Shifting Your MINDSET from “CAN’T” to “CAN!”

Christy Whitman on the Desire Factor

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Shifting Your MINDSET from CANT to CAN

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If one merely came upon the stand alone titles of only Christy Whitman’s books and nothing else, you would likely know for the ways in which you may have come to learn anything about me – – the whys and the hows for how it is that Christy Whitman and I would be so energetically aligned – – – why this fascinating spitfire of a fully illuminated, high-vibing human being would instantly resonate with me at the deepest levels of my core being, and for the plethora of ways and for the myriad of reasons she most certainly does! Christy Whitman is STELLAR in all the wondrous facets of her supreme higher beingness! 

Why is it that I might feel inclined to sing this woman’s praises as earnestly as what I do?! As I have cited from day one for anywhere I could profess it, declare it, discuss it…I have consistently gone on record as stating that the people who I am most energetically drawn to, and for whom it is I feel a strong intuitive urge or a compelling pull in which to gravitate towards, are those who are most candid, most real, most vulnerable…those who have demonstrated their own individual calling and enough so, so as to fundamentally stand in their own power, therefore being of instrumental service to the collective for the common good of all…to pay it forward in the most meaningful and the most cathartic of ways – – thereby enriching the minds, the hearts, the spirits and the souls of others. Those like the Christy Whitman’s of the world who are altruistically and tirelessly committed to the overall journey of evolving the collective level of consciousness for all of humankind. The Christy Whitman’s of the world who continuously choose to initiate playing an active role in voluntarily being a contributor, a cooperative component in whatever means, vehicles, platforms available to them in which to uniquely show up as part of the solution in creatively absolving others of their pain, their strife, their struggles or hardships – – to recalibrate mindsets – – to infuse lightness and brightness – – to uplift and to inspire the infusement of growth, healing, prosperity and abundance for the higher good of all.  

I believe this would be an accurate assessment for who and what Christy Whitman embodies, represents, stands for and personifies as the walking, talking, breathing example for how she not only shows up for herself, but how it is she ultimately chooses to show up in the lives of others, too. What a beautiful life and legacy you have cultivated, nurtured and manifested for yourself, Christy! Your win has mutually proven to be the win for the overall benefit of the collective – – the gift that keeps on giving! Thank you for rising, Christy! Thank you for shining, Christy! Thank you for being exactly YOU! Much appreciated!

On behalf of both Christy and myself, we wish to mutually express our wholehearted gratitude to each of you for generously taking the time to read this Feature Article! We also wish to extend our mutual appreciation to each of you for additionally taking the time to listen to our full interview via the enclosed podcast link! For anyone wishing to take the conversation further beyond this brilliant #ThriveGlobal Forum, please know that it would be our mutual honour and our equal pleasure in which to connect with you on a one-to-one basis! “I Want For You What You Want For You!” ~ Byron Katie.

Be your own Hero. Be your own Shero. 
Be your own Leader. Be your own Best Friend! 

Love & Gratitude ~ Lisa
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Who is Christy Whitman?!?

Christy Whitman is a New York Times bestselling author (Quantum Success, The Art of Having It All, Taming Your Alpha Bitch) and highly sought-after life coach.

Christy is passionate about transmuting people’s outermost desires for things such as wealth, power, or fame into the building blocks for a deeper, more valuable sense of self and purpose.

Christy’s #1 New York Times Bestseller, The Art of Having It All, has helped millions of readers worldwide shift from “CAN’T” to “CAN.” Her new book, The DESIRE FACTOR: How To Embrace Your Materialistic Nature to Reclaim Your Full Spiritual Power [Beyond Words/April 2021] will help guide readers through a deeper, more spiritually connected journey of taking those every day desires shared by all of us and using them to manifest a more personal, more dynamic sense of fulfilment.

The new book offers readers and listeners the tools to find their happiness, abundance, and success by leveraging the desires they already possess.
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