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Keepin’ It Real with Trish Tonaj

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Share your Story - Pay it Forward Trish Tonaj #livingfearlessly #thriveglobal

Storytelling has never before been as essential a vehicle for collective connection as it is within this current culture of unprecedented times. This is particularly true of Entrepreneurs, Business Owners, Leaders, and CEO’s, who are navigating careers, clients, projects and many other endeavours or initiatives during the precariousness of 2020. 

As someone who is celebrating the impressive twenty-seventh anniversary as a successful Entrepreneur…former radio guest, and fellow Thrive Global Contributor, Trish Tonaj, knows firsthand the imperativeness of innovation coupled with adaptability. Twenty-seven years as an Entrepreneur is certainly nothing to sneeze at. Majority of businesses and business owners, statistically do not surpass the five year mark, unfortunately. So what then, might you be asking, is the secret sauce or the special ingredient for Trish’s longevity? Simply put…it comes down to attitude, mindset and resilience. All qualities and characteristics Trish embodies, I might add. Results do not lie. Approaching three longstanding decades of continuous momentum and success within the business realm does not just happen on its own nor is it a random anomaly nor is it a mere coincidence. Quite the contrary. A track record of this kind is in fact a derivative of nothing other than sheer commitment, fierce devotion, unwavering fortitude, and a feverish relentlessness to ultimately THRIVE!

Congratulations to my friend, peer, and respected colleague,Trish Tonaj, for exemplifying excellence to the rest of us entrepreneurs, especially us fellow female entrepreneurs for taking the courageous lead on how to “Get ‘er done!” This woman is and continues to be a huge inspiration to me both personally and professionally. And because of Trish Tonaj being exactly who she is and doing what it is she consistently does…I am only one of countless who holds Trish in such incredibly high regard. Again, results do not lie.

It was once again my honour and my privilege to have been afforded the opportunity and the gift of Trish’s invaluable time, in which to have re-showcased her as my guest on the Living Fearlessly with Lisa McDonald international radio/podcast show! My conversations with Trish both on and off the air are never redundant in nature. Trish always has something fresh and uniquely new in which to share and to impart to both myself and to the global listening audience in addition to the Living Fearlessly with Lisa McDonald podcast subscribers. For that and for many other innumerable reasons, I am immensely grateful and appreciative to Trish for the generosity of her wisdom, time and energies. 

Trish often reiterates the imperativeness of both paying it forward and being of service to others. This has never been for optics, buy-in, or for accolades.This is a fundamental principle within Trish’s belief system and core values; central to who she wholeheartedly is as a human being, which makes those words more so interwoven into the fabric of Trish’s genuine humanity. Trish’s overall business model in conjunction with her superb work ethic, and level of integrity stems from and is predicated on…one being congruent and aligned with the other. Trish is one person who WILL and DOES go over and beyond any call of duty. She not only meets people’s expectations…she exceeds them. 

I would highly encourage all you gracious #ThriveGlobal Readers and Community Members to take advantage of only a glimmer of what Trish has to offer by kindly tuning into the enclosed podcast link of our terrific interview together in addition to the benefits you stand to gain by consuming her own thought-provoking content also made available on this brilliant forum of #ThriveGlobal. Trish offers vitality, common sense, intelligence, and a plethora of gains and benefits for all through her various platforms, consistent output of content sharing, products and services. 
As I often say (and because it is true)…we don’t know what we don’t know. Part of my contribution to the collective for paying it forward and being of service is to share with others – – those who I personally and professionally know, who have not only been instrumental in my life but who can also become instrumental in yours. Trish Tonaj would be top of that list of personal and professional recommendations from me to you. I only ever aspire to get behind the win win scenario for any and all parties involved – – the collective. I believe it is my inherent responsibility and my due diligence to not hoard great information or phenomenal people, that which can be of mutual benefit or aid as an asset in your life or in your business as has been the tangible outcome or end result for me in mine. “I want for you what you want for you” ~ Byron Katie. 

Thank you friends for once again, kindly taking the time to not only read my Feature Article on Trish Tonaj but for also listening to the enclosed podcast link of our informative and uplifting conversation together on Living Fearlessly on Lisa McDonald! Your time, energies, and enthusiasm never goes unnoticed by me. I appreciate all gestures of kindness and take nothing for granted, so thank you once again. I am forever grateful.
For anyone here who is reading this article, and who wishes to initiate individual contact with either or with both Trish Tonaj and myself, so as to take the conversation further, please know that it would be our mutual honour and pleasure to more personally connect and engage with you. As servant leaders, we would love to be of additional support and assistance to you in whichever ways you may deem to be a suitable fit in going forward. Please know that on behalf of both Trish and myself…you are appreciated!

Uplifting You To Fear Less And To Live More! 

Be your own Hero. Be your own Shero. 
Be your own Leader. Be your own Best Friend! 
Love & Gratitude ~ Lisa
#Grateful #ThriveThursday #ThriveGlobal #LivingFearlessly


Trish Tonaj believes in the power of storytelling and knows that sharing stories creates an environment of mentorship, business innovation and collaboration.

As a Master Coach, and Certifed Personal Trainer she works with entrepreneurs and leadership teams shaping organizational culture and breaking barriers to success.

Trish is the founder and guest blog host for featuring entrepreneurs who are passionate about their business. She is also the host for Business Mentorship; Keepin’ It Real, a live interview and podcast series.

As a published author, she has two books: Breaking Barriers 10 Entrepreneurial Women Share Their Stories and a Diary of Change 12 Personal Tools.

With a love of writing she has co-authored an e-magazine on Wealth and Wellbeing and is a regular contributor to Thrive Global and canfitpro magazine.

If your an entrepreneur…she invites you to share your story and pay it forward through Mentorship!

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