Self-Leadership is the Key to 360° Success

Everybody wants to succeed — but not all do.

Everybody wants to succeed — but not all do.

I know that you are ready to find your way to your Success. The first thing you have to do, is to decide what kind of 360° Success you are after.

What elements or areas of your life matters the most to you?

– Maybe you are already living your 360° Success. If so, then I congratulate you and encourage you to think about ways to maintain it.

I have studied and read a lot of researches, books etc. on Success. I have also worked with a lot of Successful leaders. I have found that most people can agree on certain six elements as parts of their Success. I used those six elements to create my model for 360° Success.

If you are not familiar with those elements or my model you can read about them here or click here to watch a short video with me talking about this topic.

Choose Self-Leadership — to Succeed, rather than just to Survive

Succeeding has a lot to do with your choices and daily habits.

  • When you really step up things start to happen.
  • When you stop blaming others. And when you start taking full responsibility for your own choices and habits.
  • When you are able to delay instant gratification.
  • When you start following a plan.
  • When you start working intentionally and systematically on your 360° Success that is when things really happen for you.

Use Self-Leadership as the key to open every door you want.

You have a choice, to survive or to succeed.

If you want to Succeed, Do.

My book; Rekindling your spark: Strategy for better Self-Leadership is now available on Amazon.It includes various tips, tools and exercises.

Originally published at on November 17, 2015.

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Originally published at

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