Shadia’s Performance Of Blinding Heart, With Loving Eyes!

The Power Of Understanding The Meaning Of True Love, Yearning, and the Willingness to Believe What One Sees, Through Legendary Egyptian Singer and Actress-SHADIA-And Her Song, "In Rah Mennek Ya Ain!"

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When a man leaves a woman, there is a host of emotions running through our minds, hearts, and Spirits. Women come to question the very reason for a man having left them. What did we do wrong? What happened? Of course, when a man leaves our particular gaze, there is a telling story, indeed. One question must be stated. What does it mean from the heart? Does it translate that a man has lost interest in partaking in our affections? Does it mean that there is something (or someone) else, which has the power of pulling away a man’s affections? What does this mean?

The eyes are an enchanting gift, which have been given to humanity as a blessing. What is also fascinating about the eyes, is the deep pact, in which they have made with the Soul! A man’s eyes, a woman’s eyes, have the power to draw us closer into the restoration of our humanity. The eyes bridge together the worlds of imagination and reality. Such beauties have the power to reflect the wander of human interaction, courtship, and the very performance of love. When a person traps you in their gaze, it means there is that initial connection of, going deeper. They desire to move in a way, where they can explore who you are, and if there is a matching within your energies. To trap a person through sight is a very passionate experience. In wanting to know their Soul, there is also an invitation in wanting them to explore yours. You send out the invitation, and you hope they accept. It’s like a social party. Only this time, love is involved!

Sometimes, certain languages and cultures have a particular way in describing this, initial invitation. The catching of a person’s image, through the very persona of one’s eyes! It’s intriguing, don’t you think? When it moves through matters of the heart, the eyes make things complicated. Sometimes, there is confusion involved. If a man leaves the very proximity of a woman’s vision, what does it say about the connection? What does it entail about the level of intimacy, that is involved? It is an important question, nevertheless. Even if a woman does not necessarily see the connection, her heart (and the very sensory of her Being), knows when he is not there. So, one question is left to be addressed? What is a woman to do?

Moving into Egyptian waters and domains, we are presented with the very artistry of such a dilemma. Of course, there is one particular, Egyptian legend, who made such a conversation, a Classic! However, what is mysterious, concerning her performance of the song, is that she piques the imagination with a level of delicacy. It doesn’t become so agonizing for a woman to address such circumstances. In fact, it is careful thinking; a moment of reflection, with traces of restoration. It incites that “what would you do?” question. There was one Egyptian dame, who had the artistry in crafting the very telling of heartbreak, in a way that was delicate and gentle. Her name is none other than. . .

Shadia; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark

Born as Fatma Ahmed Kamal Shaker, she was known to the Egyptian entertainment industry through the very use of a name’s singularity. She was born in Cairo, Egypt, and is considered to be one of Egypt’s most iconic actresses and singers; having starred in many comedies and dramatic roles, between the 1950’s-1960’s period. One of her most iconic songs is “Ya Habibti Ya Masr” (“Oh Egypt, My Love”)-a sacred love letter to the very nation of Egypt. Her accomplishment are many. Of course, for another writing, for another telling. Nevertheless, Shadia made sure to leave her mark, when it came to her performance (and portrayal) of love’s gaze; no longer being yearned. Such a song is none other than, “In Ra Mennek Ya Ain.”

The song is rather elegant. In fact, its very charm takes places at a social party. Everyone is dressed in their upscale attire. Courtship decorates the spacing, and people are left in anticipation, concerning what our Beloved Shadia has for the night’s performance. She is greeted by another woman, who is a fellow guest at the party. Prior to hearing Shadia’s introduction on the piano, she is in conversation with a man, who has been captured by her charm. Yet, it is the music, which guides the female guest to another spacing in the room. Music has that way, about it! She greets Shadia, and proceeds to her seating for tonight’s entertainment. Furthermore, there are certain level of charm and euphoria, when a woman is able to detail her performance, through song.

Now, it is Shadia, who has captured the attention of a man. Her look, vocal capabilities, and gaze clearly pleases him. However, it is obvious, that it is her words, which prove to be the most magnetic. Her wrapping, and immersion, with musical artistry creates an auspicious decor among the attendees. Sitting around the performance spacing, while finding a wealth of abundance and nourishment, her voice has discovered appeasement, among their presence. However, the theme of the performance brings a concern to one of the women, who image serves as a focal point, within the scene. Could it be the words? Yes, it is the words. So, it is through the words, of Shadia, in which we shall, explore!; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark

English Translation:

If he is away from my eyes Where does he go from my heart The heart loves only once It doesn’t love twice The love in our hearts How the people think about it! Its occupying us, However, we repented and tried to forget it And we swore on it And, however, we get far from it Its forgetfulness is more hard And why should my eyes fear?

Looking into this part of the song, a keen observation must be taken. It’s amazing how the eyes and heart interchange, as one. They are obviously, in sync, with each other. Their rhythms are colorful in their allure. It is a nourishing feeling, in fact. For Shadia subconsciously makes it clear that sight and love are intertwined with each other. Yet, there is one question, which comes to mind. Why does she proclaim that one can “love only once,” not twice? Could it be that despite having more than one Soulmate, there is that one person, who is our Universal complement? What is the underlying message that Shadia is trying to convey to us? Perhaps, just perhaps, there is one part of our heart, which is solely belonging to another person. In return, they have a part of us, which mainly belongs to them. Perhaps, this is where we are trying to get to; addressing the “myth” of having a particular attraction, and connection, with one person. What if our beloved dame is directing us to a special place of moving through a certain mastery and presence? What if “the one” is the reason for being able to truly love, once; as they are reflective mirrors within our very Soul? Maybe, that is the case. When you have someone, who literally matches your Soul, it starts to make sense on why you can only “love once.”

Where does he go from my heart? The heart loves only once It doesn’t love twice I swear for all suffering with him, without dating I will make him taste long, lonely nights So, he will not go away And I will cool my fire, by his fire And I will finish my revenge on him Don’t care my eyes Where does he go from my heart? The heart loves only once

Ah! Now that we have affirmed the reason for such a longing, let it be known that love, and this kind of love, is nothing to play with. You do not mess around with a woman’s feelings; especially, when she knows, and you know, that your Spirits are true complements of each other. When the love is authentic! That’s where the revenge comes into play. When a woman truly loves, she loves, with the release of her passion. “Don’t care my eyes; Where does he go from my heart?” Such a wonder permits one to experience love, from a deeper sight. There we have it. The gaze is not merely for vanity, or to get a person to notice one’s Being. The gaze is meant for a deeper experience. Should you permit a person, one looks deeper, within the confines of the Soul.; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark

Don’t be cruel over me Don’t forget what happened The night is still coming Even more than what we had Oh from his confusion and pain His eagerness will go day and night Let him go, my eyes Where does he go from my heart The heart loves only once It doesn’t love twice

Clearly, throughout the song, there is a game of pull and tug. If her eyes were to let him go, would the heart follow suit? Would the eyes also move through a different awakening, understanding that it is the heart (or the hidden sensory), which first brings that initial attraction to love? Whatever it may be, let it be known that the body is a Spiritual vesicle, as well. Too often, people forget about that. Maybe the eyes, are a protective mechanism for the heart. The eyes pretend not to care, while the heart yearns for affection. Perhaps, there is another underlying theme within the song, in our need to control love. Yet, love does not work in that way. Love releases. Love does not aim to control or force a person to be with them. There is simply a mutual agreement between both parties. Love flows. In hearing Shadia perform, perhaps, what she is a tug of war between one’s mind and one’s heart. Should I stay? Should I go?

And so, the story has concluded. The song has come to its ending. The young dame, who initially approaches Shadia, while she is at the piano, is forced to assess the inevitable? Is he the one for her? Should she stay or should she go? What is the purpose of such affection? Has the heart been deceived? No one knows. Yet, what we do know, is this. True love is never blind, when the eyes and heart are, harmonically aligned!

To listen to more songs from Shadia, you can click on the link, below:; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark

[Note: The translation for the song, “In Rah Mennek Ya Ain,” was taken from the following site:]

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