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The healthcare system in the 21st century is under more demand than ever, with human sickness and medical ailments on the rise (not to mention a global pandemic in the midst). Living in the Information Age, we are fortunate to have access to material on every possible subject: health & medicine included. So why is it that as a society, we are so unwell? Obesity on the rise, heart disease and cancer at all-time highs. The questions need to be asked -- are we doing ourselves any favours? Is health really a priority of the institutions we are a part of?

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Having grown up in a small, isolated town, Rory was sheltered from the world and all that was out there. His father, who was 17 years his Mother’s junior, had a promising future but it all seemed to go spiralling out of control, resulting in alcohol and substance abuse that took a huge toll on Rory and his family. His mother was his rock: compassionate, giving & loving, she was able to change Rory’s whole perspective on life by taking him on an overseas adventure when he was 13.  “Seeing the world at 13, expanded my map of reality to dimensions from which it could never return. I had seen most corners of the globe with my own eyes, not borrowed eyes or experiences. What had been seen can never be unseen. It is the reason why I am driven to take the opportunities I have been given, so that I can use them to circulate and share those opportunities with others who may not have one.” Callaghan said.

At 26 years old, Rory Callaghan, a healthcare professional, woke up unhealthy, unhappy and disconnected. Despite having a masters degree, Rory had succumbed to the unhealthy stress and workload he faced as a healthcare professional, with his health spiralling out of control. Being a leader in his industry, he was one people looked to for support. But how was he able to help others if he couldn’t even help himself? It was in this moment that he knew something had to change.

Being a kind, giving and generous person by nature, Rory faced the dilemma of a different career he could pursue. His desires seemed selfish to him, but after years of prioritising others’ health before his own, he was living in a state of incongruency. Not wanting to be another statistic, he stepped back and saw the bigger picture.

Having spent an extended period exposed to the realities of the medical system, including injuries, cancers and DNA extraction, Rory had seen just about everything that could be thrown at him. However, a lot of things didn’t seem right. “It didn’t seem right that there was a large proportion of the world living in poor health. I wasn’t sure of the extent, but it just didn’t seem right. Waking up at 26 unhappy, unhealthy and disconnected, I realised I had become a statistic of the system I was inspired to pivot and change.

 Wanting to create an impact in the world, Rory founded Selfcare Global. Their Mission is to empower self-care revolution to help people move up the health and well-being spectrum, so that they can reduce the burden of chronic preventable disease in our lifetime for the future and future generations. Working mainly with purpose driven, heart centred entrepreneurs’, businesses and community leaders, they are helping to inspire change into the hearts and minds of people. And make them aware of the possibilities we have as a human being. “You have everything you need within you. Your body has innate wisdom that our mind may never come to truly understand. In nature hides all of the answers we seek to healing, regeneration and longevity. We were never meant to survive alone, we are here to learn how we can thrive together, connected as one.” Callaghan said.

 After 5 years of co-creation, Rory’s latest project, the Selfcare book & interactive platform will become live in July 2020. Diving into the cause and effect of things we as humans experience, selfcare is a unique framework that focuses on the 95% within our own control, reminding people that they don’t need to be “fixed”, they need to be nourished. “For a flower to grow, we don’t need to fix the flower, we need to enrich the environment in which it is trying to grow so that it can nourish every human being.” Callaghan said.

Going beyond the mind, body & spirit approach, they aim to connect human beings with one another, nature & the universal abundant spirit. “I hope that everyone can wake up one day feeling happy, healthy and connected. In a world that is unified and sustainable in its own ecology.“

If you want to learn more, check out Selfcare Global

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