Shirley Horn: Monday Meditation With The Stars! #BlackAmericanHer/History360

The Song, "Here's To Life," By Famed Jazz Singer and Pianist, SHIRLEY HORN, and the Magical Healer, Of a Black American Silk, Known As, JAZZ! #BlackAmericanHer/History360

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One of the beauties surrounding the essence of that Black American perfume, known as Jazz, are those legendary figures, who performed it. Black American men and Black American mother images, who ensured to bring, and perform that essence of that particular journey. It is a hard journey. It is a nutritious one, at that. Jazz is a journey of cultivating, and navigating, through dreams. While it feels smooth sailing, comforting, and the pleasure of ease, the journey of creating this musical journey came from harsh circumstances. It came from having to survive, overcome, and find fulfillment in the simple pleasures of life; no matter the limitations (and boundaries), ahead. It also comes from the power of a people in having to move through the very narrative of their own survival. Overcoming what was meant to destroy, and using it for the fulfillment, and empowerment of one’s very people. Jazz is the Black American perfume, which expresses the after math of elegance in struggles, overcome. Jazz is the elegance of silk, which laces Black American gardens. It is intrinsic and moves one’s understanding of care and love into that sacred reflection of relief. It feels good to ponder upon what a people has overcome, and manifested into reality. Bringing in the impossibilities in order that humanity observes the power of creativity-its infinite wonder and majesty.

So, when we have particular Black American women legends, who convey this, the experience becomes a wonderful texture, which pleases the ear. There are those legendary women, who have the grace and power to do so. It is a particular lens, regarding the power of eloquence, and singing one facet of Jazz music, in the manner of silk. There is one such legend, from Washington D.C., whose elegance and performance of the Jazz, greatly highlighted those stories, and treasures of Black American treasures! Her name was. . .

Shirley Horn; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark

Yet, there is one particular song seems to convey, not only her artistry, but that level of enchanting elegance, which highlights the very reason for why Jazz music was created, to begin with. It softens the Black American experience, within the United States of America. Furthermore, there is a particular color and texture which glaces the smoothness of this healing phase of Black American aesthetics. One such song is “Here’s To Life.”

The song is a Classic to the repertoire of Shirley Horn, and to Jazz music, itself. Here, life is beautiful, even in those ugly times, even in those uncertain elements of regret; wishing one had the power to rewrite the past. Nevertheless, her/history is already written. Therefore, we continue from where we are, and make it, better. People must pick up from there, and move forward. Here’s to life!

That’s the story of the Black American experience. Having that hope, and continuing to birth dreams, until they have manifested into Earth’s reality. That’s the pleasure of our musical her/history. In fact, there have been different phases, within the journey and experience. Its why there are so many different fashions, musical genres, styles, and others. Yet, it’s the perfume of Jazz, which silkens Black America’s experience. And yet, through this song, there is a velvet essence of reflection. Things are comforting, and at ease. There are continuous breaths being made; being re-nourished, released, and having been re-birthed. Finally, one has gotten further, within that place. Its a euphoric feeling! And, euphoria, is one of the fascinations of, liberation! Emotional wellness and ease!

A person can get lost in the comforts of the song. Whenever one feels the pains and agonies, within, there is still the treasure of, peace! Harmony is a jewel to be celebrated. After all, it often brings a level of calm, whenever the pains of the world seem to overcome one’s Spirit.; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark

Black Americans know all too well the power, and calm, of silkening oneself into a new texture of wellness. Layering ourselves with the pleasures of healing, when reality is too ugly to bare. When other people want to dirt you in their ugliness, hatred, and insecurities, it was the music which renewal the Spirit of Black American people. So, let the music 🎶🎶 play. Permit its beauty to surround one’s sorrow, and find the music 🎶🎶 bring forth comfort for, evermore!

After all, as the song goes, “here’s to life!” Life is grand. It is beautiful. Even in its ugly times and ways, there are still those beauties, which are found as the hidden gems, underneath sacred soil, of life’s delicate, retreat!; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark

To listen to more of the work of SHIRLEY HORN, you may click on the following link, below:


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