Seven healthy and quick snack items for Covid -John Spach

John Spach

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John Spach
John Spach

The pandemic has left the lives of many families in chaos. With schools and other educational institutions closed, people have a hard time keeping a healthy snack routine. Making things even more complicated, panic buying and binging on unhealthy food items has resulted in unhealthy diets. Along with it, loss of income and unemployment are bringing a financial challenge.

While most of us are looking at ready-to-eat meals and processes food items as a quick getaway, other alternatives have proven to be much more convenient and healthy. Listed below are some easy go-to snack items; there are a few healthy eating tips

John Spach suggests a balanced diet of fruit and vegetables

It is essential to include a healthy amount of fruits and vegetables in your diet. You can cook batches of dishes with vegetables and freeze them, which will provide different meal choices for at least several days.

Switch to dried or canned alternative, if fresh is not available

During the pandemic, you should not take regular trips to the market for fresh produce. If you are unable to get your hands on fresh produce, you can switch to canned alternatives.

Stock healthy snacks

Instead of stocking processed food items, it is best to stock up healthy snacks for binging. 

Keep the intake of highly processed food in check

It is necessary to limit the consumption of highly processed items. It is easy to get them, but it can result in an unhealthy diet and specific health issues.

Maintain meaningful family time during lunches and dinners

Spending meaningful time with your family can create a meaningful routine, especially in these challenging times.

Work from home has become a new way of life for almost all of us, leading us to indulge in bringing unhealthy snacks. John Spachbrings you seven snack items that you can quickly throw in together for binging!

1. You can make your trail mix with a few healthy items, including dry fruits, seeds, some nuts, and dark chocolate. You can mix it by portioning it into 1\4 cup serving sizes.

2. Try a new smoothie blend with a frozen fruit item, Greek yogurt, and add milk according to your liking. You may spike up the nutritional contents of this delicious smoothie. You can either add spinach or kale.

3. For a regular intake of fresh vegetables, you can revamp it with a dip made of cottage cheese, dried spices, and herbs. You can also try it with Greek yogurt, adding parsley, chives, garlic powder, and onion powder.

4. Make your deli meat “roll-up” with some cream cheese spread. You can also add string cheese to make it cheesier, along with some bell peppers, pickles, or carrots for crunchiness.

5. You can try an easy homemade hummus recipe—a little bit of lemon, garlic, and some olive oil, blended with garbanzo beans. You may serve it with pita bread, crackers, or only fresh vegetables.

6. Natural nut butter with sliced-up fruits like apples, pear, or bananas tastes good. You may add celery. To make it a fancier binge item, you can top it with cranberries or raisins.

7. Hard-boiled eggs are century-old snacks, which provide a powerful punch of protein. You can use it as a snack item.

Apart from taking care of your eating habits and keeping a healthy diet, you must follow proper hygiene and take precautions.

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