaction, its mystery doesn’t seem so distant. In fact, we are reminded that it is closer to the heart, than we imagined. Such is one of the many secrets of the Moon’s timing. Of course, when it comes to the very performance of Jazz, one has to have a particular timber, concerning this performance of the Moon’s texture. A particular level of eloquence is needed in order to understand just what is meant to move through a Moon’s trajectory. Not every Jazz singer can sing about the Moon. You truly have to know what you are doing. Vocally, you needed to have gone into your musical imagination; all the while understanding the texture of the Moon. It is a necessity. Furthermore, the music is meant to capture and present the tranquility and gentility of the Moon’s tapestry. Like the Moon, and Heaven’s design of it, the music is meant to soften our minds, bodies, and Souls. In such a busy world, so many people have lost touch with their higher sense of connection to Heaven’s natural purpose for us. It even goes all the way to our breath, and how we breathe. Even in this chaotic world, we have gotten out of alignment, with how Heaven has ordained us to navigate through this world.

And so, we return back to one particular singer. Her voice. Her sound. It’s that champagne-colored sound, which gives that imagination of glitter and sparkles being spread through the Earth. Again, there is that velvet-like texture, which has decorated her voice. It feels soothing and warm, simultaneously. Just imagine a silken texture of coffee, with the light sprinkles and touch of glitter. Just imagine! And so, we return to the legacy of. . .

Shirley Horn; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark

This particular song is called, “Solitary Moon!” And, why is the moon, solitary? Could it be because Heaven is trying to send us a message? Is it during the time of solitude, when our thoughts become clear? Is it during the time of solitude when we come to assess our pains, and what we need to work on? Perhaps, that is the reason for such. Solitude is that special timing with Heaven, and the Creator’s timing. It is that moment of meditation and prayer. Remember, the Moon is Heaven’s symbol of truth! It’s amazing how the very essence of truth comes to us, when we are alone. Powerful, is it not?

So, here we are within the context of truth’s gaze. The very lyrics of the song not only captivate truth, but also the very power of, Love! Of course, love and truth are reflections of the other. In order for love to grow, truth must be received. For truth to be received, a person must be willing to vulnerable! There is no way around it. Sometimes pain stifles us in our desire and willingness to be loved. We can become bitter, closed off, and distant. Sometimes pain, causes us to even despise the very notion of love. Then, there are those songs, which are so delectable, nourishing, and tasty, that we feel that enchanting power of love. It feels more than good. In fact, it feels, Divine! Love comes as a blessings! Lovemaking transforms as Heaven’s medicine! Of course, the lyrics to the song are telling, indeed!

When the night is wrapped around us And the dawn might come too soon When the only light’s that’s found us Is the solitary moon

When the songbird in the willow Sings a soft and soulful tune Once again you share my pillow Making love to me Tenderly here, as we share the silent moon

As it slowly sails above us In its solitary flight Seems the moon must surely love us As it bathes us in its light

As it slowly sails above us In its solitary flight Seems the moon must surely love us As it bathes us in its light

Say that we can spend the day Through a sunlit afternoon Let your kisses say you stay here And make love to me Tenderly here, as we share the silent moon

Say that we can spend the day
Through a sunlit afternoon
Let your kisses say you stay here
And make love to me
Tenderly here, as we share the silent moon

The solitary moon
No ordinary moon
The solitary moon; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark

There is something truly special and sacred about this moon, isn’t it? Fascinating that a lonely moon has the power to attract the most profound, and intense, passions of love. I guess that’s what happens when one’s mind is not filled with silly notions and distractions. That’s part of the process in returning back to love. One of the greatest things concerning returning back to love is how even more intense the passion truly is. And that’s another point, which deserves to be acknowledged. Returning back to love, and allowing one’s being to be loved, requires an initial return of trust for one’s own Being! Before a person can trust another, they must learn to trust oneself. Before one can love another, they must first fall in love, with oneself-oneself and that special connection to the Divine. It’s the initial step in love. It is sweet, and it is sacred!

Of course, the piece is slow and steady. Listening to the song, a person feels as if they are floating. Love feels sacred, gentile, and serene. As Shirley Horn’s voice colors the song with that champagne-like texture, it is clearly a splendid persona, when hearing that level of healing. Heaven is healing. The Creator’s love is nutritious, and humanity was blessed to have been given such a precious gift. Yet, in order to feel love’s healing, we have to place ourselves into the Spirit of solitude, and become, still. When getting ourselves into that element in receiving love, our minds, bodies, and Spirits must become spaces of healing and restoration. It is a necessary cleansing, which is needed if one is to experience, love! The cleansing, itself, can be a painful process. Nevertheless, it is well worth it. It’s that sigh of relief when a person has reached a pivotal moment and point in our emotional well-being and transition. Let’s be rather frank. It can be scary, initially. Change can be rather scary. It’s that initial shift in which people are feeling their comfort zone becoming overturned. After all, comfort can be dangerous. It means that a person is not moving into a state of progression. And when there is no progress, a person feels as if they are in a situation of being, stuck. Being stuck leads to frustration. It leads to self-hatred, self-pity. As hard as it may be to understand, let this be forever known. Change brings forth healing! Of course, there are discomforts to healing! Yet, it is worth it, and one comes out restored.

Let your kisses say you stay here, And make love to me, Tenderly here, as we share the silent moon; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark

Again, one experiences the fascination of intimacy and its connection with silence. After all intimacy is about self-discovery and exploration. In order for such to occur, a person must again, release oneself to the very ecstasy of vulnerability. A person must be willing to open oneself to another; permitting themselves to see their scars and flaws. One cannot hide, or paint a false image of confidence, in order that one does not see. Just remember that the Moon is bright because honest is, bold! A person cannot pretend love into existence. Either it is real, or it isn’t. Either you feel it, or you don’t.

And so, as we continue to move through the very blessing of this song, let’s continue to remember our very reason for seeking love. We seek love because it is true! And, of course, we seek love because there is restoration in loving someone, and seeing them in you. Always remember that love permits one to explore those hidden parts, within one’s memory. Love grants one the power in envisioning what it means to find fulfillment in love’s comfort. Love is wonderful, Divine, and holistic. Love truly conquers all. Love truly heals all. Yet, it is only if we permit it to. However, it doesn’t have to be giant footprints. Sometimes our path to love requires that we take baby steps. It requires that we return to where we were as babies. Once that takes place, we can reclaim our innocence; ever seeing ourselves, as deserving of love. That’s one of the most intriguing dynamics surrounding our particular trajectory. Whatever neglect or forms of abandonment we may have had, all of that becomes irrelevant. We return to being our innocent selves. For as infants, when we were alone, we naturally yearned for, Love!; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark

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