She Shoots! She Scores! GOAL!

It is my belief that without goal-setting coupled with daily massive action-taking - aimlessly drifting without a true sense of purpose is likely in ones projected forecast.

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As a goal-oriented enthusiast my entire life, I have incorporated the daily ritual of tangibly documenting, recording, transcribing and verbally communicating my intentions and goals as a form of personal and professional accountability, manifesting, and visualizing, most of my life.Whether it was as a previous competitive swimmer who discussed my projected goals with my coaches, or as a Director in Senior Management within social services who worked in tandem with clients, staff, volunteers, practicum students, and the government to establish goals, or as a divorced woman who had the goal of doing the buyout of my family home for the security and stability of my children, or as a serial solopreneur who has continued to momentously scale my business within the last four years as a result of my reinvention process – goals have always been a pivotal and essential part of my daily routine and core being including in my coaching and mentoring practice with my clients.

It is my belief that without goal-setting coupled with daily massive action-taking – aimlessly drifting without a true sense of purpose is likely in ones projected forecast. For me, goals are a pledge, an allegiance one makes to oneself as a symbol and gesture of self-respect and self-worth. I believe self-empowerment and the ability to authentically empower others to empower themselves is birthed out of goals. Goals are indicative of the fierce commitment to growth, expansion, evolving, improving, learning – all of which falls under the umbrella of self-love in my humble opinion. When you truly love yourself and embrace all that you embody as a meaningful human being – one who sees it as their inherent responsibility to be a meaningful contributor to the collective – you very quickly realize there is consistent work needing to be done to shift consciousness on this planet,especially with respect to paying it forward and being of service to others.

The more clear we each are on who we are, what we each individually and uniquely bring to the table of life – the more we treat ourselves as a necessary investment – the more we hone our crafts and gifts, and remain committed to consistently being the best and most improved version of ourselves and on a daily basis – the more realistic and practical it becomes to assist others in the elevation of reaching their own goals – it becomes such a beautiful domino effect in the tapestry of being interwoven with others in the mission/plight/quest to achieve and conquer our own goals while simultaneously assisting others in their journey to accomplish their own.It’s a win win scenario for all!

As I have cited in previously written blogs, my live-stream videos, in my stage talks, and also when LIVE on both radio and TV – I religiously write my goals down on a daily basis inclusive of daily, weekly monthly and annual goals. Many of my goals have taken well over one year, two years and in one particular instance – five years in which to materialize and come to full fruition. I realize how fleeting time is. Five years may seem inconceivable at the inception of my goal-setting, however, we can all resonate with the blink of an eye adage.

There are some very interesting schools of thought in the personal development culture with respect to the subject of motivation. I subscribe to much of the philosophy which purports that motivation in and of itself is an illusion. We are not naturally motivated to be motivated one hundred percent of the time – rather, motivation as a concept requires forced levels of self-discipline to consistently be honed and applied until such time it simply becomes an actual reality in ones own life – until such time this reality becomes second nature for one to incorporate daily rituals, and habits into their daily lives and routines.To my understanding of how self-discipline, habits,and rituals are integrated by me in my own life; consistent with my own DNA and mindset, this is how I have come to understand what lies beneath the core foundation of self-prescribed pattern-setting and trend-setting. In essence – I force myself to be motivated and remain consistently motivated in achieving my pre-established goals by repetitiously following through on my identified action-items and action-taking self-discipline, required to non-negotiably meet and achieve my goals!

I have reconfigured and have re-calibrated my mindset and my work ethic in such away and to such a degree, that I reject any and all excuses, reasons, justifications, and rationalizations as to why I perceivably cannot accomplish my own goals. I often times re-strategize, re-examine, re-apply, re-visit my approaches and my methods so as to find a better way, a smarter way, perhaps a more efficient way to reach my objectives, my targets, my outcomes, and my goals. I will always remain committed to revamping the process if need be as opposed to allowing myself to disregard or dispose of my goals altogether simply because my goals coming to fruition may prove to be a timely or frustrating journey.

I go into every project, every goal, every endeavor already knowing that there will inevitably be setbacks, delays, disappointments, and unforeseen circumstances. I count on it each and every time and I ensure that I also equally remain committed to the intuitive, productive, and positive self-talk I MUST continuously engage in with myself to keep things in perspective, and to remain mindful of what my end goals are. I talk to myself as I would a client, a friend, a family member or even a stranger if they were in the midst of challenge, hardship, and strife. As I consistently say to others and subscribe to wholeheartedly myself, Be your own Hero. Be your own Shero. Be your own Leader. Be your own Best Friend. I recite this over and over in my own head when things are great and when they are not. I recite this in my own head when I am top of my game and thriving as well as when I am not so top of my game and feeling rather challenged.

I do not purport to have all the answers with anything in life. I am not here to convert other people or to imply that my methodologies and practices are better than anyone else’s. I am here to share with the collective what I know works for me with the intention and purpose that it may assist or guides someone else in their own personal journey. I am here to uplift you to fear less and to live more.

Love & Gratitude ~

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