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Are your Social Media Accounts mirroring your Goals?

Does what we choose to individually post on social media ever truly encapsulate the whole story or the complete picture of all facets of our lives? Is it even possible for anyone to fully glean the complexities and layers which would be true of anyone’s life whether spoken about or not with all of our friends, followers, and subscribers on our various platforms? As someone who has always been immersed in the personal growth/personal development world, and as someone who is out there in the public eye, I very much understand, appreciate, and respect the importance of both transparency and congruency. Keeping it real by being authentic is paramount to establishing rapport and trust with anyone and everyone.

I take pride in being an open book as I wholeheartedly believe vulnerability to be a strength – not a weakness. I also recognize the importance of being relatable, otherwise how can people identify with you as a fellow human being? I have been very open and forthcoming in my social media livestreams, my blog posts, my books, my weekly global radio/podcast show, my books, my talks, and in my weekly email newsletter of the trials and tribulations within my own life for which birthed my Living Fearlessly with Lisa McDonald business/marketing brand. My backstory is definitely known to the general public as it has been the evolution of who I am. Anyone who knows me knows I am all about forward-facing growth and momentum with all aspects of my life. Although I remain open and receptive to the sharing of my once-upon-a-time beginnings in life, and all for the purpose of choosing to be a living and breathing example to myself and to others of my inherent belief of anything being possible and achievable, I do not however, live in the past. The past does not define me nor will I allow it to. Rather, I use the story of my past circumstances, riddled with adversity and challenge, as a barometer of measurement for how far I have chosen to travel in my own journey. Incorporating self-empowerment into ones own daily life is what leads to establishing a healthy, solid relationship with self hence healthy and solid self-esteem, self-confidence, self-concept, and self-worth. It is a conscious commitment to choose to make daily deposits into the necessary investment of oneself. The more deposits made into ones own well-being bank account, the more one can healthily withdraw from it for others without feeling completely depleted or eventually bankrupt. The more one builds and expands upon their own reservoir – the more equalized the input/output ratio thus the more harmonized the flow for equilibrium.

I am a firm believer that desirable outcomes/results ARE obtainable, when ones own focus, attention, clarity, and energy is in complete alignment with the inherent belief that ‘it’ (whatever ‘it’ represents for you) WILL eventually come to fruition and manifest itself. I embrace this as truth for there is no coincidence to my having received (repeated) first-hand tangible experience of desired outcomes/results having manifested from an initial thought and feeling to that of an actual reality. When I declare a desired outcome or goal as a non-negotiable, coupled with both massive action and a consistent ease to my thoughts and feelings surrounding the desired goal – in time, it has and does show up for me. To hold the thought and the belief that we are responsible and capable for creating our own reality is beyond empowering, and magical!

Given that I do in fact hold true to this productively intuitive mindset, and given that I do wholeheartedly subscribe to these thought/belief patterns and processes – it does not and would not serve me well in the honouring of myself, if I chose to divert my focus, attention, and energies and plaster all over social media every single (daily) challenge I encounter so as to merely reinforce to others, remind others, reiterate to others – to impress upon others, that not unlike them – not everything in my life is smooth-sailing. My concentrated area of focus is not to widen or to increase the gaps of struggle and hardship by putting a spotlight on it. My concentrated area of focus is to lessen and decrease the gaps of struggle and hardship by putting a spotlight on all that is good, and right with this world. My spotlight and concentrated areas of focus is on what I do have as opposed to what I do not have. I choose to focus on gratitude for all that is (abundance and love) in contrast to what is not (scarcity and fear).

I am here to uplift people to fear less and to live more. To be integral and honourable with my purpose and my messaging, requires my wanting and my choosing to rise in my own life. I rise in my own life by wanting and choosing to be a better human being today as compared to the human being I was yesterday. I am not committed to staying the same. I am fiercely committed to growth. So to level up in my own life and to truly raise my own standards on a consistent basis, means I only give myself permission to take notice of all the gifts and blessings present in my everyday life. I give that my sole, and undivided attention even IN-SPITE OF the days I may feel I am energetically fighting upstream rather than flowing with ease downstream. I work it out. I make better decisions. I shift my focus. I re-align with who I truly am. I reconnect with the doing, being, saying, feeling, and believing of what has proven to work during periods of resistance. To be an agent of change in my own life, and in other peoples lives, the objective is never to go backwards – only forward! If I choose to post happy, joy-filled, inspiring pictures or posts on social media even on the days I am in a moment or a period of resistance – that does not equate to being disingenuous or fabricating the truth of my own life – it means I have honed the concept and the self- discipline muscle – to intentionally and intuitively grow and nurture – what it is I choose to place my time, attention, focus and energies on!

Uplifting you to fear less and to lie more! Keep Shining!
Love & Gratitude ~ Lisa
Thrive Global/Medium

Originally published at livingfearlesslywithlisa.com

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